Waaaah! Crying face A blogger with no camera?! Impossible, I hear you cry! Well I’m going to try and borrow one for now I think, and buy a new one in the sales after Christmas…. So excuse the recycled photos in today’s post please!

Breakfast was mostly the same as yesterday’s, but with a little twist and an even longer name! Enter: pumpkin-spice-vanilla-raisin oatmeal! A right mouthful! Get it, mouthful…? Oh I am punny! Open-mouthed smileDSC04429

Much as I love oatmeal (especially in this cold weather!), I usually try to have something different on the weekends. I’m really craving pancakes at the moment, so hopefully I’ll get to have some over the next few days! Smile

Lunch was the remainder of yesterday’s…DSC04437

I actually liked the tempeh much more today! Don’t ask me why! But still doesn’t beat tofu in my opinion! I had it with a wholewheat couscous salad and roasted veggies.

I actually have a photo of my dinner! Taken on the camera on my phone, which I don’t think I’ve ever really used before today! Not bad for a cheap phone, huh?DSC04442

On Friday nights I usually have a very quick, thrown-together meal.  Today’s was no exception! Two mushroom bakes, a microwaved jacket potato with dairy-free spread and cheese (which, for Carrie who asked, is not half bad! See this post for a picture if you’re interested) and some sliced cuke+a tomato. Random, but quick and yummy! Smile

During my lunch hour, I did a quick 30 mins of cardio at the gym, including a (pain-free!) 20 min speedwork run on the treadmill! (Usual intervals of 1 min @ 8mph, 1 min @ 12mph repeated).treadmillI’ve decided I’m going to slowly build back up my mileage/time, so as not to overdo it, but it felt great! I finished up with 10 mins of intervals on the cross-trainer/elliptical.

I also (being very cool) blasted out the Christmas music on my iPod whilst running, and lip-synched my heart out! It was all about this today:

One of my Xmas favourites 🙂

If that wasn’t cool enough, I may have done a few actions too…! Winking smile

Oh and I am VERY EXCITED about something and I’ve been waiting to share this all day with you lovely people! Okay, basically a number of bloggers I love following have done/are doing triathlons (yes, that’s you Lisa!) and I’ve been totally caught up in the idea of doing something similar! There is a small problem though…I can’t swim! I know, weird, especially since I had swimming lessons as a child for four years! But anyway, I love running and really enjoy biking, so looked up if there was an event based on this. Enter:news_5757_medium_london-duathlon2011-318x159

The London Duathlon! I would love to do this! Open-mouthed smile There are even different ‘levels’ in this event, so you can pick the level that best suits you! I think if I go for it, I might go for The Challenge 35k which is Run 10k, Bike 20k, Run 5k…but we’ll see!

So have you ever/do you want to do a triathlon or anything similar? And do you have any camera recommendations/ideas for me? I’m just looking for a good basic point-and-shoot at the moment; I’m a huge fan of the SLR’s but not of their size! Smile with tongue out 

Have a great weekend everybody! Smile


15 Responses

  1. I like the idea of doing a traithlon, but I’ve never ridden a road bike and am not a very strong swimmer. Someday, though! The idea of them scares me 🙂

  2. I have done tri’s before but I would rather just run and bike so a duathalon would be AWESOM!! I am so excited for you:) Yay, for lunch break workouts! Thanks for helping me get into the Christmas spirit!

  3. Sorry anbout your camera! There should be some great bargains after christmas. I’ve never thought of taking part in a triathlon. I’m sure it would be an amaing experience!

  4. oh gosh ! a broken camera is no good! I actually use my phone camera ahah!

  5. I never liked the idea of swimming and so duathlons always sound much better. Great idea 🙂

  6. That sounds like an excellent race, I would love to do more cycling outdoors if only I had a bike! Hope you get signed up for it!

  7. Mariah Carey is great to rock out to, have you heard her new one? I’ve never done a triathlon or duathlon because I don’t have a bike, but it sounds like fun.

  8. That duathlon looks awesome, I’m keeping my eyes open for one near me, despite my biking being pretty dreadful!

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