Buffet Monster

It’s Christmas Eve!! And that means…SANTA’S COMING! Can you tell I’m excited? Winking smile

I also had huge excitement over my purchases from yesterday! So as soon as I woke up,  I set to work ON Katie’s melties!


Starry ice cube tray


Coconut buttah! LOVE it already!


One coconut meltie, one Dark Chocolate Dreams meltie!

They’re in the freezer now, and will be consumed soon! Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast was another one of my purchases:DSC04810DSC04817

Oh…cinnamonyness…mmm…. Loved this cereal! It couldn’t not be great though, since it had cinnamon in it! Smile with tongue out And it’s good for you!DSC04821

I didn’t have a humungous breakfast, as I was heading off to a friend’s party. I had planned to make chocolate vegan cupcakes to take along, but I ransacked the kitchen and couldn’t find any cocoa powder! Surprised smile All I could find was ‘light’ instant hot chocolate powder!DSC04874Thought about using this instead, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work very well! Smile with tongue out 

There was a huge buffet for lunch at the party, and bless her she provided vegan food (HOUMOUS!) and even told me at the start exactly what foods were and weren’t vegan! Smile  I am a Buffet Monster. All food is decimated by me.DSC04830

Looks alright doesn’t it? Well that was my innocent first plate. Numerous other helpings followed, then the plate was thrown aside, and I dived right in there! Smile with tongue out

As soon as I got back from that party, I went out for a dinner with old friends! We’ve known each other since we were kids, but don’t see each other as much any more sadly, so it was great to catch up today!36184_1671704756287_1347423739_31724938_6393186_n

It gave me an excuse to get a bit dressed up too! Smile


We ate at Pizza Express, which is a lovely Italian restaurant if you’ve never heard of it.pizza_express_peter_street_manchester

We ordered doughballs to share for our appetizer, and since there weren’t any vegan mains on the menu,  I just ordered the huge ‘Bosco’ salad without the mozzarella:



Warm garlic mushrooms, baby mozzarella, avocado, roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, rocket, balsalmic syrup and dressing

It was so big, I couldn’t finish! Trust me, that’s a rare occurrence! Smile with tongue out

There weren’t any vegan desserts either, but they did have an almost vegan ‘dolcetti’ (small dessert), which I ordered without the mascarpone. However, the waitress forgot that part, so I just ate around it:


Baby figs with cinnamon & white wine spiced syrup with mascarpone


The baby figs were lovely! I’ve never had a whole fig before, but they were delicious! The whole meal was great, and I successfully proved to my sceptical friends that vegans can eat out at ‘normal’ restaurants! Smile

This morning, I’m off to the gym to get in a quick workout before starting the busy Christmas preparations! There’s my dish (Festive Squash Jalousie) to veganise+bake ahead and freeze:untitled

And of course, tons of presents to wrap and cards to write! Since this is technically Thursday’s (late) post, I might do another one later tonight for you lovelies…

So what are you hoping Santa will bring you tomorrow? I know one of the things he’s bringing me (he left his receipt lying around! Smile with tongue out) and can’t wait to show you tomorrow!! And how are you spending your Christmas tomorrow? With family, friends, or both? We’re having our usual of all the family round! And our family from New York our flying in today to spend Christmas with us, so I can’t wait to see them again!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Open-mouthed smile


9 Responses

  1. Hope you have a great Christmas! I’m spending the day with my husband of course and going to parents for Christmas lunch along with all the rest of my family, I can’t wait. Hope you have a fab day x

  2. Yay have a happy christmas! I love how excited you are 🙂
    I will be spending the morning at home with Andy, and then the afternoon at his parens house with their family, which will be great fun. Enjoy xx

  3. i love pizza express! i get their leggara pizzass with the hole in the middle! have a wonderful xmas!

  4. I love your outfit! That’s great that you could find something vegan when eating out with friends. I never even tried!

  5. I hope you have a great Christmas! Sure looks like things are starting out on the right foot with that party and delicious dinner out. 🙂

  6. […] Over the last few days, many meals have been had at family’s houses, buffet style (and y’all know how I’m the Buffet Monster!)… […]

  7. Good job on veganizing a regular restaurant! I think showing you can be flexible and adaptable though really helps in making vegetarianism / veganism less daunting for people. Next time, try pizza without cheese. Get something loaded with lots of veggies, and pour chilli oil on. Gooooood!

  8. aah i just caught up on your posts 🙂 and I had to comment – that’s not coconut butter 😦 I made the same mistake! It’s coconut oil – the butter version has some of the coocnut flesh mixed in too, so it’s not just oil. I’m yet to see coconut butter on our shores….

    • Haha yes I soon found that out after tasting it! 😛 I asked a shop assistant at Whole Foods whether they were the same thing and she said they were! In hindsight I think she was just guessing! But my new life ambition is to find some here, so when I do, you’ll be the first to know! 🙂

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