The Period Post

Evening all! I just read on Meghann’s blog her post about her period finally coming! Yay for her! Open-mouthed smile I remember reading her original post on it a while back, and relating to much of it, so I’m delighted for her! In lieu of this, I thought I might talk about mine today. But breakfast first…


A lovely big bowl of creamy oatmeal (1 cup oats and oatbran+ 1 cup soya milk) topped with this:DSC03908

I was so excited when I found this lurking in the depths of my fridge! Open-mouthed smile I totally forgot I had it, but I love this strawberry jam! It has no added sugar, and only four ingredients! Now that is something I like to see! This was delicious with oatmeal, so I’ll definitely have to have this again! But after a whole week pretty much of oatmeal for breakfast to warm me up, I’m gonna try to shake it up a bit this weekend! I’m thinking a Green Monster tomorrow, and possibly pancakes on Sunday…

I had a lot of hard work to do today, so I had one of these mid morning to fuel my brain:DSC03917

Nakd, I love you.

*Disclaimer*: The rest of this post is about my period. If you do not wish to read about this, then please don’t.

I have been wondering whether or not to blog about this for a few days, and Meghann’s post finally gave me the courage to do so! I should not feel ashamed about this, just as she doesn’t.

Basically, I had been having periods regularly for 5 years when in they suddenly lightened a lot over 2 months and then stopped in February of this year. I kept assuming month after month that they would return, but they haven’t as yet. Sad smile

The reason I was thinking of sharing was because on Monday,  I had an ultrasound at the local hospital to see if any reason could be found on a scan for my missing periods, but nothing came up. Prior to this, I had a doctor’s appointment, where I was weighed then questioned. According to my doctor, my (healthy) BMI was not a reason for it to stop, and neither were my exercise/eating habits as far as he and I could tell. So I then had a blood test to check for any hormonal imbalances, but everything was okay there too.

Next up, I am going to be having an appointment with a gynaecologist, which I am really dreading! Confused smile

I really don’t know why they have stopped, but I will try what worked for Meghann by examining my diet, and reducing the fibre intake and/or upping the protein and fat I consume. Since I already have nut butter every day, I think I’m going to start having to have it with every meal! Smile with tongue out

And fingers crossed, if this works, it’ll mean no gynaecologist! Open-mouthed smile

So thoughts/opinions/advice/personal stories?


6 Responses

  1. It’s funny you post this now because I’ve sort of been in the same boat as you regarding periods. What I noticed (in my case) was that my periods were weird because of the soy I was consuming. I was having soy about twice a day. In the form of soy milk, yogurt, tofu dogs, etc. When I stopped eating so much soy and got my protein from other sources such as whole grains and nuts, my periods came back to normal. It’s not the case for everyone, but that’s definitely what did it for me. It’s worth some looking into on your behalf, since you’re wondering about that. I wish you the best of luck anyway,
    Nicky 🙂

    • Really? That’s interesting- I’ve never heard of soy causing that! I don’t THINK it will be that, since mine stopped before I started consuming soy milk, yoghurt, tofu etc, but I can’t be sure exactly, so I might try that!
      Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  2. My periods disappeared a couple of months after I came off the pill. Nada for 6 months, then they came back a bit, then disappeared again.. I had bloods done, no real problems there (though low iron), and I’ve also recently had a scan. Mine showed me to be polycystic though, which explains it in my case.

    What I totally relate to though is the frustration at being told that the only thing you can do is go back on the pill. I don’t want to do that! I was really interested in Meghann’s post about the dietary advice, and might look into that more. Like Nicole, I react badly to soy, and try to keep that out of my diet as much as possible. The fibre thing hadn’t occurred to me. I must do some more research.

    What’s really amazing though is that the more you talk about this, the more women you discover who have the same problem.. I hope you find some solutions soon.

    • I agree, it’s really interesting to hear that other people have had the same problem! That’s a shame, but yes, maybe if you tried Meghann’s way too it’ll work! Let’s hope so 🙂

  3. Hope you find out the cause, it is always a bit frustrating when you don’t know why things happen. Thing is, even things like stress can affect it so it is so hard to pinpoint.

    • Thanks- it is frustrating! The doctor actually mentioned stress too as a possible cause, but I’m not that stressed generally, so I don’t think it’d be that! But you’re right, as there is a list about a mile long of possible causes! :S

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