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Tough run :(

Hello all! This morning began with a planned run. I fuelled up with PB on toast for breakfast, which had to be enjoyed without my usual banana, as we had run out again! Sad smile Still good though!DSC03876

And can you believe it, there was actually some sun/blue skies this morning! Surprised smileDSC03879

So headed outside to soak up some Vitamin D on what was supposed to be an easy 4-miler. I don’t know what was wrong today, but I felt bad through most of the run! I’d overdressed again (although this wasn’t a problem- just a little annoying!) Should have followed Jen’s example and worn shorts, rather than running tights! Smile with tongue out Anyway, at about mile 3, my stomach started playing up. I felt really ill! It was a struggle to get home (I had to take a couple of breaks to see if the stomach pain would go; it didn’t) but I made it back, very disheartened, and with no idea why it had gone so badly! Confused smile I have some fartlek/interval training planned for tomorrow, so lets hope the tummy is okay then!

Despite the dodgy tummy, I still managed an average pace of 8.40 min/miles, so which wasn’t bad considering! Smile Post-run, I had soya yoghurt topped with my homemade granola:DSC03886

I think this actually helped my stomach! After having this, my stomach felt fine! Smile

I had a late lunch, as I had had a lot of mid morning snacks! I started by roasting up some butternut squash:DSC03894

I would have squash more often (I love it!) except for the whole peeling/deseeding/chopping thing, which takes me ages! I also sautéed this cute little courgette in EVOO spray:DSC03896 And served it with a nest of wholewheat noodles and some spinach. By the way, I recently got emailed by someone asking how they could up their fruit+veg intake. So here’s a little spinach wilting tip that is great for when you want to add it to pasta or noodles, and is miles quicker than doing it separately. Line your colander with the spinach…DSC03898

…and then drain the pasta/noodles into the colander:DSC03899

This wilts the spinach without any effort! A great no-fuss way to up the veg intake Smile

Altogether, a delicious and colourful lunch:DSC03904DSC03905

Do you have any tips on how to increase your fruit and vegetable intake with minimal effort?

Have a great evening! Open-mouthed smile


7 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear that your run wasnt so great. They happen from time to time so dont be too disheartened.
    I add extra veggies to everything! One idea is to add grated carrot / zucchini etc to bulk up a meal without overpowering it!

  2. Hi! I clicked through from your comment on britchickruns/Freya’s blog, I hope you don’t mind!
    I recently found a recipe for a chocolate cake that involved loads of beetroot. Probably not the most healthy way of incorporating more veggies but certainly a tasty one!
    I feel you on the peeling/seeding/chopping squash thing… I’ve just taken to roasting butternut with the skin on, it goes pretty soft almost like potato skin. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog! xxx

    • No of course I don’t mind- it’s great to hear from you! 🙂
      Ooh that sounds delicious! I’ve heard of chocolate banana cake, and chocolate courgette/zucchini cake, but not that! And I love beetroot, so I’ll definitely look that one up!
      Roasting it with the skin on? Interesting…I’ll try that next time, since I do love a good potato skin! 😛
      Thanks, and your blog looks great too! 😀

  3. Don’t dwell on the bad run- the next time will be better- sometimes it just goes like that

  4. […] Last night’s dinner was whole-wheat spaghetti, and I used the spinach trick I mentioned a few posts ago: […]

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