Mutilated bread

This is what happens when you have a mum that picks at food:DSC03265

Poor mutilated bread! It has chunks missing from it!DSC03264

My mum is sadly a chronic food picker. She also picked all the tops off all the muffins I made on Monday! Annoyed

To make myself feel better, I cut a large slice from the other end, and enjoyed it with this:DSC03266

Oh yes. A Green Monster Open-mouthed smileDSC03268

A great breakfast makes everything better! On the cards today is a run-free day, but I do have an hour and half long badminton session! Also, I am expecting an exciting food  delivery- will show you all this evening (hopefully!) when it gets here! Smile

Have a great day everyone!


One Response

  1. That green monster looks so refreshing! 🙂
    My mom has a habit of picking at my things too, you’re not alone!!~
    I’ve learned that if I wrap my things in inconvenient ways, she’s less likely to pick at them… Ahahaaha, she’s too lazy to unwrap them 😀

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