Exciting, exciting, exciting!

Hey friends! Open-mouthed smile

So hyped for the giveaway!! And it was great reading what you guys are all excited about!!

Today and yesterday have been exciting days for me too, for so many reasons!

1. Exciting amounts of chocolate.


Sunday's yummy breakfast


Chocolate oatmeal pancakes! Delish, but not quite perfect yet! I’ll keep working on it and post the recipe when I’m done, promise! Smile


Today's Choco-Banana Oatmeal


Every day's copious amounts of dark chocolate! Mmm...

2. Exciting amounts of baking. And more chocolate. Combining the two = excitement overload!DSC05985

More chocolate vegan cupcakes for one of my BFF’s birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Louise if you’re reading this!!!) which was today! And luckily for me there was a lot of frosting left over at the end of the baking process… Winking smileDSC05989

I had quite a few of those today…! SO good!! Man I love cupcakes…

3. Exciting workouts!

Yesterday, I decided to head out on a run while my cupcakes were baking! That gave me 15 minutes! It was an awesome short run, average 7.25 min/mile pace! Open-mouthed smile


Wheee max speed of 5.39 min/mile!! If only I could run that fast all the time! 😛


I’m tellin’ ya, these bad boys give me wings!DSC05906

Or it’s just that placebo effect thing…….nah, wings I tell you!!

Today was a 5k speed interval run. 1k @ 13.5/14 kmph —> 0.25k @ 10kmph (cooldown pace) repeated until 5k was done! I then dashed straight off to BodyPump! Love getting ma sweat on! Open-mouthed smileDSC05785

4. Exciting finally working out how to use the treadmill TV! I felt very smart! SmileDSC05532

Those intervals went by so much faster when watching Criminal Minds!


It was a bit of a violent episode though…I may have squealed out loud at a few parts! Smile with tongue out 

5. Exciting not having a squished banana for the first time ever!

Oh this is so geeky+embarrassing…

The contents of my gym bag...please ignore the manky towel!

“What’s that, a plastic banana?” No friends, that is a Banana Guard.DSC06001

Yes, laugh away,  but despite the lameness, I proudly enjoyed my perfectly unbruised banana, thank you very much Bald Man Who Laughed At Me!!

Okay, so make me feel better and a little less like a loser by telling me one embarrassing or lame thing about you, or something embarrassing you’ve done.  I should really do a confessions post at some point…but I wouldn’t know where to begin!!

And what’s exciting that happened to you today? I know I kinda asked this yesterday, but I loved reading those so much, so tell me some more exciting things! It’s the little things too! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you’re having a great start to the week! Love you all! Smile


P.S. If you haven’t already, and you live in the UK,  you can enter my giveaway! You only have until Wednesday, so get moving!!


20 Responses

  1. Niiiiice running!

    I do lame stuff ALL the time, but of course I can’t think of anything right now.. I do get the mick taken out of me by the dudes in the gym for writing everything I do down in a notebook. They think that is geeky / lame (whereas I just think it is awesome!). I’ll come back to you if I think of anything better! 😉

  2. I love your banana guard! After having a banana get squished and open up inside my bag, making all of my things smell like banana, I could use one of those 🙂

  3. All that chocolate must be making you so fast! I love the banana guard too, my nanners get squished when I carry them around in my bag. One embarrassing thing I did once was I was studying with some papers on the elliptical once and they fell and got stuck in the machine’s wheels. I had to yank them out in front of everyone.

  4. Hahaha!!! Yay to the banana guard. I haven’t seen one of those in ages. So what if people think that it’s a little geeky, it works that’s the main thing! 🙂

  5. Yay banana guard!!!! I am the queen of lame 😀 tonight for example, i was having passport photos taken in one of those photobooths for a med school interview i have tomorrow, it was all fine and good until the robot womans voice starts speaking and in a really funny says “ready? okay. here we go!”. I cracked up and now i am grinning like a loon in my photos (i’m sure they will love them!) and got some very very odd looks when i walked out the booth hysterically laughing :’)

  6. Oops I entered your giveaway and I’m not in the UK. That’s my embarrassing moment of the day!!! I think the banana protector is awesome!!!

  7. Ok silly question but do all bananas fit into the banana guard? I love the idea of it but wasn’t sure if it’s practical.

  8. haha wow I have never heard of a banana guard before! Hi, found ur blog through PB fingers. I’m Jenn. What’s something exciting that happened to me today? Um…well I just completed the Manhattan half-marathon 🙂 You can read the recap at real-nutrition-nyc.com Nice to meet u!

  9. I carry hot sauce in my purse when I go out to eat.

  10. Great running times! Omg a banana guard – Smartest invention EVER! Your oatmeal looks sooo good to me right now!
    I always carry Old Bay with me – If you’re not from MD you prob dont know what I’m talking about haha

  11. AHAHH BANANA GUARD! love it.. and im glad your shoes are workin out- literally! psha!
    YUM baking- your so good at making cupcakes look PRETTY!

  12. Your cupcakes always look so perfect, and yummy of course! I always think those banana guards look rude, or is it just my dirty mind?

  13. I have never seen a banana guard–but I sure could use one!! haha Those babies need protecting! 🙂

  14. That banana guard is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! I love it!

  15. Love the banana guard! 🙂
    I did actually jump and scream once when out running as a man behind me (I didnt know he was there) sneezed very loudly! That was embarassing!

  16. I LOVE the banana guard! what a smart idea, esp. cause they alllways get smushed.

    Is it weird that I don’t really have an embarrassing story? I’m so shamless; it’s pretty hard to embarrass this girl. 😉

  17. that banana guard is HILARIOUS. I am exccciiteedddddddd about your giveaway too 🙂

    I’m so glad I have a chef as a best friend!!!!! 😀

    RARW! :’)


    PS: I should get brownie giveaway points
    PPS: You’re so annoyingly funny :@

  19. You’re banana guard is super exciting. I saw one in my local cookshop and was wondering if every banana would fit in them and whether they really worked. I hate bruised bananas so I think you might have persuaded me!

  20. Wow, I’m impressed that banana guard “works”! I always wondered…
    I’m excited by the facts that it’s just-about still light when I leave work! Sad but I can’t wait for spring… 🙂
    Just linked back by the way 🙂

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