Straight in, Straight out

Hey friends!!

Haha I’ve just reread the post title, and I realise it may sound a little gross, but trust me, I don’t mean it like that! Smile with tongue out It’ll all be explained!!

And thanks lovelies for your kind comments and your FAQ requests! I’m writing them up over the weekend, so feel free to keep your questions coming! Smile

Breakfast was some lovely choco-banana oatmeal:


And some unpictured granola for post-brekkie munchies! Smile with tongue out

My good deed for the day was writing an Operation Beautiful note in the gym! For some unknown reason there is a whiteboard in there, so when no-one was looking, I left a little love for everyone.


YOU are beautiful: weight does NOT measure worth

It feels so good to do that! Smile

So the post title? Well today I was handed this ominous looking envelope…DSC05708…but it was a cheque! I finally got paid for a quartet job (I’m a musician) I did at the Foreign Office back in September! A little late I know, but I got paid extra because of it! Open-mouthed smileI am not a saver. Well, I do try, but fail quite spectacularly.

So with this money I am probably purchasing these bad boys:


Saucony Fastwitch 4 Performance/Race shoes!! They’re supposed to be awesome! Open-mouthed smile


I think the idea behind these ultra-vivid colours is to blind your race competitors, thereby allowing you to overtake and win. Smart thinking Saucony, but ya can’t fool me! Smile with tongue out

Honest opinion on the shoes? Do you prefer the orange or green, or do you think they’re both equally vile? I personally quite like the brightness, and am leaning towards the orange… To runners, do you have race/other shoes, or do you just use your normal ones?  I know some runners have a thousand different pairs of shoes for different things, but at the mo I just have my beloved Asics that I use for everything!

And are you a saver or a spender? Have you got any saving tips for spendaholics like me? I try and save at least 10% of my earnings, but that usually ends up being spent at Whole Foods on food in general…!

Off now to bake some chocolate chip cookies from this amazing cookbook:

Vegan with a Vengeance

 It’s certainly gonna be a wild Friday night for me! Winking smile

 Have a great weekend y’all! And stay tuned for my abs post coming up soon! Open-mouthed smile


20 Responses

  1. AHAHAHAHHA BEST post title ever… and wow i didn’t know you were a musician!- what CANT you do girl??!
    cant wait for the FAQ!

  2. Love the orange ones the best I think!

    I’m a spender on some things (shoes, food) and a saver on others (essentials)….lol.

    That’s cool you’re a musician!

  3. I love the orange ones! I like the bright shoes idea 🙂

  4. Awesome trainners. It looks like you can do some serious running in those!

  5. Those orange ones are so bright & awesome. I had pink track shoes in high school and got a few compliments during races from them…I wish I still had them.

  6. Its nice when you get a chunk of money out of the blue! I’m hopeless at saving! Something I’m actually going to try and sort in the near future- I need a budget, and I need to stick to it! Oh and I think I prefer the green, but I’m not ahuge fann or orange in gneral!

  7. Hey sweetie! I like the green ones slightly more . The orange ones are still pretty cool though.
    Love that cookbook. It was my first ever vegan recipe book 🙂 xo

  8. Aw! You are so sweet to write that on the white board. Probably made lots of people’s days! How long have you been vegan?

  9. I am a spender too!!! It´s quite annoying because if something unexpecting and pricey comes around, like a broken ring or bag that you would have liked to get repaired I usually don´t have any money left! I am hoping to safe some over this summer! I think a good hint is to just not buy stuff straight away (unless it’s the last pair of something or on sale ;)) but to think do I really need it and then come back later…this way you get more excited about the stuff you buy as well! As for the shoes I`d go with green, they look awesome, my runningshoes, I only own one pair too, are bright blue and i love them!
    hope you have fun baking! I am excited about the results!

  10. Love the writing on the whiteboard- a fab idea 🙂
    I think I prefer the orange ones- they will dazzle everyone else!
    I do save money-after payday I transfer money to savings accounts each month, but then I spend the rest! I like to save for holidays so the incentive is there.

  11. I would prefer the orange ones! I did a budget challenge on my blog last year that really helped me, I think it was putting the focus on it that helped. Other than that I’m a total spender! Love your operation beautiful note!

  12. Love that you did an OP note!!! I like the orange-mainly bc I once owned a pair of “orange creamsicle” running sneaks and miss them dearly!

  13. haha, a lot of my budget gets spent at Whole Foods too! But I am ok with that 🙂 Personally, I’m diggin’ the green shoes. I don’t have separate racing shoes but may get some this year!

  14. Great shoes! So what color did you buy, orange, green or both???

  15. Mmmmmm chocolate cookies…. 🙂

  16. Nice race shoes! I like them both, but I would probably pick orange because they wouldn’t show grunge as quickly!

  17. The orange! And yummmm chocolate chip cookies.

  18. I love that you wrote that on the white board at gym! I am going to do one of those tomorrow 🙂

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