Finally…Harry Potter 7 Part 1!

The morning began with another bowl of stovetop oatmeal, but this time, the apple and cinnamon version I wanted to try following yesterday’s whipped banana. I diced an apple:DSC04104

I only added about half of this to the oatmeal, and ate the rest whilst waiting Smile with tongue outDSC04106

I added a TON of cinnamon (seriously, not kidding here- I love my cinnamon!) and some oatbran, and ended up with a delicious and warming bowlful:DSC04113

Enjoyed whilst reading the Women’s Running mag I got half price at yesterday’s Running Show:DSC04114

Today, I finally got to see Harry Potter 7!!! Open-mouthed smileHP7_Banner

It didn’t disappoint! Only complain was that it was a bit long for me, at 2.5 hours. But I seriously can’t wait for the next instalment! Smile 

Bought lunch quickly at the shops before the movie began:DSC04115

A houmous and falafel wrap and Bear apple crumble granola nibbles. Both were very yummy, and I’ll definitely be having that wrap again soon! Open-mouthed smile

In the 10 minute window I had for shopping before HP began, as well as picking up my lunch, I also used the £5 Sweatshop voucher I got in last month’s issue of Women’s Running to buy a headband for cold runs:DSC04119

So I only paid £2 for it because of my voucher! Open-mouthed smile I also bought a few more fruity snacks to add to my collection, including:DSC04118

I had to wait a long time before I could eat dinner, so I snacked on the fruit snack bar above and the Body Matter granola I bought on yesterday’s awesome Whole Foods trip:DSC04123

I love this granola- so yummy with big crunchy clusters, just how I like it! And no added refined sugars! Open-mouthed smile I see this making a great oatmeal topping…!

Dinner was a simple tofu stir-fry, and dessert included the dark chocolate with cocoa nibs bar I bought yesterday:


And half of yesterday’s free Eat Natural bar (with cranberries, apricots and a yoghurt coating):DSC04127

DSC04128I then remembered that I’m a person who doesn’t do things by halves. So I had the other half Smile with tongue out 

Tomorrow, I am either going to go on a run, or go to a BodyPump class. I’m leaning towards the class at the moment, especially since it’s going to be around –7C and sleet where I live tomorrow! Confused smile

And today, we got a bit of snow! So I’m intrigued: what’s the weather like where you live at the moment?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Smile


16 Responses

  1. We are almost starting summer – but the weather has turned cold and rainy 😦

    • I forgot our seasons our the opposite way around to yours! I’m jealous of the fact that you get summer now! I’m sure the cold and rainy weather will go soon, and you’ll get lots of lovely SUN! 🙂

  2. Your eats looks delicious! And I love coupons too, as a matter of fact I had a coupon for a free Starbucks coffee that I used this morning 😀
    Over in Canada we have SNOW and COLD…. Booo 😦

  3. Your eats all day look very tasty!! These bars with the cranberries look divine 🙂

    I want to see Harry Potter, but we usually wait until Boxing Day to see them for some reason! I am happy to hear it was good 🙂 I get confused with all the names and characters in these movies…..


    • Thanks! It was delicious- very sweet, just how I like it! 😀
      Well look on the bright side: less than a month to wait! And it’s worth it! I assume you haven’t read the books then? I think this one will definitely confuse you then I’m afraid! But you’ll still enjoy it probably 🙂

  4. yummy movie theatre eats!! i tried that granola and i agree its so crunchy and tasty! perfect for munchin!

    • Yup! Do you get them in America then? I agree- very delicious! They even come in giant sized packs, although I’ve never bought them as I don’t think my self-control could handle it! 😛

  5. Here the weather is cold and icy. Each night we have had a dusting of snow, but nothing like up north! 🙂
    LOve the bear granola nibbles too 🙂

  6. I live in the North East and we have about 8inches of snow, its crazy – I’m just so glad my gym is within walking distance! Love Bear products too! x

  7. It’s sooooo cod. Luckily not much snow yet, just a light dusting here in the West Midlands. I haven’t struck up the courage to run outside though it has all turned a little icy. Thank God for workout DVDs. 🙂

  8. London so far as no snow whatsoever…where as Newcastle where I grew up is covered in the stuff! Not fair!
    Just googled that Body Matter granola – looks like my kind of thing 🙂

    • Well I live in South-East London, and we got a TINY bit last night! But its set to snow a lot more where I live overnight, so that should be fun! 😛
      I really recommend it- it’s delicious! 🙂

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