Oh the breakfast dilemma!

Green monster or oatmeal, green monster or oatmeal??? This was what was going round and round my head this morning when hobbled out of bed this morning. Hobbled because of the serious, serious muscle aches following yesterday’s tough strength training class in the afternoon followed by an even tougher first ever yoga class! Both tough, but great! Open-mouthed smile I don’t think was a single part of my body is not aching- even just sitting down or taking a deep breath is slightly painful! Smile with tongue out So instead of the planned morning run, I decided to give my body a well deserved rest, and turned my full attention back to my breakfast dilemma! I ended up going with…DSC03718

…oatmeal! After a long deliberation, I decided that a big Green Monster would be the perfect post-run breakfast tomorrow, so today was all about the oats! Smile I’m planning to do a 5 miler tomorrow- that’s if the muscles are up to it! Smile with tongue out

One of these kept me going through the ridiculously long and gruelling music rehearsal this morning:DSC03576

Nakd, I love you. Lunch was a bit of a random mix:DSC03722

Spinach, half a torn-up omlette (the non-stick on my frying pan does not exist apparently! Smile with tongue out) and chunks of veggie hot dogs on top of a wholewheat tortilla wrap. And dessert was…DSC03723

The last packet of my chocolaty Bear granola nibbles! Crying face I put my sadness aside and enjoyed the delicious crunchy granola chunks and freeze dried cherry pieces:DSC03726

Ultimate yum! Open-mouthed smile

Should really get down to some work now, as I have a ton to do this weekend, and tomorrow we have a lot of our family coming round for lunch. And I’m preparing myself as always for the ‘you’re too skinny’ lecture from my grandma. No matter how many times I tell her that my BMI is normal, and show her that I eat just as much as anyone else, she still goes on about it! It really frustrates me and makes me uncomfortable! Sad smile Have you, or do you have the same problems (people making comments about your weight, how much you eat, etc) with some people? How do you respond to it/deal with it?


4 Responses

  1. Oh gosh, I HATE the “you’re too skinny” talk… I never know how to answer! It’s almost as if you can’t win with those arguments… Oh well, as long as you know you’re healthy and active, then you’re fine. Simply disregard any mean comments. I never understood though, why it’s ok to go on about someones skinniness and as soon as you make a comment about someone overweight, it’s rude. Hmm, the mysteries of the world…
    Have a great weekend 🙂 🙂

    • Gah, tell me about it! I really agree; I don’t see how it’s rude to say someone looks overweight but it’s fine to say someone looks too skinny?! It annoys me so much! :/ I try to keep calm, but it does really get to me, and makes me feel self-conscious! Thanks though for the advice 🙂

  2. I love Bear Granola bites! the chocolate cherry is my favorite but the tropical and apple flavors are pretty darn good too!

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