Chocolate covered day

Hello lovelies! Open-mouthed smile

Thanks you guys for your responses to my Strength Training post Part 2! I love all you friends! Smile

I had such a chocolate covered day! It started with an epiphany. As you may recall, to the disbelief of many of you, I had NEVER tried oatmeal with PB before, until a few days ago. And then whilst raiding my cupboards this morning for brekkie inspiration, my eyes fell on this beauty:DSC05572

So Dark Chocolate Dreams was my oatmeal topping. Holy Macaroni was this good.DSC05575

Stirred in, this bad boy was seriously foodgasmic. And guess what lunch was? A Dark Chocolate Dreams sandwich. Oh yes. Followed up with some…DSC05598

dark choccie! One square 85%, one 70%. I think I prefer the 85%, but it’s a hard one! Smile with tongue out

And do you know what the most exciting thing (not including my killer BodyPump class!) to happen to me today was?DSC05576

Package deliveries! Of food!! <—Clearly the best kind! 😛


Alara organic mueslis


Windmill Organics products

The amazing folks at Alara and Windmill Organics sent me some of their stuff to try! Aren’t they loverly! SmileCan’t wait to dig into everything!! And you see the bubble wrapped packages in the box? Weeell…DSC05578

NUT BUTTERS! I’ve never tried either of these flavours before- so exciting! Open-mouthed smile

These yummy foods are linked to my upcoming giveaway! Not giving anything away yet, but start getting excited…! Winking smile

Tomorrow is going to be such an awesome day! I’m trying out some of this stuff (obvs!), going for a morning run, as well as a spin class, and then it’s baking time! I sadly do have my usual baking dilemma though: so many amazing recipes, so little time! But never fear, it will a) all be shared, and b) probably contain chocolate chips! That’s how I roll! Open-mouthed smile

So what kinda chocolate is your favourite? I like 75%-85% dark. And please don’t leave a comment saying you don’t like chocolate, because I will cry. And what flavours of nut butter have you tried, and what are your faves? Er…peanut butter, and dark chocolate PB…and that’s it! Fun Fact: Up until I started this blog a few months back, I had never tried PB before! Can you believe it? Surprised smile

Random picture of the day (Janae-style!)

2005-06-13 039

Buddy as a puppy!

Now if that cute lil’ face doesn’t brighten your day, then I don’t know what will!

Have a great week friends! Smile


25 Responses

  1. LOVED this post! i love pretty much ALL chocolate over 70% but especially Lindt 90%…yum!
    I’ve never tried Dark Choc Dreams…can u buy it in the UK!?
    Looking forward to your baking recipes! 🙂

  2. I Looove Dark Chocolate Dreams! Spreading a little on a rice cake or a piece of toast always cures my chocolate cravings! 🙂

    I’m really curious about that hazelnut butter. Definitely let us know how it tastes!

  3. Chocolate=the darker the better for me! If I could get my hands on 100% choccie, I would be very happy indeed.

    Nut butters…not the healthiest, but I adore Skippy Creamy Natural PB. Sadly I can’t find it anywhere any more 😦 I also like all the PB&Co flavours (lucky enough to try some from the US last year when my Uncle brought some back with him after a trip there). I’ve tried almond and hazelnut butter but they were a bit bitter for me? And cashew butter was too rich and sickly. I’m sure I would love Barney Butter though, if I could ever be lucky enough to try it. Pumpkin seed butter was horrible…so bitter! And white almond butter made me feel a little queasy, but that’s because I hate marzipan and it tasted just like it.

    I have yet to try Brazil nut butter but it’s on my list…

    How did you get those companies to send you the products? Did you approach them or vice versa? I wish I could review some yummy vegan items for free!

    Incidentally, would you be interested in doing a swap for some Sun Warrior? It’s just that I have two bags of it and have begun to react badly to it IBS-wise, so I wondered if you’d like to try it as I noticed a picture of the bag on your blog? I’m asking a few people so will probably only have one bag per person but just drop me an e-mail at if you’re interested. I might well have some peanut flour too but it depends if my Uncle can smuggle it through customs lol.


    • Eek! Huge apologies, could you ignore what I said about the Sun Warrior? It’s just I get in a bit of a panic sometimes when I overdo certain elements of my diet and want to throw/give away whatever product I can’t stop overdosing on…I really need the protein and will be trying alternative sources but I don’t want to leave myself with nothing as it were…I’m so sorry about that…my moods are so unstable lately. I understand if I’ve really disappointed you and once again massive apologies 😦

  4. I’m an almond butta kinda gal 🙂 you’ll love it! I love the Green and Blacks cherry dark choc. mmmmm! x

  5. Omgggg, hazelnut butter!?!?! You lucky girl! My favourite chocolate is 100%, oh yaaaa 🙂 So bitter and tasty! Can’t wait to hear more about your giveaway! Those are so exciting 😀

  6. I still have yet to try dark chocolate dreams—I’m afraid! What if I eat it all at once because it’s so good!

    I love dark dark super dark chocolate. I’ll even eat it if it’s 90% cacao….but my fave is around 70%, and I’ll enjoy 60% too.

  7. I love dark chocolate. It’s the best. I have it in small quantities as it can be really rich. Loving the food haul by the way. I have tried almond butter, cashew nut butter, pumpkin seed butter and sunflower seed butter…all delish!!!!

  8. How exciting! Packages always are!
    I love brazil nut butter, its really creamy. Carleys organic make a rainforest butter with brazil, macadamia and cashew and it is lovely. I love them all though, although almond butter is prob my least fave. Dark choc is my fave too although I am at about 73%!

  9. ah i sure hope you never go back to nut butter-less oatmeal!… hmm i like very dark so id say 85% would be my fav!

  10. That dark chocolate dreams is like crack, I’m going to pick myself up a jar when I’m in London later this week! For me my choccie has to be dark, the darker the better! Can’t believe you haven’t tried almond or hazelnut butter before, your in for a treat!

  11. I’ve been rationing my jar of Dark Choc Dreams since I picked it up in the Kensington WholeFoods store about 6 months ago… I really need to plan another visit to stock up!

    My absolute favourite nut butter is almond and for chocolate it’s got to be Lindt Dark with a touch of Sea Salt. I only discovered it through blogging but after one bite it became my all-time favourite choccie treat – you have to try it!

  12. I love any type of peanut butter, cashew butter and almond butter. I love dark chocolate especially when there covering almonds. YUM. I tried hemp butter once and that was the worst experience! haha

  13. I love all kinds of chocolate and all kinds of peanut butter! I saw the Dark Chocolate Dreams at the store yesterday and considered getting it. I don’t know why I didn’t!

  14. Hi! I just stumbled upon you blog and the sweet treats caught my eye! The nut butters look really tasty! Are they as good as peanut butter?

  15. oooh I am in love with your new nut butters!!!! YUMMO!

  16. I think that every day should be a chocolate covered day 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you review those goodies, they look good!

  17. […] Chocolate covered day […]

  18. I am a Barney Butter fan, tried and true, I think it is by far the best nut butter out there!! I buy it right from their website and love the little snack packs!!!

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