Friday Favourites

Happy Friday friends! Open-mouthed smile Loved reading all your cute responses to yesterday’s post! Made me feel all mushy and want to hunt you all down and give you a big bear hug! N’aaw you guys!! Smile

So today is my second Friday Favourites post, inspired by my gorgeous girl Janae!

1. Amazing Friday Breakfast. Last week I said I would have chocolaty breakfasts on Fridays, but since I have those most days anyway, it wasn’t really that special! But today’s Oats In A Jar really was!!DSC06321

Made the oatmeal, put it in ma PB jar…DSC06316

…then topped with jam and honey+almond granola!DSC06317


All gone! Open-mouthed smileDSC06325

2. The usual Friday thang: get home, throw on sweats and old race T-Shirts, and chillax!DSC04823

Actually, who I am I kidding. This is not just a Friday thing. This is a Monday-Sunday thing.

3. Ignore the fact that I couldn’t run today by finding The Steepest Hill Known To Man for some early hill sprints tomorrow! I think I might be mad for getting excited about this, but I can’t wait to tackle this hill! Open-mouthed smile


That kind of thinking is what not running for three days does to my brain! Smile with tongue out

4. Cookie eating!!DSC06278

Of the vegan chocolate chip variety! Smile

5. My go-to, quick, oh-so-creative dinner.DSC06188

Beans on toast, with some spinach on top. You’ll have to take my word for it that there is toast under that mountain of baked beans. You can’t beat beans on toast.

6. Living the life. This means watching countless episodes of Criminal Minds (yes, I am obsessed!)…DSC04977

…whilst consuming Dark Chocolate Dreams straight from the tub.DSC06302DSC06301

I’ll just excuse this by saying I needed the protein.

Go on, give me some of your Friday Favourites!! Because I’m super-nosy and love knowing all about your lives!

What is your current TV obsession? Criminal Minds is my current obsession, but I always love Friends and Scrubs! Not to mention The Apprentice, The Office, 30 Rock, etc when they’re on!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my yoga giveaway if you haven’t done so already! 🙂


24 Responses

  1. Current TV obsession- Jersey Shore! Yes, I admit it- I’m addicted 🙂

  2. Hee hee, my Friday, or most days after work, thing is exactly the same!
    Your OIAJ and your cookie look great… and beans on toast?! Yes please 🙂
    My Friday favourites, hmmm…. today would be jumbo oats porridge, also with peanut butter and jam, chocolate-covered Brazil nuts – and (guilty pleasure) reading my Jilly Cooper…!

  3. And I meant to say, good luck with conquering the hill!

  4. Love Dark Chocolate Dreams, but my jar is almost out! Yay for OIAJ but booo for an no more chocolatey PB. My favorites are Grey’s Anatomy & Gossip Girl, but my all-time favs are FRIENDS and Boy Meets World – I absolutely LOVED that show!

  5. I lovvvve oats in a jar! Cookie eating is always the best, I’ve never made homemade vegan cookies before though! And how about Dark Chocolate Dreams on the cookies!!! Meggga Yumss 🙂

  6. I’m loving that on the new Sky channel they are showing ER from the begining at tea time. That’s my evening viewing sorted for the next few months!

  7. hahaaha! What wrongs with sweats EVery dayu?! That hill looks killer but no doubt YOU will kill it!

    I made cookies last night and though of you! but, they weren’t vegan 😦

  8. Great looking breakfast! TV obsession – Modern Family 🙂

  9. Sweatpants&Race T-Shirt is up there with PB&J for best combo of all time!

  10. Granola and oats. yum! And I love The Big Band Theory and Modern Family

  11. hahah what a nice friday!!! good luck with that hill!
    my favs.. are VEGANism.. okay im seriously loving it, Emma- it is amazing!!
    ANDDDD my fav shows.. im such a sucker for jersey shore, 90210, greys anatomy, desperate housewives, Skins!

  12. My current tv obsessions are American Idol, CSI and True Blood! Have fun with your hill, enjoy your weekend 🙂

  13. ooh Emma where’d you find Dark Choc Dreams!? I need that in my life!!
    I also love hanging out in my trackie bottoms and watching telly – current faves are 90210, Pretty LIttle Liars, Dexter!

  14. Good luck with the hill! I loved making cookies yesterday- what a friday treat 🙂
    My fave tv shows at the mo are 30 rock, american office, csi, mentalist, top chef- ok I have loads of tv I love- all good for when I am foam rolling!

  15. My Friday favourite this week was being told I can run again!! That and the dark chocolate and tahini I ate for dessert last night 🙂

  16. Hope you enjoyed your hill sprints! Or at least that feeling of accomplishment when you’d finished!

  17. I think the last thing I watched on TV was Embarrassing Bodies…not sure what that says about me! I don’t really have any TV obsessions as I never really watch it enough to really get lost/absorbed in a show…

    Friday favourite for me was eating chocolate avocado cups and then collapsing in a healthy fat and cocoa induced coma 🙂

    Hope the run went well!


  18. I am addicted to the Sopranos at the mo – I am watching them all for the first time, on to series 3 and loving it!

  19. AHHH I LOVE THAT YOU DO FRIDAY FAVORITES!! K, criminal minds is our absolute FAVORITE!! That hill looks SO SO hard…good for you girl!!! How did it go? LOVE the sweats and old race shirt, we are so alike and those OIAJ look HEAVENLY!! Love ya girl and hope you have an amazing Saturday!

  20. Hey Emma! I just found your blog through Gina’s. 🙂 My Friday favorite would have to be watching The Office with my boyyyfran. We’re on season 6! But I can’t wait to read more of your blog girl! Have a great Saturday. 😀

  21. I LOVE oats in a jar!!! (And dark chocolate dreams is like, magical peanut butter!) haha

    Things I love about friday… well… it’s FRIDAY! And its the start to the weekend 🙂

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