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Whole Foods missions!

Hello lovelies! Smile

Today was the big Whole Foods trip! Before I set out on my quest, I managed to squeeze in a quick 45 min gym workout: 5 min elliptical warm-up, 20 min speed intervals (1 min 8mph-1 min 12mph repeated) on the treadmill and 20 mins speed intervals on the elliptical. The gym was practically empty today, which was weird because it has been teeming with people recently! So let’s play Where’s Wally! But with Emma instead…

DSC04786Did you spot me? I’m in the middle in red. It was just me and that guy you can kinda see on the treadmill in the right corner. It was nice having some quality alone time with him! Winking smile

My breakfast to fuel my workout was Ultra Bran cereal+coconut milk+ a banana:DSC04756


So after my workout, it was Whole Foods time! Open-mouthed smileDSC04785

I knew exactly where to head first. Mission 1: Get Dark Chocolate Dreams nut butter! But alas, it was not to be seen!DSC04760

The shelf label was there, but there was just loads of crunchy and smooth nut butter! PANIC! So of course, I did what all sane people do in this situation. I sat down in the aisle and took out the jars one by one to see if there was one behind them. Anything to find my Dark Chocolate Dreams!DSC04762

There was one! Just one! Success! Although the people around me clearly thought I was insane, not only for wreaking havoc with the nut butter but for then squealing (yes, I squealed with joy about finding nut butter!) and proceeding to photograph it!

Mission 2: Hit all the taster tables. The best thing about Whole Foods is definitely all the unmanned taster tables! Winking smile



Tyrell's natural chips


Dark chocolate!


'Corn chips' with salsa and guacamole for dipping 🙂


A variety of different types of melon


Tyrell's dried vegetable chips

I’m sure Whole Foods will have learnt their lesson about not leaving free food lying around when I visit for next time! Smile with tongue out

I ended up buying the following:DSC04795


Optimum cereal instead of Bodymatter granola. A cereal with cinnamon? I couldn't resist!


Raw coconut butter and my well-earned DCD!


New Nakd flavours for me! Ginger bread and Cocoa delight.


Unsweetened applesauce for baking 🙂

Mission 3: Try not to go into overdraft. So I considered buying these, but put them back cos they were too darn expensive!

Montezuma's banana and pecan chocolate block

Mission 4: Have an amazing lunch at WF. I thought about going down the salad bar route…DSC04776

…but wanted to try something different! Much as I love the salad bar (and I really do!), I wanted to check out the vegan and raw foods restaurant upstairs.index_saf-recipebox-1_1_2_140244218

I was in a hurry sadly, so I didn’t have time to enjoy their sit-down menu, which looked awesome, but instead looked at the take-out options:DSC04778

DSC04779I opted forDSC04781


I can honestly say this was the best wrap/sandwich I have ever had! So filling and flavoursome!DSC04784

And check out this stellar ingredients list:DSC04783

I have never seen nutritional yeast listed in sandwich ingredients before! Or quinoa and flax seed oil for that matter!

The busy day continued after the WF trip with the annual Christmas food shop with my mum, where the bill came to over £160! Surprised smile So since I got back late from that (3 days before Christmas=supermarket madness!), I threw together a quick meal: wholewheat noodles in soy sauce with basil tofu and a side of baby carrots:DSC04804


I’m so excited about my WF purchases! I especially can’t wait to make Katie’s Coconut Butter Melties and Chocolate Peanut Butter Melties! Open-mouthed smile 

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be making the vegan chocolate cupcakes I mentioned yesterday to take to a friend’s party! Can’t wait to get my bake on again! So stay tuned to see those!

And my Amazon package finally arrived! So happy! Now I have all my presents and cards, and just need to wrap! Whoop! Open-mouthed smile

So what about you? How ready are you for Christmas Day? Only 2 and a bit days to go now!!! And what is the best sandwich filler combo you’ve ever had? Obviously sundried tomato+nut cheese is the winner in my book!

Merry Christmas to you! Smile


22 Responses

  1. Your Whole Foods is so cute! And those cupcakes sound amazing! But maybe that’s just cause you said “chocolate”… 🙂

  2. Your Whole Foods is so cute! And those cupcakes sound amazing! But maybe that’s just cause you said “chocolate”… 🙂

  3. I totally would have done the same thing to find that nut butter! Glad you found it 🙂 I wish my gym was that empty! I work at one, and it’s been so crowded!

  4. YES! Another person who appreciates samples as much as I do…and takes advantage of them 🙂

  5. That wrap looks amazing, I love hummus and roast veggies, delicious! So jealous of your Wholefoods haul, esp Dark Choc Dreams, mmmm 🙂

  6. OHHHH my gosh LOVE LOVE dark chocolate dreams PB! you got to try it frozen, youll LOVE it 🙂

  7. I would most definitely have defiled that nut butter display. I can finish off a jar of DCD in three days, no joke.

    Ahh, I would LOVE to try that raw restuarant. That wrap is amazing. I’d give anything to have such delicious vegan food available so readily, you’re so lucky!

    Optimum cereal is lovely ~ it turns the milk purple due to the dried blueberries, though it is quite heavy on the fibre so I can’t have too much of it at a time. Apologies if that’s TMI, just be careful with it!

    Cocoa Delight is my favourite Nakd flavour EVER ~ you’re in for a real treat with that one.

    • Haha! I think I could too, but I’m gonna try to make it last! 😛
      Yeah, living close to central London does give me good access to vegan places! I’m sure if you visit there though you could stock up or something? 😉
      IT DOES! Haha well I don’t think fibre affects me too much…? I have quite a lot, and I’ve never had a problem with it yet *touchwood*!
      I just had it, and it IS my favourite!! Must get more!!

  8. Yum you will love that PB I am sure- well done for finding it!
    The wrap looks lovely too- I am a sucker for goats cheese and roasted pepper wraps. Yum. Or mexican bean wraps with salsa. Also yum.
    Glad your amazon stuff finally came 🙂

  9. I love that Optimum Blueberry Cereal. I discovered it in Asda one time and haven’t seen it since. It is so yummy and full of cinnamon goodness. I really wish I lived closer to Whole Foods!

    • In Asda?! Wow, I’ve only ever seen in on Goodness Direct or in Whole Foods! Shame you only saw it once though!
      Yeah I wish I lived next door really! But I guess it’s better for my budget that I don’t! 😛

  10. Good thing you found the dark chocolate dreams…I love my jar (and am almost out!)

    Sometimes I like being alone in the gym, but it’s weird when it’s just two people. Awkward glances at each other…especially if you’re taking pictures of yourself working out for your blog, which has totally happened to me.

  11. […] also had huge excitement over my purchases from yesterday! So as soon as I woke up,  I set to work ON Katie’s […]

  12. I really want to go to Whole Foods! Where do you go to yours? London?

  13. Must. Stay. Away. From. Kensington.


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