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Best breakfast and running confessions

Breakfast. I think most of you will agree with me that this is undoubtedly the best meal of the day. I get up extra-early every day so that I can make myself a killer breakfast. Totally worth it. Especially today…DSC06342

That, my friends, is no ordinary baked oatmeal. Just lookie insideDSC06347

…the moment of truth…DSC06349

chocolate peanut butter.


Oh yeaaah!

Banana ‘Surprise’ baked oatmeal (adapted from Katie’s recipe)

Serves 1- makes 2 small ramekins, or one large.

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup milk (I used coconut)
  • 1/3 cup mashed banana (just over half a large banana)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground mixed spice
  • 2 tbsp nut butter of choice
  1. Preheat your oven to 350F/175C.
  2. Combine all ingredients except the nut butter.
  3. Half fill the ramekins with the oatmeal, add one tbsp of nut butter to each ramekin (if using 2 small ramekins- otherwise add it all) then put the remaining oatmeal on top.
  4. Bake for approx 15-18 mins, depending on your oven until done.

Unbelievably yummy. I’m even thinking of making a double chocolate one by adding cocoa powder, or maybe even a triple chocolate, with some chocolate chips thrown in there as well…mmm…

The layering bit is just the funnest (<—new word, so remember it) thing ever!DSC06338

I can see you Dark Chocolate Dreams!!DSC06343

This was heaven. Make it soon- you won’t regret it I promise! Open-mouthed smileDSC06352


I have some confessions. Of the running variety.

1. I went a little running mad. I blame the three days off (stupid ankle). I did hill sprints in the morning, up this lovely hill…st_andrews_road01

…gotta love that incline!! Smile with tongue out

Hill sprints kick serious butt, but they are so much fun! In the afternoon, I hit up the gym, and ended up doing 5k speed intervals (1k @ near race pace, 0.25k recovery, repeat) on the treadmill. Shouldn’t really have done both, but I couldn’t help it! Smile with tongue out

2. I talk to myself out load when running. And/or sing. People hear me and give me strange looks. They think I’m mad (not to mention tone-deaf). They could be right…I don’t think sane people look like this…mad

3. I got super-emotional and almost cried whilst on the treadmill. Not because it’s ‘that time of the month’ or anything, but because I was watching this…DSC06358


If you recognise the movie from that, I applaud you. Australia! The happy reunion bit! Aaaw! I am SUCH a sucker for happy endings…especially with Hugh Jackman thrown in there! Winking smile

4. When not running, I read about running. I went to the library to pay some overdue fines (oops!) and to renew my books, and ended up leaving with more books! All running ones too!



5. I’m an Eager-Beaver Reader. I’ve already almost finished one of the above books, and am halfway through one of the others!DSC06384

I’ve learnt so much already about how to improve my technique, the importance of warming-up and cooling-down properly (which I’ve never really done!) and some stuff on training and racing for my 5k trial! I also took some notesDSC06387 I am officially a geek, and proud of it! Nerd smile

Confession time for you! ‘Fess up people! Running-related or otherwise, I wanna know your confessions so I can feel better about myself! 😛

And is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? What is your all-time favourite breakfast recipe/food? My favourite changes pretty much daily, but other than this, I would have to say chocolate pancakes (coming up tomorrow!) and breakfast cake too of course! Smile

Have a great Sunday friends!


P.S. Tomorrow I’m announcing the winner of my international yoga giveaway! So enter now before it’s too late!!


23 Responses

  1. hey sweetie! that surprise oatmeal looks AHMAZIN!!! i love reading about running too – i did london marathon last year and running became my life! i sometimes workout twice in a day too….yeah i’m totally an exercise addict!! my blog name and design have changed….oh and i’m doing that 30day challenge and mentioned u on my blog. hope u don’t mind 🙂 xx

  2. That surprise oatmeal sounds absolutely amazing! 😀

  3. I need to make this oatmeal asap! Looks amazinggg!
    My running confession: I was so excited to run outside today that I was smiling the whole time. Cars must have thought I was crazy. It was awesome though!

  4. That oatmeal looks a-mazing! I was crying on the elliptical while watching animal rescues yest-no shame, pretend it’s sweat

  5. I love breakfast, and that oatmeal looks amazing! It’s definitely the best meal of the day.
    Running confession: I wear tights multiple times before washing.

  6. I LOVE breakfast! I’m the same way with breakfast, i’ll wake up extra early for a delish bowl ‘o oatmeal! My weird running thing is thinking im freakin awesome and everyone looking at me like “wow, that girl is a awesome runner” LOL

  7. High Jackman is grogeous and brings me to tears too!

    Your baked oatmeal looks delish!! oh my!!!

  8. Woah, the chocolate inside looks amazing!!

  9. Oh my Lordy Lordy!!! That looks so amazing, it’s definitely becoming my breakfast on monday! (i’d make it tomorrow but we are already have big brunch plans!) Ahhh I can’t wait to try it, thanks so much for the idea! My fave meal is def. breakfast too but mine also changes daily; right now I’m lovin’ chocolate protein smoothies and chocolate chip oatmeal….SO GOOD!!

  10. I just bought some blueberries for some sort of muffin flavored oatmeal. Looks like they’ll have to wait because I am SO making this tomorrow!!!
    Running Nerd Confession: I get Runner’s World Quote of the Day e-mails.

  11. Oh my god, that oatmeal looks AMAZING. Must…make…immediately!!!

  12. AHSDKFJSDKSdkskjdsdf….. genius.. that looks so heavenly i cant even describe it!!!!…. hahahhh i totally DANCE When im on the treadmill.. NO joke.. my music gets my blood flowing and i cannot help myself!

  13. OH MY GOSH EMMA Where do you get that DC Dreams!? Seriously I NEED that in my life – what a great recipe! drool.
    Hah your confessions made me laugh. My confession is sometimes I let dirty gym clothes pile up in the bathroom until I can’t see the floor. That’s gross, but it’s true. And it makes me feel virtuous cos I can see how many gym clothes I use haha!

  14. Haha, I am also a note taker! I guess that’s goes for a lot of bloggers, right? I like all the details of workouts down in print somewhere..

    You know I sing to myself when I’m running, but I also talk to myself sometimes. Like, properly out loud. Standard stuff like “cummon Alison, only a mile to go”, etc. All the cool people do it 😉

  15. That porridge looks so goooooood 🙂
    Breakfast is the best meal by far 🙂
    I have a running commentary in my head as I run so I am sure I do some strange looks. I did used to mouth along to the words but now I dont listen to music I dont do that any more.

  16. Breakfast looks soooooo delicious, I LOVE little surprises like that, definately going to try it soon! And I am the same way when it comes to running, I read about it, blog about it, do it, think about what my next run should be, shop for running! running = life 🙂

  17. Breakfast is totally my favorite meal of the day and that baked oatmeal looks amazing! I may have to make that with a square of chocolate in the middle!

  18. Oh boy I need to try this! Who wouldn’t love a chocolate surprise in the morning! And I have this obsession were I mix banana, oats, almond milk, and vanilla extract and then add in tons and tons of cocoa powder. It’s so good and filling!

  19. Oh my gosh!!! That really does look like heaven!! I have texture issures but wish more than anything that I could eat oatmeal in the morning! Im for sure trying this one! YUM!!!!
    Your blog is so cute!! and good job on the hills!!
    That is such a great idea to get books on running from the library!!
    🙂 Jenn

  20. YUM! That breakfast does look amazing!

  21. Wow – I don’t think I’ve EVER seen oatmeal like that and now I am drooling. GREAT idea and thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. love your blog! come check out mine if you haven’t already 🙂

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