Welcoming the food baby

So today was basically sweet food after sweet food, and I am sitting here feeling extremely bloated and slightly sick, but very happy. Happy, not just because of the sugar rush, but because, for what is the first time I can remember, I know I have eaten a ton of unhealthy food, but I am not feeling guilty and remorseful. I know this is just ‘one of those days’, and I’m not feeling angry at myself for over-indulging. I’m most certainly not planning to restrict my intake of food in the upcoming days to ‘make up for it’, which I definitely would have done just a few months ago! I feel like this is a huge breakthrough with me, as this was the part of my disordered eating that I struggled with the most, and I’m really starting to feel that I’ve broken free of that binge-starve cycle! Open-mouthed smile

Excuse the long speech! Breakfast was Oats In A Leftover Yoghurt Pot, as I so inventively call it! Smile with tongue out


A cup of oats, the remainders of the soya yoghurt (about 1/4 pot) and a handful of raisins, topped with half a scuffin:


With an apple on the side. Such a quick, yummy and filling breakfast! Love it! Smile 

Today we celebrated my dad’s birthday. It wasn’t actually today, but his real birthday coincided with the death of my uncle (thanks for your consolations on that by the wat!, so we decided to celebrate it today instead. So I of course stepped up to make the requested chocolate birthday cake. What a chore! Smile with tongue out But I have a shocking confession to make. I was all set to make the cake, had my pans greased and lined, oven preheating etc when I started to assemble my ingredients, and I realised something. I had no flour and no sugar! What kind of baker has no flour or sugar in their house?! Embarrassed smile One who bakes too often, that’s who! Smile with tongue out So I ran down to my local corner shop to get some, but all they had was this:


So yes, I made a cake from a cake mix. But I did add my own twists to make it a little better! Instead of eggs, I used flax eggs, instead of oil, I used melted Clover Light (margarine) and instead of buying ‘Betty Crocker icing’ for frosting it I made my own. Smile So not all bad! Also, my sandwich tins were far smaller than the ones required to make the layer cake shown in the picture, so I made a traybake-type cake in my 13×9 inch pan and frosted the top. And covered it with pretty sugar stars, which was admittedly a little girly for my dad, but I got a little carried away and he didn’t complain!DSC03675

It was delicious actually- far better than I thought it would be! Very moist! Still I think I would make it properly in the future! Smile with tongue out After we had had a few slices:DSC03676

I also made him his favourite dessert. Guess what this is…DSC03658

If you guessed lemon tart, you’re right! Open-mouthed smile Dad loves it (as do I!), so we all dug in:DSC03659

I served his with double cream (it is his birthday after all!) and blueberries (his favourite fruit). At his little party, there was also more cakes, my scuffins (a favourite of my dad’s!), cupcakes, cookies and brownies. I basically had some of everything Smile with tongue out Hence the food baby!

I had a light lunch, which was a salad, consisting of couscous, a ton of kidney beans ( I love them!), butter beans, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, sweetcorn, etc:


And dinner was vegetable chilli with brown rice:DSC03669

With birthday cake for dessert. And so, food baby! Open-mouthed smile

Tomorrow, something really exciting is happening….I am going to be performing (as part of an orchestra and a quartet) at the Royal Albert Hall!!! If you don’t know, it is one of the most famous and prestigious performing arts venues in the world! Open-mouthed smile800px-royal_albert_hall


I can’t wait! It is going to be a very long day, with a rehearsal at 9am, then travelling there, a rehearsal at the venue and then the evening performance. I won’t be back till very late/very early the next morning, but I can’t wait! And hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a quick run somewhere too! It’s going to be brilliant! I’m packing a lot of yummy food to last me the whole day, including a tofu salad and butternut squash falafels Smile Will share all afterwards!

Oh, and I ordered the Mizuno Windbreaker Performance Jacket, and that hopefully should be arriving tomorrow (although I won’t be there to get it if it does…) or the day after. So exciting times! Open-mouthed smile

So following on from my little update at the beginning of this post, what breakthroughs have you made recently? And what are you looking forward to in the near future?

Have a great evening! Smile


5 Responses

  1. Glad you’re not feeling bad about your eating, it’s really empowering when you can eat foods you couldn’t before and not feel guilty isn’t it!

    Please tell me more about the concert, what do you play, what are you playing..? I did a music degree and masters, I would have loved the opportunity to play there!

    • Yep, it feels so good! I still have my bad moments, but they’re definitely getting less frequent 😀
      Wow you have a music degree and masters? That’s great! What do you play, where did you study? I play the viola (see my About page for a bit more info), and this was the Youth Proms. Basically lots of youth orchestras and ensembles competed to get to play, and my orchestra got through! We played Mars+Jupiter from Holst’s The Planet’s Suite and Pomp and Circumstance to finish up 😀

      • I play clarinet and I studied at Hull university.. I went there for my undergrad and masters and loved it! That sounds like a great experience, I bet it was amazing playing such a great venue! We did a last night of the proms style concert once, it was really fun, except for the sea shantys where I had the tune and they kept going faster and faster, my fingers were in knots!

  2. How exciting about the Royal Albert Hall- hope all goes well that is pretty special to be performing there 🙂
    Cakes look scrummy too

  3. It was exciting- I want to do it again! It went very well thank you, and I really enjoyed myself 😀
    And trust me, the cake was good! 😛

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