Windy run!

Holy Moly was it a windy run today or what? I took my 4 mile route, and the way back I was running in practically gale force winds! Okay, it probably wasn’t, but it seriously felt like it! Smile with tongue out Wrapped up all warm and reflective pre-run:DSC03695

I checked the weather before I left, and with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 2C and light rain expected, I was taking no chances with the gear! I did get a little hot in my hat, as I knew I would, but it was mainly to protect my hair from the rain Smile I did 4 miles averaging an 8.32 pace, which I was pleased with considering the wind! It was very tough though- had to use the ‘Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever’ mantra a number of times to keep pushing with the speed. Oh and this was brilliant:DSC03704

My new running jacket! (Mizuno Performance Windbreaker, if you’re interested! Smile with tongue out) It arrived this morning, ready for my test-run of it in the evening. I loved it! Very breathable and light, but dealt with the wind and rain for me brilliantly! Open-mouthed smile Also loved having so many zip pockets to put things in! However, I had a minor disaster with it:


Giant cuts in the side! Sad smile Caused by my over-eagerness to get into the package, a.k.a attacking it with scissors. Oops! My fingers can go right through:DSC03708

Aah well. ‘Worse things have happened at sea’, I always say! Smile with tongue out

Oh and quick running news: I think I might enter a half marathon in March 2011…and possibly participate in the trials for the London Mini Marathon (for 17’s and under), but I’m not sure how fast you would have to be to do that… I think it’s basically a 5k, so I assume it would basically be a sprint! Really not sure about the Mini Marathon (I’ll try to find out more about it) but I do want to do the half marathon! Open-mouthed smile

Oh and yesterday (my concert at the Royal Albert Hall) was brilliant! A few pictures from the concert (not taken by me!):73139_1401370407498_1629467730_868645_2086009_n



Unfortunately, you can’t actually see me in any of these photos, but I was there, honestly! Smile with tongue out The last photo is of all the balloons/streamers coming down and fireworks going off in the big ‘Land Of Hope and Glory’ finale, for those of you who are familiar with how the Proms work (these were the youth Proms by the way). It was so much fun, but so tiring! Rehearsals, travelling and a lot of waiting around from 9am till I got back home at gone midnight,  but it was worth it! The highlights of the day’s eats was a tofu salad mess (tofu chunks, roasted veggies, brown rice, cous cous, lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn, etc) and a whole tub of these that I snacked on throughout the day:


Cauldron Butternut Squash Falafel Bites. Delicious, and ridiculously moreish!

So what mantras do you use when the going gets tough? I usually use ‘Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever’ (Lance Armstrong’s famous mantra), and would love to hear your ones! And what plans (if any) have you got for upcoming races?


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  1. Hey Emma! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I had no idea there were any cheeses that were vegetarian! haha I’m really just dancing with the vegetarian world for the first time. Not sure if it’ll take. I’m still learning you really can eat a lot of great things without feeling like you’re missing out. Good job on running while it’s so cold and windy too! I don’t think I would have made it out if it was that cold here in Florida! haha

    • Hi there! Yeah some cheeses are non-vegetarian (contain rennet, which is the lining of animal’s stomachs I think…) and some aren’t! Cheddar is usually fine, but parmesan is always non-vegetarian, which I was really upset to find out about, as I used to eat it quite a lot! 😛 And even if you decided vegetarianism isn’t for you, at least you’ve tried it out for a bit!
      Yep, I’ve found that you don’t have to miss out on anything! For me, it’s all about moderation (most of the time!), and being active 🙂
      Thanks, but I do wish I lived somewhere hot so I wouldn’t have to bundle up so much! Although I guess running in extreme heat isn’t easy either! 😛

  2. Well done on the run- your jacket looks fab (with added air vents!!).
    I have a 5 mile race this sunday in a local park, am hoping the rain eases up or else it is going to be a mud bath! I also have my first marathon in may next year- eeeeee 🙂
    If it gets tough I just tell myself I can do it, because I have done hard things before. Not very eloquent but it does work!

    • Yep, gotta love those air vents! 😛 I’m sure they really improved the wind-resistance of the jacket!
      Ooh good luck! I wish there were more races of that kind of length near where I live- that’s my current favourite distance I think, although it changes a lot! Haha it may well be a bit muddy, as there’s sposed to be more rain to come! Should be fun! 😛 And I’m SO excited for you about your marathon!! 😀
      Hey, whatever works is good, and anyway that makes perfect sense! 🙂

  3. I didn’t dare run in the wind today! And I ran out of time with house stuff.. It blew our neighbours fence down when I was making breakfast, nearly jumped out of my skin!

  4. Love that new jacket!!!!

  5. Wow it blew your neighbour’s fence down??? It must have been a bit stronger then where you live, as although it was windy here, it wasn’t THAT bad! Haha good time to move then, huh? 😛
    Good luck with your move! Hope it all goes well! 🙂

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