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Reader request: Contents of a gym bag…

Hey friends!


I absolutely loved reading your responses yesterday!! We are all TWINS I tell you!! Apparently most of you are drama queens too, and so we all go into a serious panic when there’s a lack of nut butter or chocolate. But there was no lack of either of those things in today’s AMAZING breakfast…


Monday’s are Special Breakfast Day. I try to have a super-nice breakfast so Monday mornings are just plain amazing. Take today for example.


Choco-Banana Peanut Butter Oatmeal with Chocolate Chips

(1/2 cup oats, 2 cups water, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 banana, 3 tsp vegan instant hot chocolate powder, PB and chocolate chips).


Seriously, this was the best bowl of oatmeal I have ever had. I know I say that on a pretty much daily basis but this was so so true! I am probably going to have this awesome combo next Monday too- can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile


Monday Reader Request- Gym bag contents

I thought I’d do a lil’ Monday ‘Reader Request’ series! This was a question where I got asked what my gym essentials were, and I thought it’d be fun one to share!

Firstly, gym bag schmim bag. It’s called using a huge handbagDSC06429

…so you can waste what mula you saved on your magazine addiction:DSC06177

Still drooling over the gym bag though…Nike-Sami-3_0-Large-Club-Bag-BA3174_665_A


So ma contents include:DSC06361

  • Anti-perspirant and towel to help this Sweaty Betty
  • Body Spray to mask what the anti-perspirant failed to prevent
  • Food (duh). Today I packed an energy bar, a Graze box, dates, and a banana for snacksies.
  • Entertainment (magazines, books, iPod)

Also, my Nike Tempo shorts which I love, but rarely wear, because I can’t always be bothered to shave. I do have my priorities you know, and baking+eating cookies > appearance/hygiene. Grossed out much?


Hair stuff! 

DSC06428SO important, not just because of my ridiculous amount of hair (see my ‘About’ page for proof!) but for the hairband trick that I leaned from Janae! This allowed me to read this amazing book whilst on the elliptical, and look ultra-cool obviously.DSC06365

And most importantly…DSC06356

WATER! I got through three bottles in today’s workout (50 min elliptical+BodyPump)!! Yes, it does mean thousands of toilet trips, but yo that’s the life of an athlete! Smile with tongue out 


So hit me: what are your gym essentials? What weird things are lurking in your gym bag? I also may keep a bag of chocolate chips in there for emergencies… Winking smile


And what did you have for breakfast today? I love hearing about people’s eats!!


P.S. If you want to send me a request for my Monday request post series, go ahead! I’ve got a few lined up alerady from emails, including my food staples, the vegan question, controversial posts, and posts on running technques like hill sprints, etc. Feel free to add to my list!!

P.P.S. Recipe day coming up tomorrow! I have a ton to share! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you’ve had a great day today friends!! Love you all!


25 Responses

  1. Gym essentials are magazines – I had a bunch of airline miles I couldn’t use, but could redeem for magazine subscriptions, so I ordered all food/fitness/health magazines out there, ipod, extra socks

  2. You are beautiful!! Love your pictures and it is fun to share “what goes into our gym bags”!! I keep baby wipes at the office for a mid day run where I cant shower ha!

    Okay, I am channeling my Emma-ness–seriously considering the vegan for a week challenge and will be stalking your blog for recipes.

  3. Love seeing inside your gym bag!!! I always need magazines, water, ipod. Other things are in or out depending on what I’m doing!

  4. Ooh those oats do look really, really good! I had some super yummy ones too…well you’ll see them tomorrow:) but chocolate and pb were definitely involved! I second the idea of “no gym bag” and instead buy more magazines!! woop!! I absolutely love that we can all agree that the world is going to end when nut butters and chocolate run out. 😉

  5. I love having special breakfasts on monday mornings 🙂 It’s become a habit of mine! Actually, every time something crappy happens, I make myself look forward to a special breakfast/lunch/dinner and it’s been workin’ so far! I love the idea of keeping chocolate chips in your gym bag – I’m so doing that from now on 😉

  6. Is it bad I totally rock the shorts unshaven? Clearly I never worry about meeting people in my workout room at my apartment complex… lol

  7. Hi! I’m Angie and I just started following your blog! The oatmeal looks AMAZING!!! For breakfast I usually have a protein shake…cookies and creme protein powder with milk, peanutbutter, and sometimes I throw in a banana – Delicious! I love breakfast! I have so many items in my gym bag… It’s absolutely a mess. 🙂

  8. I totally feel ya on the shorts thing.
    I just bring my handbag too, and cram it with deodorant, hair stuff, clothes and mascara. I have a weird obsession with long eyelashes so I always put some mascara on after my workout.
    And I had oatmeal with a TTTONNNN of blueberries and a banana. I was rather bloated and happy 🙂

  9. your breakki looks awesome!! i had my usual protein oats with sun warrior and nut btuter and berries..BUT rightnow i have it with DCD and apricot jam! my gym essentials.. A HAIR TIE (always forget).. and water! maybe you could do a post on dinners! i never see what you make for dinner!

  10. I dreamt about chocolate PB last night! 😀

    Ok, this is kinda gross, but it’s a great tip… I have anti-bacterial baby wipes in my gym bag too, for end-of-the-day workouts. If I’ve been stressing and sweating all day at work, then I worry that once I get by sweat on in the gym, I’m going to smell, no matter how much deo. So I just give myself a quick once over before I put my gym kit on. (The reason anti-bacterial and not just baby wipes btw is bc it’s a build up of bacteria that causes sweat to smell 🙂 )

    So sorry if that’s grim, but I can guarantee that if there’s someone in your gym who honks a bit, it ain’t me!

  11. My gym bag essential is my wide head band, I can’t manage without it or my hair goes every where, and more recently my weight lifting gloves, they make me feel so hard core! 😉 This mornings breaky was a huge smoothie with kale, banana, cherries, coconut flour, chocolate sun warrior and soy milk, it was delicious!

  12. Love your oaty breakfast. If I hadn’t already eaten all of my choc chips I would have had a go at it this morning. Instead I had a mahoosive bowl of gluten-free muesli, two chopped nectarines and rice milk. And a vegan hot chocolate.

    My gym bag’s contents alter depending on what I’m doing at the gym: sometimes it has swim gear in it, etc. Usually it’s just a towel, water, my iPod, gym card and two pound coins for lockers or additional drinks if my craving for Powerade Zero strikes.


  13. cool bag! much more stylish than my virgin active gymbag. my contents is pretty similar except i never take magazines or anything – too hard to read whist lifting weights haha!
    lol i just posted about my breakfast fail (but it tasted amazing in the end) – oatbran pancakes! fave is definitely porridge though.
    cute hairband too!

  14. Mmm breakfast!! Last night I got given some of those cadbury large milk buttons with caramel in so they instantly got shoved into my overnight oatmeal mess.. which I tihnk consists of something like 1/4c oats half scoop chocolate Protein powder er, some type of seed? Pumpkin/sunflower oh and I am topping it off with 2 tablespoons of granola for crunch yumm.

    my gym bag is sadly lacking, its usually just what I am gonna wear plus my water bottle and a towel but then I live so close to my gym I usually just turn up in my gym outfit and leave and get changed at home.. the joys of a small town!!

  15. 3 bottles of water-WOW….I try and get through 1!!!! I always try and have extra hair things-but when I need ’em I of course dont have them!
    My gym bag always has a bunch of random stuff thrown in-gossip mags are a must!

  16. This has inspired me to do a MUCH needed clean out of my gym bag 😉 Hahahaha

  17. myyy breakfast included some steel cut oats, a chopped apple, cinnamon, and some splenda for a little sweetness. yum!

    and THIS sweaty betty is lost without her headband. it’s very rare my gym sees me running without one of my stretchy friends keeping my hair back!

  18. hehe love your contents! at least you are nice enough to not wear shorts when you have hairy legs…I rock the shorts regardless of my current leg hair length! eeek i’m gross! 🙂
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  19. That oatmeal looks delicious! I don’t bring a bag to the gym – it’s only a few blocks away from my apartment, so I just bring headphones, ipod and water. Fairly low maintenance 🙂

  20. My gym essentials are easy since I workout at home… Make sure I have shoes/workout clothes on, water nearby and my stop watch or interval timer handy. Love it!

  21. Love it! I always have hairbands (once I forgot and had to spend the whole workout getting more and more annoyed by my hair). I also used to take a glasses case but it broke so now I tuck them on the edge of my little bag. Always a big bottle of water and thats all (but I only do classes not the machines any more)

  22. vegan instant hot chocolate, say wha-?? Which brand is that?

  23. Oooh, I love getting a peek into your gym bag. I’m so interested (nosy) about that stuff!
    I have similar stuff in mine, nothing too exciting. I try not to need to shower at the gym…so I keep it as simple as possible!
    I had a green smoothie for breakfast (I really wanted coffee…but I resisted).
    …and now, I’m going to go check out the headband trick!

  24. Wowzers – amazing oatmeal!
    I’m actually quite minimalist when it comes to gym bags … I don’t usually use one! I stuff my pockets with keys, phone, gym card etc. and carry in my towel and water. I don’t drink enough water during workouts though.
    My handbag is a different matter – I could probably get a lampshad in there a la Mary Poppins.

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