Many, many…

So Boxing Day recap! After over-indulging (big-time!) on Christmas Day, I was really craving a big Green Monster detox the next morning!DSC04973

Much better! Smile

Then it was time to test out the Garmin! Open-mouthed smileDSC04975

Was also super-psyched because this was my first attempted outdoor run in ages! The snow has basically gone, but in its place…875996

Ice! Our pavements are just one long skating rink! So I ended up just doing two miles, and averaging a 8.24 min/mile pace. But the great news…I got a new mile PB! By a long way! (Previous: 8.15min/mile according to Nike+ iPod app). First mile (mostly ice free) was 7.45 min/mile! And I wasn’t even trying to go fast! I think my Nike+ iPod app that I used before may have been inaccurate!DSC05052

And check out the max speed! 6.22 min/mile! When did that happen?! Anyway, the second mile was a lot slower because of the ice, and I decided then to cut my run short and play it safe (was going to do 5 miles). I’ve looked around and I think I’ve found a less icy route, so I’m going to try that out ASAP! Smile with tongue out 

And I can’t wait to see what speed I can do when it isn’t icy!! Open-mouthed smile

Over the last few days, many meals have been had at family’s houses, buffet style (and y’all know how I’m the Buffet Monster!)… DSC05004

DSC05041…many games have been played…DSC05011


…many times I have been told off for taking unflattering photos of people…DSC05018

…and many, many snacks have been consumed…DSC05017



Thankfully, I managed to get in a quick 50 minute elliptical/cross-trainer workout at the gym this morning (which was so so busy!) before hitting the buffets! In the interests of full disclosure, I may have had four slices of Polish cake…polish-cake

…as well as many of the Christmas biscuits above! Winking smile

But right now, I am pooped, like my doggy here!DSC05009Tomorrow, I’m hitting the sales! Especially hoping to get some cheap running shoes, for when I need them in a few months time! Smile 

So have you hit the sales yet? And how do you view Christmas (over)indulgence? To be honest, I’m not bothered really! I stay active over the Christmas period anyway, and regardless a bit of weight gain doesn’t bother me. I think that as long as you stay healthy most of the time, it doesn’t matter. It actually annoys me when I see tons of articles about how to avoid it, because on average, people only gain one pound, and most lose that in the following weeks/months. But what do you think?


11 Responses

  1. I would love a Green Monster right now. I am on overload from holiday eating. Ready to get back to my normal routine!

    I don’t feel guilty about anything I’ve eaten though. Like you, I try to balance it out with workouts and some healthier choices.

    Way to go on your speedy icy run. Garmins are the best!

  2. You are so fast! Aren’t Garmins the best?

  3. wow 6:22 mile!! insane! shaah i am staying away from the stores– i cant handle the crowded madness!

  4. Just catching up on your posts, your Christmas looks great! I think you’ll love the recipes in veganomicon! My fave pressie was probably my new workout pants and top. I hit the sales yesterday and got loads of bargains that I can’t wait to blog about. Congrats on your PB too 🙂

  5. Nice work on the run!

    I agree about Christmas indulgence. I think if you take it to extreme levels then that’s not good, but for reasons far more problematic than weight gain. But an extra lb or 2.. No one would even know if they didn’t obsessively weight themselves. Which is why I don’t 😉

  6. Excellent work on the run- so speedy 🙂
    Hooray for finding streets free from ice too!
    I think you are right about finding a balance- like you I try to stay active during the holidays. 🙂

  7. Omgsh, you’re so speedy!! I’m going to buy the same watch this spring (hopefully) so I can’t wait to read more about how you like it! Enjoy it 🙂 🙂

  8. I really don’t mind indulging at Christmas except for the sugar high I feel for days after. I know that I’ll get back to normal exercise soon, and maybe even more exercise at the beginning of the new semester. My Nike+ was always faster than I ran – I had to set it a few times.

  9. I love indulging in christmas!!! Its kind of fun to get back on track after.. haha!

  10. I would kill for a Garmin! And green monsters are definitely my go to after the holidays- good choice :-p

  11. I loooove your doggy picture! I’m trying not to think too muh about the christmas indulgnce… A new year health kick is definately in order for me though!!

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