Cake always makes a terrible day (marginally) better…

…even if only a little bit. So do you remember a few days ago I mentioned in a post that my super-fit and healthy runner uncle (my mum’s little brother) had had a heart attack? Well he was admitted to hospital that day, had a couple of operations, and then was discharged and was pronounced ‘fine’. Well last night he had another heart attack and died, leaving behind his wife and three lovely daughters, aged 14, 11 and 8. Crying face We’re all just in such shock-I can’t believe it! He was the last person I’d expect to have a heart attack, and at only 45, no-one saw this coming at all! I really feel for my cousins and aunt, and my mum isn’t coping particularly well either (she was really close to him). Sad smile Shock!

But I did have two slices of chocolate birthday cake today which did cheer me up a bit! And tomorrow is a friend’s birthday, so more cake! Smile


On to less depressing topics! Breakfast consisted of:DSC03595

…plus some of this…DSC03596

…mixed in with a lot of this…250px-Soy_yogurt_image2

…with a handful of these…raisins-id263

…resulted in an unattractive but extremely tasty yoghurt-raisin-cereal mess! SmileDSC03589

All sorts of goodness there- fibre, protein, carbs and fruit! I also made my lunch, of which this was the star:DSC03600

My favourite kind of hummus! I’ve tried recreating this myself but have never got it quite as good…I’ll persist though, never fear, and will post the recipe when I do! I was in a hurry, so had this and some sliced cucumber in a wholewheat tortilla wrap, which was delicious.DSC03597

Plus a Nakd bar and the two slices of cake! Smile with tongue out As a late afternoon snack, I grabbed this to have on the way to a music rehearsal:


You might find this weird (most people do!) but I love cottage cheese (verging on an obsession), and often eat it on its own as a snack, sometimes right outta the tub! But hey, before you judge like everyone else does, I think its delicious, and it’s nutritional profile is pretty darned good:DSC03602

13.7g protein per half a tub!!! And no weird added ingredients, just onion, salt and chives. Can’t do much better than that for a quick  on-the-go snack IMHO! Smile with tongue out

I also did a bit of consolation baking this evening. I had a cup of canned pumpkin leftover, so I immediately turned to one of my current favourite recipes: Angela’s Pumpkin Chia Spelt Scuffins! But without the chia seeds, because I’ve never seen any of those in England! Smile with tongue out Anyway, I am in love with these. I’ve made them before with butternut squash in the days before I found canned pumpkin, so these are my first real pumpkin scuffins! And just so you know, this is some delicious vegan batter:DSC03608

The scuffins I made came in all different shapes in sizes, but were all equally as beautiful. Just like people! SmileDSC03622



Yum yum yum! Off to have dinner now, but can’t wait to have this for dessert! Oh, and check out my dinner reading material:DSC03631

Yes, I did buy another running magazine! Two in two days! But in my defence, I had exactly £4.30  in change in my purse at  the time, so I took that as a sign! (it was the price of the magazine). Not cheap, I know, but I did get a freebie (and y’all know how much I love them! Open-mouthed smile)DSC03629

A reflective wristband! Not sure how much effect this will actually have on my runs in the dark, but we’ll see!DSC03637 I know, I know, I should be a wrist model! Smile with tongue out 

And this magazine has another £5 Sweatshop voucher to add to my one from yesterday’s magazine! No complaints here! But still, I’ll try not to make a habit of this, as these magazines aren’t cheap!

Oh and thanks to everyone for your comments and advice on yesterday’s post! I think I’m going to buy the Mizuno Smile

So, shocked at the confession of a cottage-cheeseaholic? What weird food loves do you have? And what food cheers you up when you’re down? The chocolate cake did a darned good job for me! Smile with tongue out


5 Responses

  1. So sorry about your uncle. What a shock..

    I am also a cake girl 🙂 Though I also like chocolate a lot too! Please post the recipe for houmous when you perfect it — I’ve been trying for a while, and I can’t get it right either!

    ps — I’ve found chia seeds in a couple of places. You need independent health food stores. If you’re ever in central london there’s one sort of near the British Museum (just past the Brunswick centre) 🙂

    • Thanks. It really was a shock- still can’t quite believe it! Guess it just shows this stuff can happen to anyone…
      Aaah who doesn’t love cake and chocolate 🙂 And I definitely will- I WILL perfect it! 😛 I know what you mean- I’ve tried SO many different recipes, and am yet to find the perfect one!
      Oh wow, thanks for the tip-off!!! I go to central london quite regularly, so I will defnitely investigate! Thanks! 😀

  2. So sorry about your uncle, I hope you’re ok..

    I like cottage cheese too.. in fact you’re making me want to go out and buy some cause I don’t have any in the fridge.. haven’t had any for a while so I’m not as big a fan as you hehe

  3. […] sadly was my uncle Raj’s funeral. If you didn’t know, my fit+healthy uncle Raj died suddenly of a heart attack two weeks ago aged […]

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