A lazy Tuesday

Sale shopping is tiring. Especially when you get stuck in a jam…DSC05054

…that does not move one inch for an hour. And then when you do start moving, you spend the next hour and a half watching snails overtake you. And then, when the traffic finally clears, you get stuck behind a tractor.DSC05069

But it’s okay. You have food that you and your family bought when shopping.DSC05053


The Pringles save you from almost certain starvation.DSC05055

You entertain yourself with a book that you bought as a gift, that seemed highly appropriate in this situation.DSC05067



You get bored of being stuck in a car.DSC05062

And then you remember you have to go back tomorrow…

But once you are home, you are cheered up by the funniest guy on earth:DSC05086

And try and even out your unhealthy day with some greens…DSC05074

…whilst watching Salt… DSC05112

…and devouring chocolate Yule Log:3110390245_262f15fca6

It’s all about the balance! Winking smile


10 Responses

  1. Love those bear nibbles! 🙂
    I agree its all about the balance!

  2. I absolutely HATE traffic, you were lucky you had some snacks! lol I only wish I could have bear granola when I’m stuck like that!! By the way, I loved the movie salt! It was surprisingly good 🙂

  3. You did well to stay so calm in that traffic, I would have been going mental! I agree – its all about the balance this time of year!

  4. Argh, traffic jams drive me crazy, no pun intended. I would definitely need some granola to keep me grounded.

    Sounds like a very balanced day to me 🙂

  5. I got stuck in some major traffic on my shopping tip yesterday. It’s so frustrating!

  6. ohh i forgot how good that flavor of pringles are! can never just eat one though haha.
    i heard that book is really good too!

  7. OMG, Michael McIntyre! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  8. Sale shopping is SO TIRING!! That yule log looks amazing and pringles make good fuel. Love the quote!

  9. […] family hit Bluewater shopping centre…again! Although thankfully we got in and out easily, unlike yesterday! And I got some awesome purchases […]

  10. I saw that book recently at Marshall’s! Should have grabbed it!!

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