Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World!

Cold Cold Cold! When you have a cold, and it is cold, it’s all about oatmeal!DSC04529

My throat was really sore, and I wasn’t at all hungry this morning, but I knew I should eat, and would feel better after doing so. And this pumpkin oatmeal really did help! Smile

Another throat-soothing remedy I had later was my favourite instant soup…DSC03183

…which was enjoyed in my favourite mug:DSC04544

Recognise that dog anyone? Smile with tongue out I was given that mug for my 7th birthday- and I still love it! Open-mouthed smile

Oh, and today was Secret Santa day! Which meant…I got to open more presents! My Secret Santa got me two recipe books (she knows me so well!).

‘Everyday Vegetarian’ cookbook, which has tons of great recipes and pictures for every one (v. important in cookbooks for me!).DSC04535


Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World’!! Open-mouthed smile 75 recipes for vegan cupcakes! Can’t argue with that! Winking smile First to catch my eye was the gingerbread cupcakes (because it’s Xmas, and I love gingerbread!) and peanut butter cupcakes!!

One of my friends received this homemade gingerbread house as part of her present, because she had said she’d always wanted one. Isn’t it amazing?DSC04532


Of course, in lieu of my cupcake book, I had to go out and buy some necessary ingredients from the book!DSC04539


So stay tuned over the next couple of days for a vegan cupcake post! Open-mouthed smile

What are your favourite cold-remedies? And have you ever tried making a vegan cupcake? I haven’t…yet! Winking smile

Have a great week!


13 Responses

  1. I love vegan baking 🙂

    Lots of rest, vitamin C, and hot tea usually do the trick for me. Feel better!

  2. I saw that Vegan Cupcake book a while ago. I looks like it has some really tasty treats inside.

  3. my fav cold remedy is a big cup of honey/lemon/warm water 🙂

  4. I have that vegan cupcake cookbook! Everything looks amazing 🙂

  5. Wow, very much looking forward to seeing some of those vegan cupcake recipes!
    Amalfi Girl

  6. Wow, very much looking forward to seeing some of those vegan cupcake recipes!
    Amalfi Girl

  7. oo cant wait to see these cupcakes!! my fav cold remedy- this stuff called Berocca! ITS MAGICAL

  8. I’m more of a muffin than a cupcake girl, but I only ever hear goo things about that book!

    Cold remedies? SLEEP. And rest. As much as you can 🙂

  9. I love that book! Enjoy the baking 🙂

  10. My muffins and gingerbread at the weekend was vegan and I was suprised how wonderful they turned out. I’m getting the vegan cookies invade your cookie jar book for Christmas and I can’t wait to try out the recipes! 🙂

  11. Scooby dooby do, where are you? 😛

    That cookbook sounds cool!! Making tasy vegan cupcakes can be tricky, but if they came from a cookbook, they’re bound to be good!

  12. Vegetarian cookbooks are on top of my Christmas list this year 🙂 we’ll see what I end up getting! My hubby is having a hard time figuring out my oh-so-obvious hints to Christmas gifts 😛 booo boys haha Can’t wait to see what vegan cupcakes you make 🙂

  13. SLEEP!! Love the mug and you are absolutely adorable!! I have never tried a vegan cupcake but I LOVE vegan cookies!

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