On a cookie dough high!

Hello lovely readers! Smile I’m on a bit of a sugar high at the moment, from eating inordinate amounts of cookie dough, but you’ll see soon anyway…

This morning, I decided, with just 15 mins to go before I had to leave for church, to make and eat stovetop banana oatmeal. Go, Emma, Go!!DSC04669

I think I probably spent longer photographing it than I did eating it! Scarfing it down in a few seconds flat= burnt tongue. Worth it! Open-mouthed smile DSC04670

Still ended up being late because of the snow trek there. Possibly should have factored this in before leaving…

I also tried to run in the snow this morning. I made it to the end of my road (0.3 miles) but slipped and fell on my butt twice. Mission aborted. So Nell McAndrew kicked my butt instead for 45 mins!DSC03322

In the afternoon, I returned to my beloved farm shop! The farm shop is inside a huge garden centre, so lunch was eaten at a restaurant there. And the only vegan option there was a jacket potato with baked beans-boring!Jacket_potato

While I do like it normally, when I go out to eat I like to have something a little more special! But they did have a yummy granola bar that I ate afterwards to make up for it SmileDSC04674

There was so much yummy looking food in the farm shop!DSC04677




With my budget, I had to resist though, especially as I’m planning another Whole Foods trip this week! Smile with tongue out But I did treat myself to this:


Dark chocolate with blueberries! Can’t wait to try this! Open-mouthed smile

After I’d finished in the farm shop, I amused myself by looking around the rest of the garden centre, and stumbled upon…DSC04684

A giant teacup! How cool is that! I, of course, wandered around until I could find a normal teacup for a bit of size comparison…DSC04686

…and then pretended to drink out of the giant teacup. As you do! Winking smileDSC04683

I think people around me thought I was a little mad. I think they might be right…DSC04685

So what do you do when the weather is bad? I know what I do: I bake!DSC04703

That’s a picture of some of the millions of vegan double gingerbread cookies I baked this afternoon! They’re in the oven at the mo, but I’ll share the it tomorrow! And from what the dough tasted like (after ‘testing’ vast amounts…!), they’re gonna be good!

Also, if you have dietary requirements (i.e. you are vegetarian/vegan, gluten intolerant, etc.), do you find menu choices limited? I certainly find that in most places, there isn’t much, or sometimes any choice when it comes to eating vegan! 

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, and don’t forget, just 6 days to go till Christmas! Open-mouthed smile Have a great week everyone!!


11 Responses

  1. wow – those are some awesome gingerbread cookies you have there!

  2. ahahh im sorry about your run! I could barely walk my dog on the sidewalks!
    yay!! tell us about your WF trip when you go!

  3. Chocolate-covered edamame beans?! That’s so cool!! And although I eat mostly vegan, when I go to a restaurant I make life easier on everyone and bend the rules a bit. Same goes for when I eat at other people’s houses. I can’t wait for the rest of the cookie recap 🙂

  4. All those snacks look delicious! There’s not a WF near me, so I’m always jealous hearing about it. We do have a ton of co-ops and natural foods stores though. My school has tons of vegan & vegetarian choices, so I’m always fine at school. Sometimes at restaurants, I have to ask a billion questions to check if there’s any hidden meat in there (like chicken broth or something).

  5. Ooh, looking forward to that cookie recipe! I have struggled a bit with eating out options, but I guess I just accept it as inevitable. It was *super* exciting to go to a vegetarian restaurant recently though, and having a load of different vegan options to choose from, including puddings! So I think in some ways it also makes eating out more of a treat. If only you eat in the right places 😀

  6. I love the giant tea cup pics – hilarious! Drinking from the cup – as you do! : ) Got a good chuckle

  7. I usually pick restaurants that I know have vegetarian options, but it’s hard to end up at a chain and have nothing to choose from!

  8. I’m a fairly new vegetarian having returned to it after being a veggie in my teens. I thought it wasn’t too bad eating out until I started to think about things like parmesan cheese and geltin in things – someone pointed out on my blog that I’d ate panna cotta that probably wasn’t veggie! I just try my best, I think vegan options must be a nightmare. I really want to try those pod bites, oh and I’m so jealous of your trip to wholefoods, I really need a visit to London just to be able to stock up!

  9. Yay for gingerbread cookies- how are they double gingerbread? I am intregued by the doubleness of them!
    I love to bake too- I tried to get to the shops and spent 15 minutes trying to get the snow and ice off my car. Its too cold! Baking is good as it warms up the house 🙂

  10. I love that huge tea cup! And while I do run in the winter, I definitely DON’T run in the snow. I hate wet feet!

  11. […] and I tried out the blueberry dark chocolate that I bought on Sunday! It was v.yummy!! 8 squares […]

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