Need for Speed

Hey friends! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you all had a great weekend! I am super excited because I *touchwood* have an AWESOME (seriously, it will blow your mind!) giveaway lined up, and it’s an international one this time, so my overseas friends can enter too! Open-mouthed smile

I had two great speed interval runs the last two days! The treadmill is my new best friend. Please forget all the hurtful things I ever said about you Mr Treadmill. I have now seen the light. Especially when you get me doing speed intervals at…


6.58 min/mile



6.40 min/mile

Sunday intervals: 3mins @ 6.58 min/mile pace, 2 mins @ 8.57 min/mile on 1% incline. Repeat.

Monday intervals: 3mins @ 6.40 min/mile pace, 2 mins @ 8.57 min/mile on 1% incline. Repeat.

If I keep this speedwork up, I hopefully will be able to achieve my goal! Scary though…the trial’s a month this Saturday! Confused smile

I tried and failed to read Women’s Running magazine whilst running. Can anyone actually read and run at the same time? I should make learning how to do that one of my goals! Smile with tongue outDSC06176

And I hope you’re all proud of me for actually making the effort to wash my hair after the greasy fringe episode shown in yesterday’s post! Aah clean hair…DSC06175

…but the effect was soon ruined by all the sweat. Lovely. I think just the ‘before’ photo will suffice…

Does anyone else have two breakfasts when they do a morning workout? I sure do! Which is awesome because breakfast is obviously the best meal of the day! Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast #1: Cinnamon-sultana banana oatmeal. Fun to say, yum to eat!!



Breakfast #2: Ultra Bran cereal with chopped strawberries and coconut milk.




Straight after today’s run, I had my BodyPump class, where I actually managed to sneakily take a photo of the class without anyone giving me a Death Stare like last time! Score! Open-mouthed smileDSC06197

And for those of you that missed The Death Stare:


Uh oh, the Crazy Stalker With The Camera got caught in action! Winking smile

So a question for ya: How often do you wash your hair? My hair gets all sweaty and gross after I work out, but I can’t wash it almost every day! It’s way too long for that! And I’m seriously lazy anyway…

And do you have any big goals you are working towards at the mo? Tell me about them please! I’ve got my 5k trial. I think about it all the time. I even dream about it! Obsessed is the word! Smile with tongue out

Tomorrow’s going to be fun– I’m getting my bake on! So get ready for some recipes! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week lovelies! Smile


19 Responses

  1. I know what you mean about sweaty hair. I can’t wash mine every day as it takes forever and a day ribbons dry it straight. So I go for the birds nest look instead! 🙂

  2. Sorry that should say blow dry. I hate my iPhone sometimes!!!!

  3. Your speed is improving like crazy! You’re so motivated to keep it up.

  4. I most certainly do have two breakfasts on intense workout days. Yesterday I had oats with chopped pears and choc Sun Warrior and then after an 11 mile run and Body Pump I had a protein shake with Vanilla Sun Warrior and Innocent Strawberry/Banana smoothie blended together. And was still hangry for lunch 😛

    Goals for me at the moment are simply related to staying injury-free (a big task given my capricious body!) as it’s dead season up in the North East in terms of races. There are some in March though so everything crossed that I get to enter those.

    My hair is a perpetual mess. I wash it whenever I feels like it hehe. But it’s always so dry and brittle that it falls out if I wash it too much 😦


  5. You’re so great! I love the goals you have for yourself and two breakfasts! I do that all the time after one very intense work out- I just want to eat everything in sight haha! Keep it up!

  6. I wash my hair if I sweat a lot. Today, I knew I wouldn’t have time to wash it, so I just did an easy elliptical workout. Since I have a speedwork session planned tomorrow, I definitely will need to wash it!

  7. go girl! you’re fast!

  8. i wash it about every other day!! …. you are so fast ! how many times do you repeat the workout? looks like a good one i should try, but at much slower speeds 😉

    my main goal is to try going mostly vegan!!!

  9. I wash my hair every day, it just gets so messy and greasy, especially with working out. Luckily its short and quite fine so it dries super quick!

  10. i wash my hair around 4 times a week. i used to be able to wash it less (gross) when it was bleached blonde, but now that i’ve gone brunette dry shampoo doesn’t work as well! haha!
    no big fitness goals at the moment, except keeping up the momentum and trying some new classes at the gym!

  11. I usually shower every other day. I’m homeschooled and it’s not like I’m out and about all day, so it seems to work okay! But after working out my hair gets super oily, so I have to shower no matter what!

  12. I wash my hair 5 days a week- when I exercise. Sometimes I use dry shampoo if I didnt get too sweaty, but I feel sorry for the kids in my class! So normally I wash but di not dry it so its all messy and gets shoved in a pony tail! Nice work on the run 🙂

  13. I wish I didn’t, but I haaave to wash my hair every night. The only nights I don’t are nights I haven’t worked out. I get WAY too sweaty to skip it after a workout! Plus, my headband leaves a nice dent. 🙂

    AND. I read magazines when I run on the treadmill and I don’t have a TV to watch! EVERYONE and their mother always comes up and asks me how on earth I do it. And I’m not sure how.. but I do!

  14. Ooh those oats look delicious!

  15. Hooray for double breakfasts! I always have one before I cycle up the yard and one when I get back, before work… but even on Wednesdays, when I have to be in early and don’t cycle, I have to have two helpings 🙂
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one with the hair-washing thing; life’s far too short to do it every day!

  16. I wash my hair every day, but it’s quite short and fine, and gets greasy quickly.

    And I can’t read on the treadmill, but do on the elliptical. I sometimes even edit my PhD on there!

  17. oh my gosh, I cannot run and read at the same time either! That takes talent…I wish my gym offered body pump!

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