“Colds are bums”

What can I say, I have regressed to my childish self! This was a common phrase I used when I was younger- everything bad was “a bum”. Well this cold really is! So I decided to give myself a head start in my recovery with my breakfast- a Recovery Green Monster:DSC03780

Well, this was actually just a regular GM topped with Grape Nuts, but GM’s are chock full of vitamins, iron and all sorts of other good stuff, so bring on the quick recovery! Smile

And what is the second best way to cure colds after Green Monsters? Retail therapy of course! Smile with tongue outarticle-0-01AEDF4800000578-22_468x315_popup

This is the Bluewater shopping centre- the second largest in the UK! I love it Smile

I decided to look around the book store first, as one of the Christmas presents I opened last week was a gift card for Waterstones. I came across ‘The Kind Diet’…DSC04499

…and basically spent half an hour reading it in store! I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed, but it seemed quite good! I also seriously contemplated buying this book:DSC04500

It seemed really good- tons of good recipes and every one had pictures! I love recipe books with pictures! Smile

Other buys included some running gloves (I had a £5 Sweatshop voucher I had to use by today, and so they came to £3!) and two lots of dark chocolate:DSC04509


I also saw the movie ‘Unstoppable’, which was really good! So exciting the whole way through! I may have consumed a fair amount of dark chocolate whilst watching…! Winking smile


I bought lunch from a cafe- I had organic tomato and basil soup, with brown bread.DSC04502

I had this light lunch at about 4pm, because I have spent the whole day snacking! Eats included about a thousand servings of my (addictive!) favourite granola:DSC04497

A Trek bar:DSC04498

Rice cakes topped with Marmite and PB:DSC04399


And a ton of other unpictured things! It’s just one of those days…

Because of all the snacking, dinner was light too, and was good old beans on toast (my homemade bread!):DSC04513

Followed by soya yoghurt and a huge blob strawberry jam:DSC04516

I then proceeded to finish off the jam by eating it straight from the jar! I do love jam! Smile with tongue outDSC04517

As soon as I got back, some serious present wrapping ensued!DSC04519


My group of close friends and I do a ‘Secret Santa’ every year, which is great because it saves you money, is more fun, and you get a better present that you actually want! This is for my Secret Santa:DSC04526

It’s a CD and a book that she requested, so I know she’ll love it! I can’t wait to see what I get! Open-mouthed smile

So tell me, what are the best movies you’ve seen recently? Unstoppable makes my list, as does HP7 obviously! And what are your favourite snacks?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Smile


12 Responses

  1. I read The Kind Diet earlier this year. I like it, in a lot of ways, but there were a few things I didn’t necessarily agree with. Your food always looks so good! Hope you feel better 🙂

  2. Harry potter as well! and I saw The Town recently and it was really good. I love all your snacks, especially the chocolate bars, yum!

  3. oh my where did you get that lovely no sugar added strawberry spread?!!!!?

    • That is from Tesco’s actually, but I prefer the Meridian one from health shops (like Holland and Barrett) because that’s naturally sweetened with fruit juice, whereas this has sweeteners I think. And the Meridian one’s nicer 🙂 Still recommend this though!

  4. Yummy snacks- I love nakd bars for their portability. I also love half a graze box, esp ones with brazil nuts.
    Hope your cold goes away

  5. I love green monsters for making me feel better whatever the problem 🙂 I have the Kind Diet book and think its brilliant – it inspired me to become veggie. I love the secret santa action to – I’ve ran one via the blog and we have one at work too, so much fun!

    • Yeah, GM’s are awesome 🙂
      I thought it looked great! Glad it made you change your perspective!
      Oh no, you did a blog one? Must’ve missed that! 😦 Always next year I guess!

  6. Sorry about the cold. I had one last week and they are a real pain!

  7. I don’t feel like I have been to the cinema in ages! My locale cinema is a forty minute drive away, and what with the weather being ‘a bum’, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to travel so far!

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