A Very Vegan Christmas

This morning was totally mad! And it was all because of this:DSC04750

My ancient alarm clock. I use it because it remains the loudest alarm clock I have ever encountered (I have even slept through our fire alarm going off, which is worrying!). The battery died, so the alarm didn’t go off, so I ended up waking 10 mins before I had to leave for my dentist’s appointment! So not only was I pretty late but I had not brushed my hair, or even, shock horror, eaten breakfast!!! And y’all know how important that is to me! All I had time for was grabbing two of the most under-ripe bananas ever.DSC04754

Seeing as my dentist appointment was pretty brief (“your teeth are fine- NEXT!”) I headed straight to a BodyPump class. I was very suspicious of this super-green banana…. DSC04737

…and it did not taste good. Still, energy is energy, and I needed it for BodyPump! This was pitiful compared to my normal huge breakfasts, but I definitely made up for it throughout the rest of the day! Smile

I finished up my workout with a quick 20 mins of speed intervals on the elliptical/cross-trainer. I also finally got round to trying out the Powerade Zero (a sports rehydration drink) I got given for free when I visited the London Running Show. Y3FSU_1

I was highly suspicious of it’s electric blue colouring…DSC04739

I actually hated it! I choked down about half the bottle, chanting to myself “I need the salts, I need the salts”. I often get muscle cramps because of a lack of salt in my diet, so I’m working on it! I think I might try the other flavour (which is a bright red colour-not much better!) and see if I like that more!

After my morning workout, I headed home for lunch. Obviously, it’s impossible for me to go without oats for a day, so yes, I had breakfast for lunch!


I brought back pumpkin oatmeal! I stocked up on more Libby’s yesterday, so I’m splurging. Smile To make up for my measly breakfast and massive hunger, I used a full cup of oats! (And a side of unphotographed roasted veggies to make a more balanced lunch!)DSC04744

During the day, I also popped into a bookstore as I have a giftcard to use (one of my early Christmas prezzies!). And so guess what I bought?DSC04746

Vegan with a Vengeance recipe book! This has some awesome looking recipes (especially cookies+muffins ones!) which I can’t wait to try out! Open-mouthed smile

Oh, and I tried out the blueberry dark chocolate that I bought on Sunday! It was v.yummy!! 8 squares later…! Winking smileDSC04747

So, a big Christmas question for you: What are you serving for your Christmas dinner? Of course, we are serving the usual turkey etc, but I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll serve as the veggie/vegan option! Possibly this Festive Squash Jalousie, which I would veganise.untitled

Did you know that a store-bought block of puff-pastry is actually vegan?

This Swede and Parsnip bake is one of my other options:untitled 2

I want to make something that everyone else in my family (ten omnivores!) might want to eat too, and something that’s quite Christmasey. I was originally thinking along the lines of a lentil loaf or something, but I know most of my family wouldn’t like that! Mad people! Smile with tongue out

I’ve got a great day on the cards for tomorrow! Hopefully, it’ll involve a quick morning workout in the ‘posh’ gym that I went to yesterday, another trip to England’s biggest Whole Foods Market, and making some of these bad boys to take to a friend’s party on Thursday:DSC04751


So tell me, what are you serving for your Christmas dinner? The traditional things, or something a little different? And do you have any suggestions of things to buy at Whole Foods? Definites on my list: coconut butter, Dark Chocolate Dreams, Bodymatter granola (which I finished off today!) and unsweetened applesauce. Anything else you think I should get?

P.S. Did you notice Blog Change #2? My own domain Smile

P.P.S. Please don’t ask about the spelling of sweetoothrunner/sweettoothrunner! I’ll get to that embarrassing story someday! Smile with tongue out

Have a great day tomorrow!


9 Responses

  1. I just had an under-ripe banana, too! Those are the worst! I hate when I go grocery shopping and all they have are the green bananas!

  2. I can’t be objective about Whole Foods as I would buy the entire store. Your choices sound great to me, though I would get the Vanilla Heaven version of PB&Co if they still did it…I think it’s unavailable in the UK now though…

    I think bananas as green as that might upset my tum! I’d definitely need more than a cup of oats for lunch after Body Pump and just two bananas.

    I rather liked both flavours of Powerade, particularly the blue one! I know the colour is somewhat offputting…perhaps it was the fact that I tried both flavours during the Great North Run and the atmosphere of that day would make anything taste good.

    You have a lovely day tomorrow too 🙂

  3. I want that chocolate peanut butter! I would buy the entire store if I were at Whole Foods right now 🙂

  4. i am impressed you could eat that unripe banana. i need them to have SPOTS a and lots of them! i wish i could eat your xmas dinner!

  5. Excellent tip on the pastry, thanks Emma! And I love the new look! Like Jess, I don’t think I could eat green bananas. My stomach gets mad pretty easily. Same with sports drinks and stuff, so you have my sympathy there.

    Did you enjoy the London Running Show btw? Did I miss the review? I went last year, and wasn’t super impressed. But I think that was it’s first outing, so maybe it got better.. ?

  6. God I love wholefoods, I need a trip to London to stock up – I basically buy everything I can carry! I’m sure I have that recipe for swede and parsnip bake, it looks really nice. I’m making a really yummy sounding veggie loaf with lentils, brown rice, carrots, onions, pecans and lots of seasoning for my turkey replacement. I’m eating lunch at my parents and I’m making lots of dishes to take though including a roast potato and leek soup, maple and honey roast carrots and parsnips and a chocolate orange cake, so pretty traditional really 🙂

  7. I haven’t been to Wholefoods for too long *sigh*. I was planning to get to London last week, but the snow stopped me ):
    As for suggestions…hmm…everything! Ok, well in the cake cabinet at the front of the shop they have vegan and raw cakes by Inspiral Lounge that you can get a slice of….and they are divine!! My favourites are the Peanut Butter cake and the raw chocolate blackout cake!
    I don’t know what I’ll be making for Christmas day yet…need to get my recipe books out I think!

  8. I love the look of the banana but I like them when they are still a bit green. ONce they give off that banana smell I cannot eat them! As for christmas, I bought a pumpkin and goats cheese pasta bake (realised after that I should have made one) to take over to Andys, as they are cooking and the deal is, I bring my own food (which I am happy about). Have you tried nuun for the salts by the way? It tastes like weak squash, no scary colours- got mine from wiggle so might be worth a go?

  9. Doesnt it always seem alarms flake out when you most need them?! I mean..any other day and it would have been fine! haha

    All those dishes look amazing. I’m not quite sure what’s on the dinner menu just yet..I havent really had a chance to discuss it with my mom since I’ve been out of town, but I’m sure we’ll cook up something amazing!

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