Spin, Confessions, and Kitchen Antics

Hey friends! Smile

Today was my last day of freedom before getting back to the routine tomorrow. So I made it a good one! Open-mouthed smile I’m also going to try to get in a early speedwork run tomorrow mornin’, but I’ve never been good at early starts…

Confession #1: I hit the ‘off’ button on my alarm clock instead of the snooze button. So I missed BodyPump Sad smile. But I still made it in time for spin though, which was amazing!spin-bike


Confession #2: When the instructor asked if anyone was new, I didn’t raise my hand. I just went along with it! Smile with tongue out(I know I should have done, and if you are taking a new class, you should let the instructor know if it is your first time!)

My thoughts

  • Such a great workout! This class gave me the toughest cardio workout I think out of all the classes I’ve been to!
  • Love the mix of high-impact and low-impact stuff. The class is mixed up with sprint sections, slow high-resistance sections, etc.
  • Great use of music (Black Eyed Peas ‘Pump It’ for sprints= pure genius) and instructor was great.
  • My legs were dead afterwards. This class is obviously great for the leg muscles! Spin instructors (*cough Janae cough*) must have leg muscles of steel!

I actually don’t have any negatives at all for this class! I will defo be going back when I can!


Runner's high? No, spinner's high!

Confession #3: I had to dash straight after class to make it to my dentists appointment, so didn’t have time to shower. Sorry Dr. Lincoln.

After spin and the dentist (and then a shower!), pretty much the whole rest of the day was spent in the kitchen!DSC05365

I made an awesome lunch, based on Freya’s recipe for Spicy Pumpkin, Red Lentil and Chickpea Smush, but with a few small tweaks (re.g. ran out of chickpeas, so used canned mixed pulses, etc). Delish!DSC05364

Then it was time to get ma bake on! First up was raspberry scones, from this god-send of a recipe book (Babycakes) that I have been raving about non-stop since I got it. And it did not disappoint.DSC05309

I love raspberries.DSC05380

I love making delicious baked goods.DSC05404

I love that vegan goodies can be just as good (or better in this case!) than non-vegan.DSC05409

I love all that stuff so much, that once I had finished those, it was on to the next thing. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. (From the same book). I’m going to a get-together thing tomorrow evening, and there’s going to be a buffet. (Alert the Buffet Monster!) Smile with tongue out So this is my offering!


My trick that I learned from the last time I baked cupcakes, was to make the buttercream first. That way, you can chill it so it’ll be ready to pipe once the cakes are done!


Wrapped tightly in film and refrigerated.

Ooooh buttercream…DSC05432

Tell me you love buttercream as much as I do, and we will be BFF. Seriously. DSC05434


Of course, cake and buttercream didn’t provide quite enough sugar to feed my friends with. There had to be more.DSC05447

Sugar stars. Win.DSC05453

Confession #4: There was a lot of leftover buttercream. Any guesses where most of it ended up? Winking smile

Man I wanted to eat one of those cupcakes so bad! I just had to content myself with consuming the leftover buttercream. Not a bad trade-off really!  Buttercream > Cake to me. But you all know who’s gonna be first to the buffet table tomorrow to nab one of those bad boys! Open-mouthed smile

So are you more of a buttercream/frosting person or a cake person? If you didn’t get the oh-so-subtle message from this post, I’m a buttercream+frosting gal! And have you ever tried spin? Thoughts?


21 Responses

  1. I said something similar in a comment on Celery and Cupcakes but I adore spin…I think I went to more classes than there are days of the week over the New Year period. I do find that they vary hugely in terms of intensity according to the instructor though, so the workout really is what you make of it.

    Beautiful cupcakes! And no worries over sleeping in ~ you seem to be the only one without the horrible virus that’s going round so your body probably needed the extra shut-eye to keep fighting it off.


  2. Hey Emma! I just found your blog and think it’s fab! I’m on the lookout for the Babycakes book too….fingers crossed Waterstones have it! It’s fab to find a fellow blogger from the UK. I’m Emma, i love running and baking and i live in england too! Snap! x x

  3. a spin class AND cupcakes = sounds like a winning combination to me! What fun!

  4. You are a machine on the spin bike! You know I have never tried a spin class?! I think I’d be hooked though!

    The scones look fabulous!! And, we are BFFs. Butter cream is heaven. Pile on it my cupcake!

  5. I’m such a sucker for cupcakes:)

  6. I am a total frosting girl in fact I don’t even like cake that much! I use it as a carrier for frosting. Loveeee spin!!

  7. ahhh those cupcakes look delish! im glad you liked spinning-! i have ALWAYS wanted to try it!

  8. Glad you loved the spin class 🙂
    Scones look amazing, and I love the tip about making the icing first- so so clever !

  9. Spin can be great, though I think it depends so much on the instructor. I gawp at the classes in my gym a lot as they are held my the stretching mats, and I can tell you that some are definitely better than others! I would definitely do it in place of running though, if I were allowed.. 😦

    I stayed with a friend recently and she made me raspberry scones for breakfast. *love* !

  10. I love this post! Those cupcakes look delcious and I really want that recipe book!!! 😛

  11. Those scones and muffins look fab, I’m seriously thinking of getting that recipe book!

  12. Frosting owns my heart. I used to eat the frosting off the cake and leave the cake on my plate…oh wait, I still do that sometimes. Loved reading about your spin class, glad to know that you were a beginner but still able to follow along in class.

  13. I love spinning! It’s such a great workout…but I’m like you and probably wouldn’t have said I was new either. I like to just blend in when I’m in the middle of a whole bunch of people. But you’re right—it’s definitely better to speak up about it!

    I am a frosting person for sure! I do love cake, but I never understand why people scrape off the frosting and just eat the cake—crazy!!


  14. I STILL have never tried spin! I’m hesitant, just because I run so much and for so long… I can’t decide if I should make my legs that tired when I’m in training for a half marathon. I looooove that Body Pump, though! I’ve been into Power Cut lately, which is just like BP (check out my post on it at http://lifeofblyss.blogspot.com/2010/11/power-cut-bodypump.html). 😉

    Aaaaand I’m scones obsessed. I’ve gotta get into making those!

    • Try it out! I think it’ll benefit my running legs! And Janae @ Hungryrunnergirl.com is a Boston marathon runner aiming for a sub 3 hour mary who is also a spin instructor! I’m in awe!
      I’ll check out yo post now 🙂

  15. Raspberry scones and chocolate cupcakes? Can you send me some?!

  16. […] chocolate vegan cupcakes for one of my BFF’s birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Louise if you’re reading this!!!) […]

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