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Friday Favourites

“Feel free to do it on your blog” <—– From the hilarious Janae’s amazing Friday Favourites post! SO I have taken her up on this offer! Open-mouthed smile Like she said, it is good to think about the things we are thankful for that make us happy!!

1. A Chocolatey Friday Breakfast. So this is a new invention of mine, but every Friday I will be celebrating the end of the working week with a nice healthy chocolatey breakfast. Like so:


Mmm…fluffy choco-banana oatmeal+ my first ever fudgie!


Sooo good! The fudgie melted and stirred in it was AMAZING!

2. An email from Women’s Running to say that this month’s mag is now out! I’m so addicted to expensive but amazing magazines like this and Runner’s World.home_1099

I know what I’ll be wasting spending my hard earned cash on tomorrow! Perfect gym entertainment. Someday I will master the art of reading+running at the same time…

3. Changing into sweats and fleecy socks as soon as I get home. Ultimate comfort. Height of fashion…DSC06095

And let us not forget the oh-so-cool granny fleece I’m rocking too…



I hear the fleece+sweats look is all the rage in Milan.

4. Cookie dough. Need I say more?DSC06088

Really, cookie dough is a health food. Good for the soul.

5. Baking with what is left of the cookie dough after you have consumed vast quantities of that goodness.


Can you tell I lost my cookie dough scoop? Unevenly sized cookies are much more fun anyway! 😛


This is my favourite cookie of my trials to make the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie! I think I’ll try one more tweak and then post the recipe! Open-mouthed smile

So what are your Friday Favourites? Spill the beans!!

And do you have something fun planned for this weekend? I’m going to a friend’s birthday bash tomorrow, hence the cookie making! I never go to someone else’s place empty-handed! Winking smile

Have a great weekend friends! Smile


26 Responses

  1. hmm I don’t subscribe to women’s running – now I must! Friday favorite involves not having to go back to work until Monday 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite type of dough & cookie. I can’t wait to try your vegan recipe for them! Tomorrow my mom’s visiting and taking me grocery shopping, then I’m going out to eat with my boyfriend’s family. I’m so excited!

  3. Cookie dough is sooo definitely health food;) Love your idea to a chocolatey treat every friday! I’d do something similar but I already eat chocolate at breakfast pretty much everyday…(along with snacks, lunch, more snacks, dinner and dessert!) I kid you not, I am a self-professed chocoooooholic!!! Ooh I love your blog! Just found you and definitely adding you to my reader:)

  4. I love chocolate for breakfast. I’ve been doing it a lot lately 🙂

  5. I love this post!! Fleece sweats and socks are fabulous and rewarding yourself for a week completed with chocolate oats is such a great idea!!!

  6. Sucha great and fun post! Those cookies look great- can’t wait for the recipe!

  7. AHH yay for fudgies.. SO GOOD
    and that cookie dough is beyond amazing.. when i feel like a more legit runner i will def invest in some mags.. but i dont feel i QUALIFY yet.. ahaha
    oh weekend plans.. SLEEP

  8. I am a massive sucker for magazines too – not into running mags at the moment … but give me time.
    I love it when people bring sweet treats along to a party – perhaps I should bake something up next time!
    Cookie dough … yum yum!

  9. haha exactly the same as you – i can’t even be i the house five minutes before i’m in my PJs or tracksuit bottoms. totally chavvy, but totally comfy 🙂 i also love magazines! too much sometimes!

  10. I love Womens runnning mag, but the weirdest thing is that I subscribe, but they email me to tell me it is in the shops, in case I want to buy 2? Never sure!! I will be getting my bake on this afternoon after getting my run done this morning 🙂 Yay!

  11. Sweats, fleecy socks and vegan cookies? I’m coming over to yours next Friday! 😉

  12. Chocolate-y breakfasts and cookie dough always win my heart 🙂

    …and I always overdo the cookie dough!

    This weekend my nephew (he’s 7) is coming up, so we’re going sledding…should be fun!

  13. Those cookies look delish! I also rock the sweats and fleecy socks at home.. no granny fleece though, altough I totally would, it looks really cozy hehe 🙂

  14. My friday favourites usually include apple and peanut butter wrap or on toast for breakfast and protein ice cream for dessert after dinner. Love the sweat pants! For me its leggings and my slipper booties 😉

  15. hello!! I’m not a follower but I’m about to cuz I’m really liking your blog! As a health-nut and just a highschool student myself, I find your blog really inspiring.
    I was just catching up on your last few posts and I had no idea you had a giveaway (shoot!! I love mueslis)! Well anyways, I also saw the post about a comment you got from a nasty reader… I feel bad for you cuz people are just saying those when they don’t even know you! okok, enough of sad stuff. I really like your fun blog and expect to see more ! 🙂 thnx, Stephanie

  16. I loooove cookie dough, I basically eat more dough than actual cookies!

  17. I didn’t have the best Friday so I’ll have to make it ‘Saturday Sunshines.’ Oh goodness, that awful…sounds like something from a happy clappy Hippie commune but never mind 😉 Anyway, it has to be Lindtt 90% dark chocolate, which I have only just found in my local Sainsburies. Dunked in a mug of tea with rice milk. Oh yes. And running in the sunshine!

    Like Laura, I love my slipper booties…and also the lovely comment you left me. That honestly did brighten my day 🙂


  18. It’s appalling how much cookie dough I eat whenever I bake. One of the reasons why I try to space out my baking episodes… 🙂

  19. […] today is my second Friday Favourites post, inspired by my gorgeous girl […]

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