Eating out issues…

Yes, I ate out again today! This is becoming an expensive habit…! Ironic that the issue I raised yesterday about the problems I often have eating out as a vegetarian! Anyway, I’ll start at the beginning…

I finally got in my run! Be proud! I looked out the window, and although the weather wasn’t brilliant, it wasn’t raining at least.


An easy run today: 3.27 miles in 30 mins. My usual short run fuel:


Not the whole jar of peanut butter though! Smile with tongue out The banana reminded me of a dirty secret of mine, that I feel I should share. Fellow (crazy) bakers may understand…


Yes, I hide ripe bananas so they won’t be eaten! Embarrassed smile Then they can go nice and black; perfect for baking!  I know, it’s shameful, but sometimes these things just need to be done in order to be able to bake the perfect banana bread/muffins/baked good!


They’re getting there…just a little longer…

Anyway, I had a lot of work to catch up on this morning, and wanted something quick to much on whilst slaving away. Enter my proper breakfast, a bowl of cereal:


This was a yummy cereal, with dried fruit, oats and nuts. A perfect combo Smile So I (of course) went back for seconds… 

Today’s plan involved shopping, one of my favourite hobbies! I live within a half-hour drive of the second biggest shopping centre in England Open-mouthed smile It’s called Bluewater, and if you haven’t been there and love shopping, you should go!


(I didn’t take that picture!) Yeah it doesn’t look all that attractive, but it’s really great. I was meeting up with my best friend, who I’ve known since I was 5!


(I’m on the far right, and she’s next to me). We don’t see each other all that much any more, so this was a big deal! The plan: have lunch and then shop till we drop! As she had suggested the trip, I let her decide where to eat. MISTAKE. First rule of eating out as a veggie: always check the menu first! I learnt that today- an important lesson! We ate at a restaurant where there were literally two things on the entire menu that were vegetarian friendly, and neither of them appealed! So I ended up ordering a pasta dish, which was vegetarian apart from the parmesan cheese on top, which I requested without.


A bit disappointing. I’m not a huge pasta fan generally to begin with, and often find that it is usually one of the only vegetarian dishes offered at restaurants! At least the veggies in the dish were nice- roasted courgette, peppers and onions Smile And the meat-eater was happy with her meal-a chicken wrap with fries-  which was good!


For dessert, I suggested we head towards YooMoo, a new frozen yoghurt bar that had recently opened up. I had eaten there once before, and it was DELICIOUS! As you may know, I LOVE frozen yoghurt, with a passion! I ordered the natural flavour with a topping of granola.DSC02865


Yumyumyum! A good sized portion- and that was the smallest size! Not particularly cheap though, at £3.40, but totally worth it. Especially for that cool green spoon! This also caught my eye while I was there:


Limited edition Halloween PUMPKIN PIE FLAVOURED FROZEN YOGURT!! I didn’t have enough cash on me then for it (I was a bit more expensive than my order) but I will definitely get it next time I’m there! Open-mouthed smile

Whilst shopping (I bought some great stuff by the way, which I will share tomorrow if I remember!) I kept seeing this kind of thing up in stores:


A whole floor of this shop (Boots, if you’re English!) was dedicated to Christmas stuff, and the same for many other stores I went to! Is it just me, or is a little early? It isn’t even Halloween yet! Much as I love Christmas (and I really really do!) this is a bit early in my opinion!

Question: When do you think ‘the Christmas period’ officially starts?


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  1. I think the stuff in the shops comes far too early now- I think they need to wait until November at least. Although I did make my Christmas cake yesterday- but they need to be made well in advance and take a while to make so half term is the perfect time for me.

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