Date day

Date day.

Before you get all excited, it’s not Emma-went-on-a-date…


A BIG virtual hug to everyone that recognises this movie!!


…although I’m totally up for one if you’re reading this Cute BodyPump Boy! Smile with tongue out

What I’m talking about are dates of the fruity kind:


Obviously these are just as least that's what I tell myself anyway! 😛

You do not want to know how many of these bad boys I ate today.

Actually, I know you do really.


After eating a ton of them yesterday, I wondered just how many I got through throughout the day. And that was today’s total. Pretty impressive huh?

I had date-banana oatmeal this morning….DSC05931

…during snackage time…DSC06015

…and in my dessert bowlDSC06020

I surpassed even my own predictions. In fact, I am oddly proud. Quite an accomplishment I reckon. Anyone fancy making me a certificate or something? Smile with tongue out

I went on my ‘longer slow run’ of the week today. And despite crossing my fingers for no rain, it rained. I got wet. I got honked twice. I also managed to lose a running glove…DSC06013

…but apart from that it was a great 5 miles! Okay, that sounds sarcastic, but I did really enjoy it! Averaged an 8.25 min/mile pace, and it was great to relax and not have to worry about pushing my speed! Open-mouthed smile

Saying that, I do love my speed training at the moment! It makes me look like this:DSC05971

A complete dork? Yes. But a happy dork. Open-mouthed smile

So stay tuned tomorrow for the giveaway winner! It will be randomly selected using a Random Number Generator (like this), so it’s all fair SmileIt’s not too late to enter fellow Brits (sorry overseas friends!!)- you have until tomorrow night to get all entries in!!

So I’m off to eat more dates. They’re calling to me…DSC06029

What’s one food you can eat endless amounts of? I totally go mad on dried fruit and granola. Seriously, someone needs to stop me when I get my hands on them…

And for you runners, do you prefer long, slower runs, or short fast ones? I find that I tend to get more of a ‘runner’s high’ on slow fast ones, but I love the happy relaxingness of long runs…so I’m undecided!

Have a great date-filled week friends! Open-mouthed smile


17 Responses

  1. I can eat dates all day… and I have 🙂 It’s impossible to just have a serving! I can eat a ton of any dried fruit!

  2. I love munching on carrots & almonds cause they’re both crunchy types of foods. I like both types of runs – long runs are great for relaxing and enjoying running, but fast runs give me such a quick endorphin rush that’s awesome. Have fun with your dates 🙂

  3. hee hee! you’re so funny! I can eat dried fruit and nut mix till it comes out ma ears! 🙂 x x x

  4. Oh, dates and granola are most definitely moreish. I have been known to eat half a bag of granola and an entire packet of dates. Not in the same day though, but I’m sure I would given the opportunity. My number-one multiple-serving food is peanut butter though. Gets me every time, particularly the ‘junky’ smooth kinds such as Skippy.

    Can I be a pain and say that I like long, fast runs hehe.

    Hmph to the cars hooting at you. I get honked at all the time, but sometimes I get really annoyed with the way cars hog the road and just run across junctions without really looking, so I suppose I ask for it 😛


  5. I’m not sure I’ve had a date recently…hehe, both kinds! I could eat greek yogurt and/or peanut butter all day long, for sure.

    I love long, slow runs. they are good for the soul 🙂

  6. I love the long slow runs the best, but I think partly that is because I do them at the weekend so have time, whereas in the week I am in a rush after work and before dinner so I am not so relaxed 🙂

  7. I’m also a complete sucker for dried fruit. My current favourite is dried apricots with peanut butter. I ate way too much of that before the gym yesterday and felt really ill for my rowing intervals! 😦

    I used to love long, slow runs. I’d get really excited for a 16 miler. Crazy, I know! But since I’ve been injured and working on rowing, I’ve learnt to enjoy short, intense efforts instead. So I think when I get back to running I might try and get into speed work more, and see if I can improve there.

  8. ahah i cannot blame you.. dates are ADDICTIVE!!! great run– yuck for all this RAIN.. i think its back today too 😦
    i cannot get enough nut butter.. for real

  9. Haha, I love that you’re a bit of a dried fruit fiend like me! I could seriously eat it all day long… apricots, dates, raisins, prunes… pretty much any kind of dried fruit actually. Holland and Barrat do this dried fruit and seed mix which I LOVE but had to stop buying because I’d eat the whole bag in 1 or 2 days 😦

    I’m definitely a fan of the long slow run over short fast interval runs. I much prefer just being outside in the fresh air and zoning out for an hour or two whilst I plod along 🙂

  10. I adore dates with oats, salads, for snacking. They are so delicious. I’m awfully addicted to nut butters, but I’m not ashamed. There are worse things to be addicted to!! 🙂

  11. I love dates, they were my running fuel of choice when I was training for the great north run, I used to use them like an energy gel, they worked really well for me, they are my rocket fuel!

  12. 45 dates – I’m impressed! I just bought some today, so looking forward to having some banana & date oats sometime soon.
    I’ve got a real thing for clementines – I much my way through quite a few in a day!

  13. Hee hee, I know exactly what you mean about the oddly-proud feeling – it conjures up a Joey from Friends type face (if you know what I mean!)
    As far as addictive food goes, it’s got to be Mullerlight dark-chocolate sprinkled vanilla and chocolate raisins. I could eat both till the cows had come home – and gone back out again in the morning 🙂

  14. I know this sounds weird but I can eat endless amount of steamed+stir fried veggies! They turn sweet, it’s addictive 😛 And to answer your other question, I prefer long slow runs (I’m not much of a speed lover…)

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