Blogging runners make it big!

Hello lovelies! Smile

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday- got back so late from a family Christmas gathering, and definitely didn’t enjoy getting up this morning! Smile with tongue out My weekend was very full of family (I spent Saturday visiting too), and next weekend will be full of shopping! I am panicking slightly now, as it is less than 3 weeks till Christmas, and I haven’t bought a single present yet. Oh dear! Confused smile

The family gathering on Sunday meant I got to open two Christmas presents! The kids always demand everyone has to open one, but this year they managed to persuade their way to two! One of my presents was this:DSC04365

Yay, a gift card for a book store!! Some people hate giving this kind of thing, saying it feels ‘too impersonal’, but lets be honest, everyone loves getting gift cards/vouchers! I can see some amazing cookbooks in my future with this…! Open-mouthed smile

And my other present that I opened? I’ll model it for you tomorrow. When you see it, you will laugh. And/or be very confused. Trust me, you’ll understand…! Smile with tongue out

Breakfast was a return to oatmeal! After two mornings of cereal instead(shock horror!), I had missed this too much to forgo it today! DSC04345

I used Mimi’s tip again of stirring in extra oats after microwaving to give it a more stove-top like texture, and I loved it!DSC04342

I think I’m going to do this every time! Smile

I went to a BodyPump class this evening, and enjoyed my first ever Trek bar beforehand:DSC04339

Yum! I am such a chocolate girl! And this bar was so dense and filling!

I miss running! Sad smile It’s only been a week and a half, but I seriously feel for people with injuries that prevent them from running long-term! I’m going to try and not run for the rest of this week on some advice about my ankle. But, I did buy to make up for it…DSC04348

Runner’s World! Ridiculously overpriced in my opinion (especially when there’s no freebie! Winking smile) but I do love magazines! And, as you might be able to see from the cover, it had pages and pages on injuries! This was really useful:DSC04349

It had exercises and that sort of thing to help strengthen, so hopefully, if I do these, it will prevent future injuries! Open-mouthed smile

The magazine also featured the main race I want to do in 2011! The Royal Parks Half Marathon in London.DSC04350

Check out those high ratings! And the winner in 1.05.40!!! How fast is that?! I’m gonna see if I can beat him when I run it! Smile with tongue out

And this article will interest you guys:DSC04352

An article about blogging runners! What a coincidence! Interesting read for a running blogger! Smile

Now I have successfully shown half of the magazine that cost me almost a fiver to you, I will go and finish what I was helping to do before I started writing this post…DSC04360

…decorating my tree! I’ll show you tomorrow. Smile And also coming up this week, I’ll be baking a (hopefully!) delicious vegan upside-down cake and some gingerbread cookies to put on my tree. I can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile

Have you ever had, or do you have, an injury that prevents you from running/exercise? And have you done any Christmas shopping yet? Please don’t depress me anyone by telling me that you’ve bought everything already! Smile with tongue out

Hope you have a great week! Smile


20 Responses

  1. I love gift certificates to bookstores! But I have no time to do fun reading during school, only boring textbooks.
    I’ve only done Christmas shopping for my mom so far – online aka the easy way!

    • I have the same problem in finding time to read, but whenever I can, I do! 🙂
      Well at least you’ve got one down! I’m planning to do most of mine online too! Amazon, here I come! 😛

  2. i havent had a major injury btu i had a fever for 2 weeks straight once and I couldnt do any exercise! it killed me!

  3. SOrry- I have all but 2 presents, and wrapped some last night (my tree looked lonely)- but then I have a week and a half before I go away so need to get a move on! The article on blogging looks interesting 🙂

  4. I had an injury last year while I was training for the Great North Run, I was gutted, there was lots of tears but after a bit of rest and a trip to the physio I was ok – it was the worry of not being able to race plus the anixety of not being able to train – it sucked! Hope your ankle improves really soon and you enjoy decorating your tree!

  5. Can’t wait to see your tree! The blogging article sounds good, did they include any uk blogs in it? I love finding new ones to read!

    • It’s good, trust me! 😀
      They did give a few, but not our kind of blogs really, but more ‘professional’ running blogs, if you know what I mean… I wish they’d given a few more blogs though, as I love finding new ones too!

  6. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet either, eek!

    I used to run, but I have knee problems and I’m still trying to figure out stretches that can help me. So I haven’t done any running for a while, I just do cardio videos to work out. And even then, I still get knee pain.

    • YES! Not alone! 😛
      Oh that’s a shame! Have you seen a doctor/specialist about it? It’s good that you still manage to get workouts in though despite it, but you should definitely see someone about the persistant pain if you haven’t already!

  7. I LOVE getting gift cards:) Bummer about your ankle…I am just getting back from a knee injury. I have only done a little bit of shopping. LOVE runners world but it is so expensive. Excited for your up-side down cake:)

    • I know! I’d rather that than another set of bath stuff to be honest! 😛
      Yeah, I’ve read on your blog about it, and I really sympathise with you! But your recovery seems to be going really well! 🙂

  8. Geez, speaking of injuries- I’ve been off running for a little over a week, too! I developed posterior shin splints while I was home over Thanksgiving and have been benched from running ever since then. It’s been replaced with the elliptical..but I just mentioned to Michael today about how much I can’t wait to get back on the trails!! Recovering’s so difficult..I’m way too impatient for it. :/

  9. Congrats for making my age-old craving for breakfast oatmeal come back in full swing. 🙂

    It’s been a while, and the mushiness can really turn me off (I’m one of those girls who has to gobble down all her cereal in .5 seconds because I can’t stand it mushy), but I’m really feeling the “stir in extra after microwaving” tip.

    I just got a new house (and I’m currently working on the new additions – see my last post 😉, and I can’t wait to add some oatmeal action back in my life.

  10. Injuries are awful, I have had bad luck with knee injuries, but I’ve always tried to get back in the running world. I’ll never be running like I used to, and recovery gets harder and harder as you get older 😛 but I always try to find other things to do to keep active like swimming and biking 🙂

    • Ooh knee injuries- poor you! 😦 At least you’re running though, which is something, even if it isn’t up to the standard it was before! And that’s great that you’re doing swimming and biking as well! 🙂

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