Caught red handed…

You got me.DSC05664

That’s what happens when you eat your body weight in ridiculously addictive Wild Berry granola right from the packet.DSC05624

Granola is like crack to me. Seriously, if I ever get my hands on dark chocolate granola, I think I may have to be admitted to rehab.


Lizi's Belgian Chocolate granola!!

Yes, I did Google that!  And now I know exactly where to buy it… Winking smile

Top News Story Of The Day: I tried almond butter for the first time!!



Lovin' that ingredients list!

The all important tasting session…straight from the spoon…



Side note: You may be wondering why I have a scarf wrapped round my head. Well this is why…


Bad hair day.

 I. Love. Almond. Butter!! Dare I say…possibly even more than peanut butter? Surprised smileI also had almond butter on toast, and then on this rye bread from The Haul:DSC05647

The bread’s quite nice, but very strange tasting to someone who has never had rye bread before! It definitely grew on me though SmileDSC05651

I tried to get in a treadmill interval sesh in my lunch break. But every single one was taken. So I did 30 mins of intervals on the elliptical instead whilst watching + waiting to pounce, but the Treadmill Hoggers didn’t budge! To be honest, I can’t complain, because I’m usually one of them! Smile with tongue out So I gave up, and ended up doing a windy, rainy hilly 3 miler later on in the dark. I got some Tweet motivation from the lovely Freya, so I set out positive!DSC05657

I was fairly happy with my average 8.08 min/mile pace, especially given the conditions! Smile

Post-run snackage included soya yoghurt with granola


…with a side of 2 big bowlfuls of more granola! Addiction sure ain’t pretty, but it tastes darn good!

You know, I think I can fit a fair bit of quality time with my granola tomorrow before, after and possibly even during BodyPump…! Open-mouthed smile

Something that you are addicted to? Other than granola obviously, dark chocolate is a biggie, followed by baking and buying magazines…  And do you have a Thursday Workout? Mine is Pump, and possibly a run if I can get that in too! Smile

Have a great Thursday lovelies!!


21 Responses

  1. Oook – the chocolate Lizzi’s granola? Disappointing! The maple one is the best, but I wouldn’t go nuts over trying to get hold of the chcoolate one….

  2. I’m with you; almond butter over pb every time!
    Have you tried the Meridian organic one? It’s cheaper than Biona and I think it’s so much better, drool…… 🙂

  3. dark chocolate! if its in the house, its gone in a couple of days…argh!

    also, have you tried Bear Nakd chocolate cherry granola nibbles? I had some the other day…OMG….i think you’d love them!

  4. Lizzie granola rocks. My stash ran out last weeks 😦 I am very very addicted to almond butter it’s so yummy! Although I have cut back quite a lot recently. My workout tomorrow is toning and strength training at home to give my body a break from the cardio. 🙂

  5. Hey! I’m addicted to clementines currently….man I can eat one after the other! Oh and I’m really bad for mixed dried fruit and nuts…nightmare! xx

  6. I just made some almond butter in my vitamix 🙂 I’d totally ship some out to you if you didn’t live on the other side of the planet 😛

  7. If you like Soya Yogurt with Granola check out my Greek Yogurt with Granola and almond butter dish ( have a great night

  8. I love almond butter too! it was love at first bite 🙂 I’ll always love peanut butter, but there’s something about almond butter that is addicting!

  9. YES YES YES… i am actually jumping for joy– almond butter IS better than pb! i knew you would love it!!!

  10. Glad you liked the almond butter, I love it on that rye bread! I’m also addicted to chocolate and magazine buying but I’m also really addicted to apples and green tea, like seriously addicted I think 😉

  11. I feel like I could be addicted to so many foody things, I’m not sure where to start! The things I have to have most days (although not at the same time!) are definitely oats, almond butter (better than PB!) and hummous. Mmmm!

  12. oh my gosh, i’m so glad to see I’m not the only one with the crack-like addiction to granola.

    i. just. can’t. stop.

    the bad thing? I STILL have to try almond butter! can you believe me? the shame.

    I think I’ve gone this long without trying it in fear that I may love it more than peanut butter. and then we’re in trouble, because I eat way too much of that as it is. oh, hello, 20 additional pounds.

    p.s. check out my brand new blogroll. you’re on it! 😉

    • YES I’m not alone in my addiction! Good to know! 🙂

      Try it!! I had the same fear of preferring it to PB, but you won’t regret it, honest! 😀

      Aww thanks sweetie! I’ll check it out!

  13. my fingers are blue every morning from getting out the frozen blueberries 🙂

  14. My hands get that red form pomegranates! And tried almond butter for the first time the other day. It was just OK. I am all abt the pb!

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