Christmas decorating!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I am SO excited- less than three weeks people! Seriously, Christmas makes me feel like a kid all over again! Open-mouthed smile

Yesterday night, we got to decorating! Our tree:DSC04385

Buddy helped.DSC04372

Actually, that’s a lie. He observed from his comfy chair for the most part. Lazy dog!DSC04377

We hung up our stockings, which are pretty big! Our mum made them for me and my brother when we were toddlers, and we still love them!DSC04389

Even Buddy gets (a little) one!DSC04386

His says ‘Yappy Christmas’! Witty, right? Smile with tongue out 

Food time! Lunch today was a lovely bean salad.IMG_9974

To satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner this evening, I ate my body weight in dark chocolate! As per usual! Smile with tongue outDSC04364

This Planet Organica dark chocolate is one of my favourites I think! I’ve gone through almost all of this in a few days! Smile with tongue out A good reason to revisit Whole Foods soon and stock up then I think! Winking smile

My ankle is feeling quite a lot better by the way, and thanks for your well wishes and comments/stories on yesterday’s post! I’m still going to probably not run for the rest of this week to be safe, but I have an aerobics class tomorrow, and a step class the day after that, then yoga on Friday! So keeping busy Smile

Are you excited about Christmas this year? I actually wasn’t very excited about it last year, so it does vary for me! And do you use Christmas stockings? Not quite sure if that’s just a family tradition or not…!

Have a great evening! Smile


8 Responses

  1. I am SO excited about Christmas. I embrace every second of it!

  2. I can’t wait for Christmas! I can’t believe that it is only 3 weeks away!!!

  3. oh I really love those Christmas stockings 🙂

  4. YEAH! stockings are the BEST part 🙂 i love how you get those little gifts PLUS the normal gifts hehe!

  5. Yay love the decorations!
    We have stocking- my mum knitted mine when I was little 🙂 Love it!

  6. So glad your ankle is feeling a bit better. Love your tree! I finally got a little tree and decorated it last night, I can’t wait for Christmas!

  7. Yeah we have stockings, always used to have them as a child and it’s stuck! Your tree looks lovely and your doggie is so cute!! Glad your ankle is on the mend 🙂

  8. I dont know why but this year I’m EXTREMELY excited for christmas…. I think it’s a combo of the snowy weather, the fact my shopping is done and knowing I’ve only got a week and a bit left of work!

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