Running: a true passion

Hello friends! Smile

I’ve had a great day! A lot of it was admittedly spent waiting by the door hoping my fire shoes would arrive, but it looks like I’ll have to be in suspense for a little while longer! Smile with tongue out

Breakfast was a lovely warming bowl of applesauce oatmeal, with the last of my huge jar of unsweetened applesauce! Sad smileI made it worth it though! SmileDSC05671

Do any fellow Brits know where I can buy some more? This was from Whole Foods, and I can always go back and get more, but has anyone seen it in supermarkets? Everywhere I look their versions just have a ton of sugar in it!

Anyway, I stirred in a couple of spoonfuls, and topped it with the rest and a sprinkle of cinnamon.DSC05797DSC05798

Lunch to-go-go was a red pepper houmous topped salad beast!DSC05838

With lettuce, spinach, tomato, pepper and a huge dollop of houmous! My fave salad topping. Guac is a pretty close second though! Smile with tongue outWhat’s your favourite salad topper?DSC05842

Salads are one of my favourite things to pack for lunch on the go! So quick to prepare and yummy! Especially when there’s houmous involved! Winking smileA banana and some dark chocolate followed. This dark choccie to be precise…DSC05864

99% dark chocolate. I hated it (literally almost spat it out!) when I first bought it, but since it was so expensive, I will finish it!! It is slowly growing on me though…!DSC05866

I also had three (yes three!) of my delicious chewy granola bars. These are so so  good, and highly addictive!Open-mouthed smileDSC05878

Today I went to a 30 min circuits class followed by a 30 min bootcamp style class! <—- Basically a lot of jogging around…”SPRINT!!”….jog more…”BURPEES X10”…jog…”ON THE GROUND FOR 20 PUSH UPS!!”…jog etc. Good for getting the heart rate up but not really my kinda thing…

I also went on a run today, but not just any run. After reading this article a few days ago by Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete), I decided to go cold turkey.
No beloved Garmin.DSC05860

No beloved iTouch.DSC05873

No plan or route.mapmyrun_logo2

Just running. And it was awesome. I’ve found that sometimes I get so wrapped up in my training plans, my pace, mileage etc. that I forget why I am running, and why I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to ditch my Garmin/iPod/plans! And there’s nothing wrong with them either! I couldn’t live without them!


I know I know, Garmy and I should get a room...

I just need to refocus sometimes and get back to what running is for me: a true passion.DSC05784


So your thoughts? Tell me: why do you run/exercise?

Love you friends! Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂


21 Responses

  1. i love running because it clears my mind and makes me feel great!

  2. I would have eaten three granola bars too ~ I just checked out your recipe and am hungry just looking at it. Plus, the rest of lunch was only a salad!

    I run to clear my head, focus my thoughts, give me self-worth, escape my problems, enjoy the beauty of the world, relish the fresh air, challenge myself mentally and physically and prove to myself that I can achieve something in a day, however small. I run for myself and also to race, I run for the sense of community and empathy with other runners and most of all I run to feel free. I also never run with music and only wear the Garmin so I don’t overdo my distances!

    And I covet your 99% chocolate! Oooh, the best I can find is 90% and that’s nowhere near dark enough for me.

    That applesauce is available online but I’m not sure about the postage costs… does it I think and they have free postage for orders above £35 I believe…sorry I can’t be of more help!

    • Haha never fear- I DID have an almond butter sandwich with my salad! The granola bars were just plain addictive that’s all! 😛

      Love your reasons for running! And go to Hotel Chocolat m’dear!

  3. Love the workout gear pics! Sometimes no plans and just going for a run are the best-and stress free runs! I ran tonight for the first time in a looooong time (on the treadmill-ugh) but missed it and needed it badly!
    I’ve been an avid exercise nut ever since my early sports days-its just become a part of me!

  4. Maybe you could make your own un-sweetened apple sauce? I’d just heat some apple hunks in a pan, and then blitz it in a blender if you want it smooth!

  5. running without the gadgets is a challenge! I’m not sure I could do it 🙂 I run for so many reasons – I love it, I love how it makes me feel, and I love being able to get outside and just think sometimes.

  6. I wish I could share my applesauce with you! I have four huge containers in my garage. I finally found a good kind without sugar in it. It’s plenty sweet on its own 🙂

  7. you are CRAzy!!! two classes and runnning- im beyond impressed!… not sure where you can get applesauce.. its so simple! why shud it be so hard to find.. grr!! i exercise to release stress and keep me happy about myself!

  8. Making your own applesauce is so easy, just put some chopped apple in a saucepan with a splash of water and cook until soft. You can also add cinnamon, vanilla, ginger etc if you wanted, then just blend it all up for a smooth applesauce or leave as-is for a chunky version. Also – and please don’t think I’m weird for saying this – check out the babyfood aisle in the supermarkets because they often stock 100% fruit purees/sauces with no added nasties. They come in handy single serving pots too, which is a bonus for to-go breakfasts/lunches… you just have to ignore the fact that it’s sold as baby food!!

  9. I love the idea of just going out and running for the sake of running – I think you may have just inspired my approach for when I start running outdoors again, thank you! I echo Bronagh’s comment, I’ve just baby fruit puree in place of apple sauce in recipes and its worked pretty well!

  10. I love exercising and running to free my mind and destress. It’s such great therapy. Making your own apple sauce is so simple and at least you know what has gone in it!

  11. HAHA I like food reviews that people don’t like… sorry the line about not liking the 99% chocolate made me feel better for not liking foods that other people recommend all the time

  12. that sounds nice, just to run – sometimes i am forced to do that, and it’s lovely!
    i’ve seen apple sauce in some speciality health food shops in london, but never in a supermarket 😦

  13. It’s so easy to make your own applesauce, all you need is apples, water, a pan, and a blender! Stew apples in water until soft and blend it all up. Just don’t put too much water over the apples in the first place!

  14. I am the same way as you when waiting for a package to come….it takes so long!

    I exercise because it makes me feel good afterward and I enjoy the way my clothes fit a lot better when I’m in good shape.

  15. gosh, I’m proud of you. I feel like my running kind of has to be about all the distractions. I need that iPod. I need my Forerunner (gotta set my pace!).

    however, the “no route” idea, I love. I do it a lot, and it’s pretty easy for me since I just moved to my neighborhood! 🙂

    fingers crossed I don’t get lost one of these days…

  16. Ah running passion, awesome! I love my music during runs, but sometimes, I just go out with nothing, especially if I’m going trail running. I like to enjoy running & nature then.
    99%? I like 85% dark chocolate, but anything over gets too much.
    Guac & hummus are my favorite salad toppings for sure!

  17. wow…running without anything and no route…I’d be scared!! I feel like I NEED my timer and ipod soo much. And going without a route would feel so strange to me!

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