Eat, Sleep, Run

Hello lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday- was getting paid £80 an hour at a last minute quartet job! Open-mouthed smile Also managed to get in a slow (avg 8.40) 4 mile run, but the ankle was feeling a bit tight afterwards, so I’m resting it today. Saying that, I did do aerobics…does that count? Smile with tongue out

Dinner was homemade shepherd’s pie (made with soya mince) with a side salad and beetroot:DSC04547

Ooh and breakfast was a good-un! Yesterday I’d used up the can of pumpkin I had been slowly working my way through every morning, so this morning I had something different: choco-banana-coconut oatmeal! And it was made on the stovetop! SmileDSC04565

Made exactly the same as before, but with shredded coconut stirred in and sprinkled on top. SO delicious! Open-mouthed smile

I also did a bit more shopping (story of my life! Smile with tongue out) and found some really cool running hoodies that were on sale! They had slogans like ‘Live to run’, ‘Born to run’, ‘Just been running’,etc and were in a ton of colours. (By the way, rubbish camera-phone photos alert!)DSC04571

This was my favourite slogan:DSC04574

Add ‘bake’ in there somewhere and you have my life in four words! So of course, I bought it! I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my kick-ass modelling skills:DSC04588


Haha- the attempted pout! Actually it just looks like I’m sucking a lemon, but I’ll work on it! Winking smile

I also started on my cupcake-making!DSC04578


They are not yet frosted, so I will share the finished products with you tomorrow! But I highly doubt they are going to look quite as perfect as the picture above from the book…! Smile with tongue out

Much as I love baking, I hate the mess at the end!DSC04579


I never clear up as I go; I pile it up into a mountain of dirty dishes to wash at the end! Are you organised and clean up as you go along, or are you messy like me?

And I’ll leave you all with the reminder that, as I write this, it is just 10 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!

Does that make you excited/happy or make you panic? I’m experiencing both right now, as I still have all my family’s presents to get, so a bit panicky! But on the other hand, I know exactly what Santa is bringing me (he let slip by accident! Smile with tongue out) and I can’t wait! You’ll see 10 days from now! Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy the rest of your week!


12 Responses

  1. I love that hoodie! And ya, I’m like you… I keep the mess for the end 😛

  2. Sometimes I clean up as I go along, but today, I saved it all for the end. I wish I hadn’t, it took me forever to clean!

  3. I’m definitely a messy baker…I’m just too excited to bake & eat instead of doing dishes!

  4. I love your hoodie!

  5. ahhh i cant wait to see your cupcakes! i am slightly panicking.. i have ZERO presents for anyone- eek!

  6. Love the hoodie! I love getting running related things 🙂
    LOoking forward to seeing the cupcakes all finished. I like to wash up once the cakes or whatever ar ein the oven, but sometimes I leave them to soak, then forget about the washing up and then leave it for ages! I do prefer to be tidy but I only have a teeny kitchen so it is hard!

  7. Loving the hoodies!!! I hate the mess after baking it just seems to pile up so fast, but I guess you have to take the good with the bad! 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see your cupcakes! Love that hoodie too, there so great for this weather. I can’t wait till Christmas although the thought of more snow and how thats going to effect traveling and even just getting food shopping done is causing me to stress a little! 🙂

  9. I need to find myself a wind quartet! Shame oboists and basoonists are so hard to find!! I hate the baking mess… I try and do it as I go along but it doesn’t always happen!

  10. That is the best hoodie ever….I NEED one:) Cupcakes are my fave and shepherds pie is amazing!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE those hoodies 🙂

  12. Where did you get your hoodie from? I love it! PErfect for walking home from the gym! I am hopeless as tidying up when I bake, it drives my mum mad!

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