I warn you now, this is a depressing post! If you want to skip it I won’t hold it against you! 😛

I am sad. I have spent the last half hour crying non-stop, and writing this is hard.

This is unusual for me, because most of the time I am upbeat, slightly crazy, and high on life.DSC05354

But today, things were said to me that hurt me.

I was sent an anonymous email that was hurtful.

“You look too skinny and ill.”

I was upset about the things this email said, including that. So I told someone who I thought would console me.

But they made things worse. The person (someone I am close to!) said I need to stop my ‘crazy dieting’, that veganism was basically an eating disorder, and that “no person in their right mind runs for fun. The only people that run are athletes, or people who are trying to lose weight. You just do it to burn calories.”

That last comment possibly hurt the most. As I posted about just 2 days ago, I have a passion for running, for the reasons I gave there, and so many more. I shouldn’t have to justify the things I do and who I am, but now I will.

At my last doctor’s appointment (3 weeks ago), the doc said I was a healthy weight.

My average calorie intake a day (now and again I count for one day to make sure I’m eating enough) is 2300-2500 calories.

I do not post all of what I eat, or even half of it. A reader request was for me to do a post of everything I eat in a day, and I’ll happily do that at some point.

Since the anonymous emailer asked, I don’t post everything I eat normally because:

  1. It’s boring. I eat many of the same foods (e.g. I graze on nuts throughout the day) everyday, so it wouldn’t be interesting to read at all.
  2. It can make readers draw comparisons between what they eat and what they read. I found this personally with some blogs I read. But we are all different, and have different likes/dislikes and needs.
  3. I never meant, and never want this blog to be a daily log of everything I eat. That’s not why I started this blog. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with blogs like that at all, but that’s not the kind of blog I want to have. I like sharing my favourite meals, or yummy snacks and munchies.

I love blogging, and I love you readers. I love my life. I love my food, and do not fear or avoid foods. I love running and exercising, and do it for enjoyment, and not for weight loss. And most of all, I love myself almost all of the time (no-one is perfect!). I have come so far recently from the unhappiness I went through before. I am now mentally healthy and happy, and to me, that is what matters the most.

I am now going to wallow cheer myself up in the best way:


Warm bed, cosy fleece robe, baking books and dark chocolate of course!

I don’t have a question for you today, but feel free to leave a comment of your opinion, stories/experiences or your own, or something to help cheer me up! Love you all!

Sorry for the downbeat post lovelies! Tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual self I’m sure Smile


29 Responses

  1. Oh bless you what a nightmare…
    You’re not “too thin” at all; you look gorgeous in every picture I’ve seen of you 🙂
    People don’t seem to realise that saying things like that is so hurtful. Somehow, although they’d never say “you look hideously fat” to an overweight person, they think it’s ok the other way round.
    I’ve got friends who look at me cycling and say “you’re mad” but I LIKE it for its own sake!
    As long as the doctor says you’re healthy and you know you are, ignore these eejits. They’re probably jealous so please don’t feel down xx

  2. Hey beautiful girl – I hope you can just enjoy your evening and focus on yourself and your happiness. Remember, we can’t control what people say/do to us – but we can control our thoughts/actions. Keep your head high!

  3. I can see that what was really hurtful here was your friend’s response. When you go to someone who you think you can trust and they don’t support you, that’s a horrible feeling.

    As for the substance of the comments: I too have had it insinuated that veganism is an eating disorder, and that I am obsessed with exercise. It makes me really angry more than anything. But I have to be secure in my choices, and I am. So I try to brush it aside, and over time, have ended up mixing with different people.

    As for the daily eats, I agree, that’s not what your blog is about. Be confident in being *you*: that’s what people come here to read 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry you’re upset. Of coarse it was sent by someone anonymous who is probably jealous that you are healthy and happy. You have control of your body and you should eat and exercise all your heart desires. Feel better!!

  5. ps — that sweet potato and spinach bake would be perfect after a long run: starchy carbs and really tasty!

  6. Please don’t take that comment to heart – you truly come across as a passionate, fit and very healthy normal girl that should be praised for how you live and not criticised. If you feel happy and healthy and love what you are going, then carry on!

    I’ve had the same – not so much these days because people are used to my ‘funny ways’ (ie loving exercise, shunning 50 handfuls of pringles etc!) but I did suffer some flak…I think they were jealous!

    Hope you start feeling back to your normal happy self soon xx

  7. People will always challenge things other people are doing to make themselves feel better and more “normal.”
    My best “mom” advice is to (1) ignore it because you know you are doing what’s best for you and (2) don’t bother defending yourself to people who say mean things to you.

    I just posted today this quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
    The people who don’t like the way you live your life don’t deserve you.

  8. Well first of all anyone posting nasty things anonymously is just a pathetic coward who isn’t worth one of your tears. That email has more to do with their problems than anything related to you. As for your friend it sounds like they just don’t understand your choices and didn’t handle talking to you very well.

    As long as you are happy and healthy it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

    Smile and have a fab weekend! 🙂 xxx

  9. You’re not too thin at all. You look healthy and toned, and that’s more important. As long as you feel good and love running, that’s all that matters! Easier said than done, but forget all the negative comments. Don’t bother giving anyone a response- you know what’s best for you 🙂

  10. F**K the lot of them- you know whats best for you! 🙂

  11. I think every healthy living blog I read has had some mean person leave a comment like that. They are jealous plain and simple. People like that need to worry about their selves.

  12. Awww sweetie cheer up!!! Who cares what that stupid email said? Negative and nasty people like that do not deserve your tears or your time!!! You and your blog are fab and that’s all that matters!!!! x

  13. Hi Sweetie! I love reading yor blog because it’s full of energy and fun! It always brings a smile to my face and as someone who has overcome anorexia, I feel that everyone needs to do what makes them feel good. If that’s veganism and running (like me!) then I say go for it. Hold your head high and say sod them! You’re great and you look fab 🙂 Now go and bake something fun! Hugs x x

  14. Oh, I’m sad your sad! 😦 I hope your warm comforter, dark chocolate and cook books cure all!

    I love reading your blog and hope one negative person, doesn’t change you!

    I’m always inpsired to make better food choices when I read!

  15. emma,,, whoever wrote that obviously didnt even know their boundaries… the fact of the matter is that YOU ARE HAPPY and HEALTHY, which you are… and whoever wrote that has their own opnions, but they dont know how you feel and how you really are so they have NO reason to judge you.

  16. I’m sorry someone has been so hurtful. Your friends comment was really horrible. It’s difficult in todays world to be into health and fitness as so many people don’t understand our motivations behind it.. From my experience anyway.. It drives me nuts when people want to know why I run when I don’t need to lose weight.. I get sick of explaining to people I run because I enjoy it. Usually the blogosphere is a place where people understand more. The person who wrote that comment was probably jealous of your fab, healthy, athletic figure. I hope you’re feeling happier today. Don’t let those comments get you down, you know who you are and you know you’re healthy *hugs*

  17. Poor you. I don’t think you look too thin at all- you look slim and healthy and strong. And it is possible to run for fun! Although 4 years ago I never would have believed it. I think some people feel a bit threatened when they feel their own eating and exercise habits do not match up, but it is a shame that someone you thought would support you, actually did not help.As for posting your food, if that is not what you want to do, then don’t do it. Put what you want on your blog 🙂
    I think you are perfect as you are- I love how upbeat and enthusiastic you are, I love seeing your kitchen creations, running gear, and everything else. So you don’t need to change- just ignore those comments.

  18. i’ve never commented before but felt compelled to upon reading this – i’m really surprised that someone wrote this to you! i love coming to your blog because it actually seems like you DO eat, and in large amounts, it makes me feel good about eating (what seems like a lot!) in my normal day. i love that you post desserts cookies etc, and although im not vegan it is nice to see recipes that i can make if i do feel like having something vegan. regarding the running….uhhh you need to inform people that say that that millions of people run every day and not all of them are to lose weight. especially marathon runners. m. runners can actually put on weight while training! i was running to help myself lose weight but i also enjoy it anyway, not i am at my goal weight i just run cos it makes me feel good.
    anyway chin up. and they say the first sign of a popular blog is a nasty comment/email!

  19. Newish reader but love your upbeat and happy blog!!

    You’re not too thin and you do what makes YOU happy, not anyone else.

    People only bother you because YOU let them. Don’t allow it 😉

  20. If you need to be sad for anyone, it’s for the person that sent that comment to you: unfortunately negative statements like that one are par for the course with blogging, particularly when a blog begins to develop a following and grow in popularity as yours has. People are bitter unfortunately, and project their jealousy into insults and slurs on anything that might make people see you as a role model (which you clearly are as you are strong, beautiful, slim but not emaciated and fit. Oh, and smart, driven and vegan to boot). People can’t stand it when they don’t see a fault in someone, and then they decide to find one even if it’s a pack of lies.

    With your friend, I think it’s a reminder that the blog world and the ‘real’ world are poles apart. It’s easy to forget that not everyone understands running for pleasure when most people online appear to run marathons weekly or be training for this race or that. Even so, your ‘friend’ needs to be more accommodating of lifestyles he/she doesn’t understand and clearly feels threatened by.

    I expect to see ‘happy’ as the next title post 😉 No, seriously, don’t let idiots like them grind you down.

    *huge hugs*


  21. My word I was really shocked when I read this post I can’t believe that someone would take the time to write an email like that, and your friends response is really sad. I think others commenters have summed it up really well, don’t listen to negative or hurtful comments, if you are happy in the way you live your life then screw them. I think their comments come from jealously and a complete lack of understanding of your lifestyle and passions. Keep smiling! 🙂

  22. Hi! I subscribed to your blog, but have never commented before! I love reading your blog girl! You are so cute and fun! I think you look FANTASTIC! It’s funny how quickly people will tell you that you are too thin, or that you need to eat more, but you’d never hear someone tell an overweight person they are too fat and need to stop eating. I think being overweight has sadly become the “norm” in the US, so a thin and healthy person might seem out of place ;P I am a runner too, and although I have abused the gift in the past and used it to harm myself, I am slowly rising above that lifestyle. You are so inspiring and so freaking adorable! Never let anyone bring you down! xx Ally

  23. I can honestly say your blog is one of the most upbeat, enthusiastic and uplifting blogs that I read (and I read ALOT!) You’re just always so cheery and positive and it makes your blog so enjoyable to read… so please don’t let one or two (or even a hundred!) negative comments bring you down. You’re so much better than that!

    I too have recently had to deal with some people in my life misunderstanding my food/exercise choices, thinking that I’m “obsessed” with losing weight and exercising, so I know how hurtful it can be. I’ve learnt that all I can do is explain my choices, reassure people that I’m HAPPY, and just get on with life 🙂 Now, I’m off to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon baking the granola bars you posted about earlier this week, yum!

  24. You are absolutely perfect JUST the way you are. Honestly, some people enjoy being cowards and doing things like that over email/internet because they know it’s really so not true. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s YOUR body, you know what’s right for it!

  25. What horrible comments! I can tell in your blog that you are happy, enjoy being vegan, and absolutely love running just cause (not for burning calories). It’s okay for people to disagree with veganism or running for fun, but I don’t think it’s okay that they tell you that your ways are wrong or not try to understand you. Hope you feel better today, and keep loving life!

  26. The person that sent that mail obviously has issues if they felt the need to mail you and accuse you of having an eating disorder.

    It’s horrible that you had to justify yourself and your lifestyle because of some haters comments.

    I love to run and exercise and eat healthily too – some people feel threatened by this obviously because of some issue they have with themselves.
    Be strong, Enjoy your duvet day and stay just the way you are!

  27. I only just saw this – so sorry those people were hurtful. Good on you for writing this post and staying strong. People are haters sometimes but when you rise above, like you’re doing, you’re the bigger person 🙂

  28. n’awwwww! sweetie pie, you are GORGEOUS just the way you are, truly one of the prettiest bloggers on the Net!!! (and I know a LOT of bloggers!) keep yo head up and chin high!

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