Don’t tell Momma…

Christmas Eve:

Don’t tell Momma that the reason I was gone so long this morning on my brussel sprout errand wasn’t because I couldn’t find any, but because I hit the sales…and bought a pair of jeans…


Don’t tell Momma that she should never trust me with big knives, because I am a complete goon…DSC04889

Don’t tell Momma that when I was told to clean the bathroom, I spent more time pretending my cleaning spray was a gun, and that I was a spy, than actually cleaning…DSC04902

Don’t tell Momma that I didn’t have time to peel all the parsnips because I spent over an hour battling with the pastry for my vegan dish…DSC04899

Don’t tell Momma that the reason there was so little pineapple…DSC04913

…was because most of it ended up in my mouth…DSC04915

Ditto with the kiwi…DSC04930

…and the brazil  nuts she was using for a dish…DSC04918

Don’t tell Momma that the reason the carrots ended up looking like this…DSC04927

…instead of being perfect and identical baton shapes was because I was watching this instead of concentrating:the-holiday-DVD

But in the end, we all have to remember that Christmas is all about…DSC04880


No, not even I think that! Smile with tongue out Of course, Christmas is all about…DSC04931…and being with family and loved ones 🙂 


My brother and I

Merry Christmas to you all! Open-mouthed smile


4 Responses

  1. ahahah such a cute post- what a deal on those jeans and the Holiday is my fav movie!

  2. I think we’ve all done that with the cleaning spray…I know I have!

    Merry xmas to you too 🙂

  3. I wish I hit the sales! I would love some jeans haha glad I stopped by your blog; happy holidays!

  4. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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