Giveaway winner and melodrama

Hey friends!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Smile


First up today is the winner of my yoga giveaway! Thank y’all for entering by the way!


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That is…the amazing and lovely Keri over at Blue Eyed Runner!!


Keri, on February 2, 2011 at 10:36 pm said: Edit Comment

Oooh love this giveaway! I love yoga, but should definitely be doing it more, so this would be great! Plus, it would be a fantastic bday present :)You are already on my blogroll. And I follow you on twitter!


Not only did she win the giveaway, but it is also her birthday, and she got engaged too this weekend!!  Congrats Keri and Happy Birthday! Open-mouthed smile I’ll shoot the Yoga Download guys your email address and they’ll contact you, k?


I am a pretty melodramatic person. Everything is either “AMAZING!!” or “THE END OF THE WORLD!!” Today, as with every day, there were a few panic situations


Panic #1: Unplanned lie-in. This morning I ignored my alarm. I slept in until 8.30, which is super late for me!! So usually I have Pancake Sundays….


Cocoa oatmeal pancakes


Pumpkin Spelt Pancakes

…but I woke up just half an hour before I had to leave for church!! So I instead had a lovely cereal bowl.


Optimum cinnamon+blueberry flax cereal with strawbs and coconut milk

Panic #1 resolved: I had pancakes for dinner instead!DSC06407

Okay, those aren’t exactly pancakes buried beneath the tempeh, spinach and nooch. They’re socca (kinda like chickpea-flour pancakes), which I leaned about from Heather’s post. Darned tasty!


Panic #2: Getting in a run. I had so much to do today, and fretted about not being able to fit in my tempo run. END OF THE WORLD.


Panic #2 resolved: Thankfully, after church, I managed to get to the gym for a quick tempo run before lunch. (Fast mile in 7 min/mile pace, and warm-up and cool down miles in 8.20ish min/mile). And 20 mins on the elliptical too. Such a runner’s high! I LOVE ENDORPHINS!DSC06399

Panic #3: Lack of food essentials. I finished off my normal peanut butter on Friday OIAJ style, and had run out of all my other favourite foods! DSC06325

Serious panic ensued.

Panic #3 resolved: Running straight to the supermarket from the gym to stock up, looking like a schweaty tomato.


It's ok, I did actually take the towel OFF my head before leaving the gym! 😛

Got ma essentials! We can all breathe easily now Smile


Broccoli, crunchy PB, smooth PB and chocolate chips

Panic #4: The chocolate monster hit. I needed a yummy+ filling chocolate fix immediately. A few squares of chocolate just wasn’t going to cut it. Not even delicious raspberry dark chocolate…DSC06228DSC06288

Panic #4 resolved: Raw Chocolate Mousse. The gorgeous genius that is Chef Katelyn saved my life (are you getting the whole melodramatic thing yet? Smile with tongue out). I topped it with chocolate chips (duh!) and ate the whole thing.DSC06412

Katelyn, your recipe is amazing. Seriously. Girl, will you marry me? We can feast on this and vegan chocolate chip cookies every day. Sound good? Winking smile


So are you melodramatic minnie, or a chilled chica? If you didn’t get the message already, I’m a tad melodramatic! Smile with tongue out


And what ‘little’ things cause you to panic? What foods can’t you do without? Peanut butter, dark chocolate, fruit+veggies and oats. I think if I have all these things I could just about make it through life!


Have a great week lovelies! Some savoury recipes for once coming at ya tomorrow!


28 Responses

  1. I like to call myself a drama queen…because well..I am! I can’t do without bagels and nut butter!! Those are very important!!

  2. I couldn’t live without nut butters, dark choc and fruit and veg. Life just wouldn’t be the same!

  3. Lovvvve that dark chocolate mousse! I’ve made it only 5 trillion times in my life; haha no joke! Your socca and tempeh dinner looks so yummy! I need to try my hand at making my own. I can’t live without chocolate or peanut butter…or soymilk. major staples here!

  4. I am melodramatic sometimes, but my husband usually manages to calm me down. He is always my voice of reason whenever I play the role of crazy irrational wife. 😉

    So glad you tried the socca and enjoyed it. I am obsessed with the recipe myself. Also glad you fit everything in today – no need to panic. 🙂

  5. I can be pretty melodramatic- especially if I’m out of peanut butter!

  6. hey girlie! hee hee! you’re so funny! I’m a bit melodramatic too but I’m chilled when others start panicking! Comes with my job I guess! Foods I couldn’t live without? Actually probably the same list as yours!

  7. I’m the same way – every food I like is SO good hah. I could not live without bananas, broccoli, chocolate, peanut butter, or my school’s falafel thursday wraps!

  8. This blog post made me laugh! I’m pretty chilled about most-things, unless I think that I’ve committed a social faux-pas, in which case I fret and worry and dwell. I can’t live without oatmeal, green smoothies and almond milk.

  9. I wish I could be calm and collected but I flip out at the slightest thing that could go wrong. I couldn’t live without grapefruit, quinoa, rice and Greek yogurt! I am in love with my rice cooker!

  10. Okay, I just came across your site and you crack me up! One of my sister’s is just like you. I tend to be on the more mellow side (at least outwardly).

    Thanks for the dose of humor and reality!

  11. I’m a sweaty tomato after the gym too!! Haha I go so red :-(!! I also panic when I run out of peanut butter! Breakfast is a sad meal without PB!

  12. i am literally the same! esp when it comes to not being able to fit my workout in.. or if i dont have my staples! i.e oats, nut butters, hummus, veggies and fruits!!

  13. I’m always melodramatic: everything tiny is a disaster and I’ll break down and cry at the slightest provocation. The worst things are injury, ice meaning that I can’t run, not fitting in all my planned exercise…that’s about it, but I can make a mountain out of just about every molehill.

    I’d live on chocolate and PB too. I got through an obscene amount of plain choc chips yesterday…mmm, still thinking about those choc chips now…


  14. oh my gosh!!!!!! THANK YOU! This is amazing! Wow, this weekend just keeps getting better 😉 Thank you so much!!! This giveaway is SO COOL. This definitely is a great way to kick off the work week…

    I have to catch up on your posts! I am usually much better at commenting!

  15. Double congrats and a happy belated Keri!

    Yum to all the chocolate!

    I get all outta wack when anything mixes with my routine during the week!

  16. omg we are so similar emma. i also panic and things are ‘like totally amazingly bad right now’ (!!) when actually nothing’s THAT wrong. I panic over the exact same stuff especially not getting to the gym or running out of PB!! But M usually calms me down and tells me to not sweat the small stuff. Glad you fitted everything in tho! (And that pudding looks baller).

  17. Love the look of that raw chocolate mousse and pancakes! 🙂 Unplanned lie ins are annoying sometimes aren’t they?

  18. This post totally cracks me up! I can be melodramatic like that too.

  19. Hmm that pudding looked amazing. I can’t live without peanut butter either! I mean who would want to? I also wouldn’t want to live without bananas, herbal tea, and condiments.

  20. Can’t believe I missed a giveaway while I was on holiday! But sounds like Keri’s had a pretty good week 🙂
    I don’t think I’m too melodramatic, but my boyfriend and family might diasgree and I totally relate to some of the things in your posts – the smallest things can be disasters sometimes!

  21. Oh, serious melodrama in my case! I’m a bit of a liability, as I have the habit of spontaneously bursting into tears over really dumb stuff! Though weirdly, when it actually comes to actual drama I’m pretty calm..

    That chocolate mousse looks amazing!

  22. I am not melodramatic, but I am very excitable 🙂 I am not chilled out- I am a stress bunny and I cannot sit still or relax very well! I was very relieved to see you managed to get more PB 🙂

  23. YOU ARE ADORABLE!! Oh, cereal is the best way to fix any problem! Awesome workout. I freak out when I run out of broccoli, bread, cheese and eggs. I am a weirdo! So glad you got your chocolate fix. You are hilarious and I am obsessed with your blog!

  24. Ahhh I’m so glad it turned out well girl!! It looks yumlicious!

  25. Slash I would LOVE to eat chocolate chip cookies every day..I am a cookie MONSTA

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