The new face of Mule Bars

Hola gente encantadora! (Hello lovely people-shakin’ things up a bit! :P)

Thank you all for your contributions to yesterday’s discussion! I loved reading all your thoughtful comments! Smile I would like to clarify though that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with running for weight loss at all, but I would just like to see more variety, and have articles that deal with weight gain/maintenance/fuelling etc as some of you also said.

Oh, and I’ve received a few more post requests/blog suggestions to add to my list! If you have any more, feel free to comment or email me, and I will try to see to them all! Also coming up in 2011:

  • Dealing with bad runs
  • How to get killer abs
  • My running gear/shoes
  • Why I am ‘mostly’ a vegan, and what that actually means!

So the title of my post? Say hello to the new face of Mule Bars:DSC05506


Well I’m actually not, which I know is hard to believe from these pictures that are going straight into my modelling portfolio along with this:Mad

Can you hear Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ playing right now too, or is it just me?

There is actually a story behind this madness, believe it or not. About a month ago, I won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Jemma! Open-mouthed smile So imagine my excitement when I come home to find a package waiting for me!


I get ridiculously excited over packages. As in I totally regress and squeal with excitement. Yes, I really do.DSC05492

But really, how could you not with a huge box full of yummy Mule Bars!


That's THIRTY Mule Bars! I am one lucky chica!


Came with a cute little postcard from the people at Mule Bars 🙂


And a badge too! Could this GET any better?!

I will wear that badge with pride.

I had planned another speedwork treadmill run today, but got about 5 minutes in before I gave in to my aching legs. This is what a new release of BodyPump does to you! Smile with tongue outSo I hopped on the elliptical instead (much better!) and did 45 mins on there. Fuelled by a scrumdiddlyumptious (feel free to add that word to your dictionaries- I already have) Mule Bar! Open-mouthed smile 

And do you want to be grossed out? One of the things I hate about gyms is the changing rooms. So unhygenic and bleugh. Case in point:DSC05522

Yes, someone left their thong on the floor. Lovely.

Dinner was yummy Chana Masala4319706754_acc8846316

…with dark choccie for dessert! It was the last of my blueberry dark chocolate Sad smile


Sometimes, I think I should vary my desserts more. Then I catch sight of my beautiful dark chocolate stash and I realise that thought was pure madness. Do you have a chocolate stash, or is it just me? I currently have 6 chocolate bars, all of which are open! Smile with tongue out

It’s begging time! I have a plea to all American readers (especially ones with access to a Trader Joe’s’!) Just as Freya asked recently, I would LOVE to do a food swap with someone! The reason in particular I ask is because I really would love to have some Peanut Flour in my life, amongst other things! I can send back whatever you like- feel free to ask away! So if you’re interested please email me! Thanks y’all!

Question: Have you ever won a giveaway? If so, what did you win? This was my first win! And a heads up: I will be having a lil’ giveaway of my own soon! And I have a seriously awesome idea for my huge giveaway of 2011, but that’ll remain a surprise for now! Winking smile

Love you all! Have a great weekend friends! Open-mouthed smile


20 Responses

  1. Why would someone leave a THONG on the floor?! lol!

    I have a massive huge CRAZY choccy stash. It fills 4 tupperware boxes!

    Trader Joes is one of my must haves when I got to America in a few months, I’m more excited about that than pretty much anything else on the trip! 😀

  2. WoW! I didn’t realise the box would be so big! I’m glad you are enjoying them. 😀

  3. I hope you find of food swap buddy! I totally know how u feel when it comes to getting hold of certain ingredients. Our American friends have loads of cool products! I wonder what fun stuff you could send to America from good old Blighty?….hmmm…..xx

  4. I too have a dark chocolate stash of about 5 or 6 bars and yep, they’re all open and half-eaten!

    I hope you manage to find a US swap buddy. As a devoted pb lover, I’m also desperate to try peanut flour! I have trip to Virginia planned in April so I may have to wait until then, but you can bet I’ll be bringing back a whoooole suitcase full of US healthy food goods!

  5. I have no idea what a mule bar is but it looks like an exciting thing to have 30 of them 🙂 🙂 I’d love to do a food swap with you but I’m from Canada (no peanut flour here either…) If there’s anything canadian that you want, let me know, we could have a swapity swap!

  6. I used to have a chocolate stash, but it is pretty depleted at the moment! I’m trying only having one bar at a time, otherwise I use all of my daily allotment of Syns on chocolate! (which I may or may not of done today!)

  7. Dinner looks yummy!
    Nice on winning the mule bars—I’ve never won anything on a blog giveaway.

    Gym locker rooms are gross! They always smell like corn chips…

  8. blueberry choc!! that sounds awesome~!!! i just got some mule bars too– not from a giveaway though :(…. hopefully i will win one one day!!.. or host one!

  9. I have a massive chocolate stash of about 8 or 9 bars! I won a giveaway and got a magic bullet blender! Unfortunatley its all American fittings so really I need to ebay it but it was very cool. I’m going to be doing a giveaway soon for by blog aniversary!

  10. Wow, are Mule Bars vegan? I had no idea. I’ll be so happy if they are.

    I did win one giveaway but it wasn’t foodie related: I won a lovely print of one of Katie Green (an artist/illustator at’s paintings.

    I really hope you do find a swap buddy ~ I only have a supply of peanut flour/PB2 because I asked for some for my birthday. The shipping costs were awful! Not sure what I’ll do when it runs out.

    Thank you for being so supportive and understanding ~ I do feel very much like the only self-worth I have is from my running. I might look into alternating therapy/physio but it’s difficult to know from one week to the next whether I’ll be in a worse state mentally or physically!

    I don’t have a chocolate stash as sadly I can’t trust myself with it, but I do have a bar stash. I tend to hoard them 😉

    • Sorry to burst your bubble- but they’re not! I didn’t know this either, but they contain a small amount of whey protein. This is actually one of the things that doesn’t bother me (small amount of whey protein/milk powder, etc in products), hence why I am MOSTLY vegan and not fully vegan! But I’ll do a post to full explain that madness soon! 😛

      It’s okay! I really REALLY hope everything gets better soon! 🙂

      And haha I have both now! A chocolate AND a bar stash! 😉

  11. I won a cookbook a couple of years ago? 😉 I’ve never heard of those bars. And, yes, I do/did have an extensive (cupboard) chocolate stash. Unfortunately, I’m realizing that I have no self-control – I eat it not by the piece, but by the bar or bar(s)…yeah…and going dark chocolate doesn’t help. If it’s chocolate, I eat it.

  12. I have a chocolate stash too! But I dont eat it much, but knowing it is there makes me happy! Cool haul of mule bars! Massive box! I have not won a giveaway, although last year I won a comp on the natural balance food website and won some divine chocolate eggs and montezuma choc bunnies 🙂

  13. PS, seriously, who leaves a thong on the floor? That is rank!

  14. Just catching up on your last few posts, and I couldn’t agree more with you about the running post variety 🙂 Esp since most runners don’t need to lose weight!

  15. I for sure feel the same way about gym changing rooms! I try to avoid them whenever possible, but I actually feel sick to my stomach when I have to shower there 😦 People are slobs!

  16. woah – i have never seen a mule bar before! thats one thing I love about blogging – opens you up to SO many new foods 🙂

    ps. can’t wait for the killer abs post!

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