Exciting times!

Hellooo lovelies!! Smile

I am so SO excited right now!! You’ll see why in a mo…that’s if you didn’t see my Tweet and guess! Smile with tongue out

Oh and I loved hearing your thoughts on my running epiphany yesterday, and why you run! And thanks as well for the applesauce tips you guys- never occurred to me that it would be easier (and cheaper!) to make it myself! Smile with tongue out

Breakfast was delicious- whipped cinnamon-banana oatmeal with dried blueberries on top.


Banana + blueberries = pure blissDSC05881

Today’s lunch to-go-go was leftover’s from yesterday’s dinner: lentil stew with spicy tofu. Doesn’t look appetising, but it was yummy and chocca full of protein and fibre SmileDSC05884

One of the things I get asked a lot is how I handle eating when out as a vegan. Unless I am eating out at a restaurant with other people, I usually just take my own food. Not only easier and hassle-free, but cheaper too! I usually make more than I need for dinner, then refrigerate/freeze and take for lunch the next day.

Also, there’s a serious foodgasm alert! If you haven’’t already done so, make these.DSC05907

Gina’s chocolate chip protein ballz! These are so quick to throw together (literally a few minutes and they’re done!), have just a few ingredients, are full of protein and goodness, and are unbelievably yummy. I may have eaten almost the whole batch…! Smile with tongue outGO, PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM NOW!!

Today was a BodyPump day! I worked hard today, really pushing myself, and managed to make it through the bicep track alive! Score! Open-mouthed smileMade doubly good because a cute guy said hi and chatted to me at the end! Winking smile

So now for my exciting news! Okay, so I’ve overhyped it, but…

AAAH MY FIRE SHOES ARRIVED!!! Open-mouthed smileDSC05898

There are actually angels in my head singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now!! Is it lame that I am this excited by running shoes? I say no, because they are racing shoes, and they look this cool:DSC05906

They are soo light (literally about half the weight of my normal Asics!) and even the soles are amazing!DSC05904

Haha and check this out:DSC05903

I. Love. Them. DSC05900

Seen enough photos of them yet? Smile with tongue out I can’t wait to run in them tomorrow!!! Open-mouthed smile

So I’m off now to eat dinner, and the last of these…DSC05911

…and then to bed, possibly still hugging these…DSC05914

So what ‘little’ things excite you that most people would find strange? Apart from new running shoes+gear, successful kitchen experiments is another thing that really excites me! On that note, there’s hopefully a perfected cookie recipe is coming at ya soon…!

And what was the last exciting purchase you made? Well after these of course, I’m gonna have to say the Lindt 85% dark choccie which I bought today! Smile with tongue out

Friday tomorrow! Have a great one friends! Open-mouthed smile


15 Responses

  1. Hooray for new shoes! Love the writing on the bottom too!
    By the way, I think that 230g lentils (in a box so soaked) would be about 80g dried lentils looking at the nutritional stats. 🙂
    I get excited abour everything much to the amusement of everyone around me- nice work on the biceps track too.

  2. I totally love it when I find something “rare” in a health store. The other day I picked up some brown rice syrup and coconut flour. I was so darn excited! 🙂 I’m loving your blog! xx

  3. oh man, I’m totally lusting after your shoes

  4. Little things that make me excited: a good cup of coffee, writing with sharpie markers and eating ice cream!

  5. Haha, you are SO excited! I totally understand it though: I love getting new kit. Way more than new clothes! I bought a North Face duffel bag the other day though, and that also got me pretty excited, as it was bright pink 😀

    Enjoy your first run out in those babies 🙂

  6. I seriously LOVE those shoes! I would feel totally badass if I had orange shoes 🙂

  7. I get pretty excited when a new Runner’s World comes in the mail. New running shoes always do it too – there’s nothing like the first run in new kicks!

  8. ahhh yay o nthe shoes!! ahah i love ‘kiss this’… those ballz look GOOD and you make them sound very good!

  9. I love that you get so excited about your shoes! I would too 😉 I get excited about my organic veg box being delivered! My last exciting purchases were obviously my wholefoods haul! Love the look of those balls, yum!

  10. hurrah for your new shoes! Enjoy your run in them today!

  11. Those shoes are amazing and making me miss my old orange ones.
    Ps-love the whipped oats-they look so fluffy!

  12. that’s great with the footprint inspiration on the shoe! love that

  13. Wow, I’m loving the shoes – super stylish!!

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