Better late than never

I actually breathed a sigh of bliss after yesterday’s (failed) challenge whilst eating my granola-topped choco-banana oatmeal this morning. Aaaah…DSC06053

Seriously, never again. And I think every commenter agreed with me: oats are an essential. Fact of life.


Today was a BodyPump day. I knew this. I knew what time my class was. And yet if the class hadn’t been running late anyway, I would have been seriously late.

Because I am a late person. I live by this philosophy:better%20late%20than%20never%20detail


I leave everything (and I mean everything!) to the last minute. I also procrastinate by:

  • Baking, even when I know I don’t have the time to, and then the all-important ‘taste-testing’…
  • Watching TV (Criminal Minds and Gilmore Girls=addictive)
  • Reading magazines or recipe books
  • Blog stalking and Twittering <—–BIGGEST CULPRIT!

And I totally did all these things today before BodyPump.

I baked:


Chewy protein granola bars


I watched TV:DSC04977

I read:DSC06076

And I blog stalked just about everyone in the world who has a blog.

Then I realised I had left myself 3 minutes to change, pack my bag, and get out of the house…yeah that just didn’t happen! But 15 minutes later and I was out!DSC06064

I was the creepy girl with the camera who tried to subtlely  take a photo of the class without anyone noticing, but got caught.


That is one helluva death stare I'm getting!!

Note to self: strangers do not appreciate having their photo taken without their permission…

Oh, and these chewy protein granola bars are amazing, if I do say so myself! 😛 Made these ones with canned pumpkin, dates, apricots and sultanas. Holy yum.DSC06056

I cut them into squares this time, and so far today have eaten six. And I’m proud of it too! Winking smile

So are you an always-late person like me, or are you an early bird?

What do you do to procrastinate? Eating is another big procrastination of mine! I love spending time making something in the kitchen, and will usually do this rather than senisbly grabbing a snack bar to-go!

FRIDAY tomorrow! Have a great one friends!!


20 Responses

  1. Uh, how did I miss your recipe for chewy protein granola bars! I need to get me some of them to get me out of my vegan funk!

    Also, I am also a beggar for time wasting and then leaving myself approximately 7 minutes to wash up, pack lunch, get changed, and get out of the door. Blogging is a dangerous sport!

  2. I’m the girl who’s always early to appointments but always late to parties!!

  3. Whoa, that is a serious death stare! Did she say anything?!

  4. I am a serious procrastinator – i will wake up early so i can blog stalk, facebook stalk, prepare an hour long breakfast and then i realize i need to leave in 10 min and i havent showered yet!

  5. I’m usually early for things. But I’m a serious procrastinator and am late for things if I’m reading every blog and finding new ones. Then, I realize I should do something with my life. Those protein bars sound awesome!

  6. I’m one who usually thrives on being on time or even early. But living in one of the worst traffic-ridden cities in the US? I’ve learned to be flexible… if I’m late, I try not to freak out *too* much. 🙂

  7. i am SUCH an early bird.. i woke up at 4:30 this morning. but that is NOT normal. hhahh normally its like 7ish.. i love my mornings!! protein bars look AWESOME!! .. oh and i blog to procrastinate!

  8. haha I’m going to go to my first body pump class this week hopefully, not sure I’ll dare take my camera though! You’re braver than me!

  9. Reading blogs is definitely how I procastinate! Especially at work (naughty, naughty!) Those bars look really tasty x

  10. hi emma,
    just letting you know i just made your chewy ‘granola’ bars (in australia we call them museli bars!) and they are amazing! and my boyfriend (who is in no way vegan/ or a healthy eater haha) absolutely loves them. keep the good recipes coming and thanks!

  11. I would like to be an early bird….but usually always end up late:(
    those protein bars look delish

  12. hahaha great post! that poor woman in the photo does NOT look impressed.
    I’m always late, too, even though I don’t mean to be! ANd I am totally making those bars – they look so professional!!

  13. Can wholly relate to ya there! Appoligies in advance sweet Emma for sounding like your ma / pa / grandma etc.(but I did notice your high consumption of simple sugars) or anyone else who’s closest to you but go easy on those dried H & B dates as their pure sugar(low on the GI rating they aint unlike fresh apples, pears, fresh / frozen berries, plums, fresh cherries, oats, fresh apricots,coconut sugar is EXCELLENT as it has a lower GI than agave syrup, wholegrain pasta……) Dried apricots are a great alternative rich in Fe, as are fresh dates(in moderation), anti-ageing prunes(eat prunes and you’ll won’t look like one:). Those bars sound great!

    Stay fit, stay healthy!


  14. I hate to be late, and for most things I am on time just (eg by 2 mins) but I can get very distracted, bloogs are the worst culprits at the moment, so sometimes I am later for work than I should be (I dont have an actual start time, but I like to be in by 8am) because I get distracted. I am brilliant at procrastinating when I have work to do (eg reports) 🙂 Love those bars- I have to make some!

  15. I have a newfound obsession for Criminal Minds. How did it take me this long to discover its greatness?!

    And no worries, I’m usually a little on the late side too. 🙂 To make up for the habit, I try to add about 15 minutes to my plan so I can get there on time!

  16. I always used be an early bird, but since I’ve been blogging my time-keeping has deteriorated!
    In general I don’t like being late, but my boyfriend is a least an hour late for everything – so I do live my the statement “better late than never”.
    Love the look of those bars – will be trying them out sometime soon.

  17. Girl, you are hilarious! k, Criminal Minds and Gilmore Girls are absolutely amazing!!! LOVE THOSE!!! I am constantly late too, but for no good reason either. Love that you took a picture of the class. AWESOME!! PS I am your stalker!

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