Lesson learnt: do not run through the dodgy estate in the dark…

It’s okay, I’m fine and everything, just a little freaked out! I’ll tell all later, but first:


It was time. Time to sample the apple and cinnamon loaf. Oh yes. I tried the heel first:DSC03242

SO good! The texture was light and it was so soft! Went back for second (big!) slice:DSC03245

And then a third, which I toasted and slathered with peanut butter Open-mouthed smile On the side I had the remainders of my out-of-date soya yogurt, which wasn’t very nice, but hey, I don’t waste food!


So big breakfast! Smile with tongue out Lunch was quite mundane; a harissa-spiced couscous and tofu salad:DSC03253

Photographed in the yellow tub I packed it in, hence the strange colour! There is a layer of lettuce, tomato, cuke and spinach buried under that by the way! Smile

So the run. I had a banana muffin beforehand, which was pretty good fuel in my opinion! Raring to go, determined to make it outta the house this time:DSC03258

I was all set for my ‘easy’ 4 miler, and decided to take a different route today, in an attempt to try and avoid the hills. The route took me through the local estate, where I usually never venture…

So, I was jogging along, happily bopping away to Mika (don’t judge me! Smile with tongue out) when I spotted a huge gang of scary-looking guys headed towards me Confused smile I crossed over to the other side of the road and tried to ignore them, but they started yelling stuff at me, and pointing and laughing! And then one of them threw a beer can at me!!! Baring teeth smile It missed thankfully, but that freaked me out a bit! I picked up the pace a lot and they were soon gone. I genuinely thought they were going to mug me and nick my iPod, or worse!

It was getting dark by this point, and I was almost out of the estate and about halfway through my run when a white van started following me. Seriously. I thought I was just being paranoid, but it tailed me for 3 road lengths, then speeded ahead and pulled up in front of me! My heart was actually going crazy, and I felt like crying I was so scared! I literally sprinted and didn’t turn back until I made it out onto the main road! I had planned originally to just turn back round once I hit the halfway point and head back the way I came, but there was no way I was going to do that! So I ended up doing an extra half mile and going up a huge hill (which was ironically what I had tried to avoid by going through the estate in the first place!) to get back home, but it was along a main road so I felt much safer! I’m thinking of buying a personal alarm or something to make me feel a bit safer, especially for runs in the dark…what do you think?

Apart from that it actually was a good run! Average pace was 8.38 and I had no leg pains which I’ve been having on and off recently for a while now, so that was good Smile 

Sorry for the ridiculously long rant! So have you ever had any scary running experiences? What measures do you take (if any) to feel safe when running?


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog. 🙂 Sorry about your scary run though!

  2. That sounds pretty horrible. I’ve been lucky so far and not experienced anything like that. I would definately avoid that area in future, were you running in the daytime?

  3. That sounds awful. Do you have an alarm with you? Might be worth looking into one to carry with you. I have had a few kids (well, teenagers) shout at me, but only once or twice I think and normally I have my headphones in so I pretend I dont hear and they stop.

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