Pressures from the blog world…?


That is a beautiful sight, no? A breakfast Green Monster with plenty of cereal blended in and topped with Grape Nuts. Lovely, but I missed the warmth of oatmeal a bit actually, seeing as it was actually snowing (very lightly) where I live this morning! Do warm Green Monsters exist by any chance? Smile with tongue outDSC03145

Mid-morning snack was soya yoghurt with granola:DSC04131

I seriously can’t get enough of this Bodymatter granola! Open-mouthed smile

In the evening, I went to my first ever BodyPump class!bodypump

Man alive this definitely works your muscles! My arms especially are seriously aching right now! It was tough, but I really enjoyed it, and will be back for more next week! Smile

As I used up the last of my oat milk in this morning’s GM, I popped into Tesco’s to buy more, and continue my quest to find my favourite non-dairy/soya milk. Today was the turn of:89cdb2251563f447cc23e436fc56d75885d78113

Coconut milk! I’m going to try this tomorrow morning Smile Still left to try: almond, rice, and any others I come across! It’ll be difficult to beat oat milk, as I love that! Open-mouthed smile

On that non-dairy note, I just thought I’d talk about pressures from the (healthy living) blog community. Yesterday I got an email from a reader saying that she thought the blog world was starting to feel pressurised, and wanted to know what were my thoughts on that. She mentioned the pressures of vegetarianism/veganism, comparisons and running.

As far as vegetarianism/veganism is concerned, I do see her point about pressure. It seems as though most healthy living bloggers are either vegetarian or vegan, for whatever reason (myself included!). Although I’m not a vegan, I do try to eat a mainly vegan diet, but have done so since pre-blogging days because of animal welfare reasons. I have to admit though, I have even felt ashamed once of posting a meal that contained cheese, because I felt that vegan bloggers would look down on me because my meal contained a dairy product. Was this an irrational and silly thought? Probably! And none of the blogs I’ve read have been disparaging to omnivorous diets, but what do you think? Do you feel pressured to become vegetarian/vegan if you aren’t already? Have blogs caused you to change your diet?

Comparisons are something we all do, even just unconsciously when reading other people’s blogs. I’ve noticed I especially do that as far as running is concerned. For example, reading that someone has just done a 20 mile run, or run 7.00 min/miles on an ‘easy’ run can make you feel less ‘worthy’, after running a slower 4 miler, and I know I’ve often felt this way. I just try to remember that we are all different, and that what is within one person’s capabilities isn’t necessarily within mine, but my achievements are just as great. I also have felt guilty over the fact I don’t work out every day, when some people do, but again, I have to remind myself that this doesn’t work for me–  my body needs rest days, whereas other people might be fine with it.

So thoughts on this topic? How would you respond to this reader’s question?


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  1. I think you made some really valid points. For me, I can see that the temptation to feel pressured is there – but I am a big believer in staying true to yourself. For example – I am not a vegan so if I was to post only vegan meals my blog would undoubtedly ‘feel’ fake. Findingyour own patch in this bloggy world can be confusing at times – but I think that staying true to yourself is a good place to start?!

  2. I haven’t changed my diet since blogging other than making my meals photogenic..but I see your point. As for being pressured, the only pressure I feel is to not post anything that could offend someone’s ethnicity or lifestyle outside of food. If a vegan gets offended by something I eat, then so be it..they’re not eating it and I’m not shoving it down their throat..they’re *choosing* to follow my blog, so honestly they have no right to get upset, you know? I know it sounds harsh..but it’s true. Nobody’s forcing anybody to follow blogs and as much as I’d love everyone to love my blog, I know pleasing absolutely everyone is unrealistic so I shouldn’t really worry about it. Of course, writing something that could deep down offend someone, like said before, I’ll stray from those type of topics. The last thing I would want to do is hurt someone like that.

    I do feel “intimidated” by other blogger’s running/fitness feats sometimes until I realized other people started feeling the same way with me..and honestly, the stuff I do isn’t “omg amazing”. Not compared to those marathon runners! So then I realized it differs from person to person. I’m definitely not to the point of running 13 miles on a whim, but for those that can..they’ve probably been working up to that for a long time and we’re just seeing a small blip in their life, beyond all the training.

    Whew, that was long..guess there’s a lot to say on those topics. Thanks for posting them. 🙂

  3. I make an effect to try and not compare myself to other bloggers, especially when it comes to running speeds / distances. I did start feeling guilty when I moved my runs indoors to the tread when it got colder and everyone else was still running outdoors – but running in the cold is no fun for me! I also recently became a vegetarian who tries to eat vegan most of the time, this was more of a natural progression for me, but I think reading about all the great veggie and vegan foods helped make that decision easier.

  4. I do find it hard not compare myself to other runners. I constantly feel slow compared to other bloggers which makes my acheivments always seem less to me. I feel like it’s my problem really though tbh, I need to not be so sensitive!

  5. I have seen this problem in trying to compare our lifestyle or blog to other bloggers. Although I don’t care one thing about the Vegan or Vegitarian life style I catch myself sometimes trying things I wouldn’t have tried because of other healthy living bloggers. I recently ran a marathon ( were I nearly came in last. I was kind of down on my self becuase I didn’t go faster, but my wife, my family, and my friends kept talking about how amazing I did by finishing. They are right, I have a titum leg and I did it. At the end of the day we all right so that we can better our lives. Thank you for quesitons.

    • That is amazing! 🙂 You should definitely listen to your wife+family+friends, as running a marathon is no small feat! I’m guessing a titum leg doesn’t make it any easier either! Well done! 😀

  6. Interesting! A while back I was feeling a bit like I should go vegan (I have been a veggie for 15 years), and I think that was because I was reading lots of blogs on the subject. But I do my blog for me, and if people dont like the recipes or whatever, then they can stop reading! I also like to look back and see how far I have come, as sometimes I make the mistake of comparing myself to others, but I have to look back and see how far I have come.
    Love the coconut milk by the way- enjoy 🙂

  7. Pump is the best. Great post. I think everyone feels a little intimidated every now and then by other bloggers. You just have to realize that just like in real life you have to quit comparing yourself. You have to do what is right for you….easier said than done though! I would let your reader know that she needs to do what is best for her life and needs and if it is really putting a lot of stress on her she should cut back on reading blogs.

  8. Did you see this?

    I’m not surprised people get intimidated by the vegan / vegetarian community when you get the kinds of comments that Tasha did on that post.

    As someone experimenting with veganism right now, I still wouldn’t equate vegan / vegetarian living with health. I actually think you can probably be healthier if you eat (carefully selected) animal products. But I agree that the blogging community tends to equate the two. I also think it’s funny that there is such an obsession with running. I love reading blogs where people train in different ways. None of this really answers the question, other than that I can see where the pressures come from. But I think if anything it has helped me own my choices more. Which of course takes us back to that whole Marie Claire hooha, which I don’t really want to get into.. 😉

  9. I totally understand people feeling pressure to become vegetarian or vegan! I feel like I’m in that situation right now. I’ve grown up a meat eater in a meat eating family and never once considered becoming vegetarian. Since I became interested in healthy living blogs I noticed everyone is vegetarian or vegan. Part of me was a little scared of that. As a lifelong meat eater, what do you do with your life without meat? But seeing non meat recipes made me feel like it was more achievable than I had originally thought. One thing I thought of though, is that if all of these people are vegetarian, rave about how great they feel and how much better than digestion, weight, skin, etc all are, there must be something about it.

    At first I felt a lot of pressure though, and partially held off on going meatless just because I knew if I did it because of a trend or because someone else was doing it, I wouldn’t be able to stick with it. I had to do it for myself. As I continue to struggle with weight and health though, I started thinking I needed to make some drastic changes. Obviously, my body doesn’t like the way I eat now. That’s what really pushed me to consider becoming vegetarian. After a week of it, I noticed how much easier it was, and how my diet really did change just by eliminating meat. So it’s definitely something I”m going to switch to full-time. I just need to adjust and I know the holiday season will not be an easy adjustment so I’m going to wait until January. That will give me several months to get used to it before I have to start turning down burgers at bbq’s in the summer! I definitely think you need to do it for yourself though, not just because other bloggers are vegetarian or vegan. Same with running, or yoga is a big fad I’ve noticed. Just because every other blogger runs or loves yoga, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

    This is a great subject though! Thanks for bringing it up! I like reading everyones comments on it 🙂

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