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Baking, bread and burning

My first ever post! 😀 How appropriate it should be about baking! Well today, I had a brainwave. My parents mentioned offhand that they had bought a bread machine a few years ago, used it once, and then dumped it in the garage! Imagine my horror! What a waste of a perfectly good kitchen appliance! So, I hauled it out (in the pouring rain, I’ll have you know! The things I do for baking…!) and spent quite a while cleaning it up.

(Nearly) good as new!

And then I started on the instruction manual. 14 STEPS TO MAKING BREAD IN A BREAD MACHINE??? It was 4 steps by hand according to the bread mix packet! Regardless, after all that effort there was no way I was NOT going to use the stupid machine, so I followed the instructions.

The most complex instruction manual. Ever.

First time with a bread machine? No real choice: bread mix!

 The mix looked like gloop, too disgusting even to take a picture, but I shoved it in the machine anyway, closed the lid and hoped for the best. Aaah the smell of baking bread…so so good! An excruciatingly long 1 hour 55 minutes later, and the bread machine finally beeped. I must admit, for the last 2 minutes I was dancing around my kitchen like a mad person just waiting for the beeps! But then, alas, in my over-eager state, I threw caution to the wind. “Who needs oven gloves to get a hot metal bread pan out?” Pity the fool.

Yes, I did read that underlined warning first. I now know that I am not in fact invincible. Damn.

So I spent the next 5 minutes doing this:

Finger burn 😦

However, it was all worth it in the end, because I eneded up with delicious bread 🙂


Slicing fail...

So yeah, apparently I can’t slice. But I CAN bake delicious bread with the help of a bread machine! Mmm warm homemade bread is SO much better than shop-bought! I may have had that slice, and quite a few more toasted and topped with homemade red pepper hummus. DELICIOUS.

Have a great evening! 😀 And hopefully I will have a great pumpkin-y day to share with you tomorrow, including a (hopefully!) yummy recipe!


3 Responses

  1. Mmmmmm your bread looks seriously amazing!

  2. Perfectly sliced bread is overrated. I’ll take a good ol’ hunk of it any day.

  3. My first ever commenter! 😀 Thanks, it was! I ended up having about half that loaf! 😛 I’m planning on baking more soon hopefully!
    Thanks for visiting! I checked out your blog too-looks great!
    Have a nice evening!

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