Thirty Day Thursday and cookie dough balls

It’s Thirty Day Thursday time friends!! (See here for my first Thirty Day Thursday post). I know you’ve been looking forward to it all week! Smile with tongue outimage21

Day 23- 5 guys I find attractive

HA! Thought this would be a fun one!! Winking smile


Firstly, people you will NEVER hear me saying I find attractive:

  • Robert Pattinson (I don’t get this obsession. At all.)
  • Daniel Radcliffe (How can anyone think Harry Potter is hot?!)
  • Tom Cruise (I just really don’t see it…)
  • George Clooney (Maybe back in the day, but just a tad past it now IMO!)


Now for my 5 famous attractive guys!

5.  Leonardo Di Caprio. Okay, so not so much nowadays, but in Titanic?! HOT.500full

Maybe I just love the character Jack though…….nah look at that cute smile of his! Naaw Smile


4. Chris Pine.chris-pineHad never heard of him until I saw the movie Star Trek. And fell in love.


3. Andy Roddick.andy_roddick_poker2

He actually makes me want to play tennis (well, only with him anyway!). And if you knew how embarrassingly awful I am at that game, you’d know that really is saying something.


2. Will Smith.untitled 2

I think his hilarity and nice-ness makes him so attractive! Not to mention that I grew up glued to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’untitled


So in first place…

1. JOEY!!joey-tribbiani

It never said the guys had to be real! Smile with tongue out

Joey shares my love of food:“JOEY EMMA DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” Joey is hilarious. And Joey speaks words of great wisdom:friends_joey_500x322_092520070506Oh, and he’s sexy as hell, right? Winking smileYfSOiqBBzncnfgt5hv45Mvpyo1_500 hyt

And because I obviously can’t leave you with a yummy food-less post…DSC06547

Averie’s Extra Protein No-Bake Vegan PB Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. They are amazing.


They take less than 5 minutes to throw together, have only 5 ingredients and are heavenly. Seriously, make them now!! Open-mouthed smile


So, who would make your list of famous attractive guys? Agree or disagree with any of mine? I’m warning you, DO NOT say anything bad about Joey, or I will get VERY upset!! And what 30 Day Challenge topic do you think I should do next week?


Oh, and have you made any cookie dough balls yet? I’ve made baked versions from Mama Pea and Diana, and no-bake versions from Gina and Averie! They’ve all been delicious!! I really want to make Mama Pea’s snickerdoodle ones next…mmm… Smile


Friday tomorrow friends!! Have a great one! Open-mouthed smile


29 Responses

  1. will smith gets a big thumbs up from me! i don’t see the tom cruise thing either!

  2. haha love this. i love Leo as well – I fell in love with him in Titantic and have never found another movie star I love that much again! lol. a true 1990s child!
    i’ve never made doughballs but i should have (bad blogger) – they look SO good! i can’t find no sugar choc chips anywhere in london tho which sucks! maybe i should make my own!

  3. Hah, loved this. I love Joey too, I just can’t get over his funny comments. I’ve seen all the FRIENDS episodes at least once or twice – and some like 10+ times.
    I LOVE Leo, in Titanic and in some recent movies. He’s such a good actor too.

  4. Oh man! I used to adore Leo as well.. Especially in Romeo and Juliet.. He stole my heart! What a cutie he was! 🙂

  5. Ohhhh my god those cookie dough balls look amazing!! I’m going to check out the recipe (right after this comment!) and I’m SO excited to make ’em already:) Ok, we must be living similar worlds because Leo and Will Smith are my top two celeb crushes EVVVAAA’!!! And Orlando Bloom…and Johnny Depp… Sexy!!

  6. I uses to love Leo in Titanic too. Super cute! I must watch hat film again, it’s so long though. Those cookie douh balls look fab. I have been meaning to make those for a while.

  7. Hiii! 🙂 I’ve made Mama Pea’s doughballs!!

  8. Leonardo Dicaprio is my number one! He will always be beautiful to me ❤

  9. I totally agree with the Rob Patt selection–I love Twilight but he doesn’t do it for me! ha! And, Tom Cruise is a big no! I don’t get that one either!

    I am look forward to your answers for the future 30 and will have sweet dreams of those choc-chip dough balls!!

  10. I love your choices. All hot. 🙂

  11. OH MY GOSH THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE ONES you DONT and never will find attractive! i SO agree with all of those and do not understand how anyone can find them attractive! i completely agree with ur YES list although i would add channing tatum and Jesse Metcalf

  12. Oh no, me and you are going to have a falling out.. You don’t like George Clooney!?!?!?!? And Tom Cruise.. I mean, I’m not madly in love with him now. But he was my first ever big movie-star crush. So I feel a kind of loyalty to him!

    Otherwise though, I think I’d continue the tennis theme and say Rafa. A lot of that has to do with his game, and on-court persona. Hawt!

  13. I agree with Chris Pine, loved him in star trek! I have a thing for Jake Gyllenhaal, yum!

  14. I agree about Joey!!! Not so sure about Leo though, not manly enough for me 😉 and I definitely agree with Laura – Jake Gyllenhaal… swooon!

  15. I don’t understand the Robert Pattinson fascination either. In fact, I agree with you on all of the non-fanciable blokes.

    I adore Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy and (though you probably won’t know who he his!) Till Lindemann. Google Rammstein and you’ll find out 😉

    I tend to like big, muscular guys who look like they could beat the snot out of anyone that threatened me. But Cillian Murphy’s eyes get me every time.

    Thanks for linking to those protein balls ~ methinks I’ll be making them at the weekend 🙂


  16. Mmmm Christ Pine is totally in my top 5! How can you not love those blue eyes of his!

  17. Joey does indeed speak great words of wisdom- I think I quote him in a daily basis! I also have a soft spot for Leonardo Dicaprio… he could sink my ship any day… ahem. Anyways my number one would have to be Robert Pattinson. I am in love. I know that you don’t agree, but thats fine. I don’t like it when other women are oogling my man 😛 The less women who fancy him, the more there is for me 🙂

  18. I’m too scared to make cookie dough balls…my lack of self restraint may cause me to inhale the entire batch!!!!

  19. such great guys! I’m in love with all those characters

  20. I love Leo! I actually just watched Titanic for the first time 2 weeks ago. LOVED IT! Such a sweet, stirring movie.

  21. gosh, I REALLY want to do a post like this.

    I LOVE Jack (Leo).. he’s my fave actor!

    and I have an obsession with Jesse McCartney. 🙂

    AND Matt Damon in the Bourne movies.

    And I would take Orlando Bloom aaaany day.

    😉 yyum, yum, yum!!

  22. I so want to try cookie dough balls but I have not yet got around to it! Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in half term when I have time!!!!! 🙂

  23. Hey girl!
    I made your oatmeal bake this morning and it was a hit with the hubbs!!
    I LOVE Leo!!!!!!! I actually worked on Inception and I totally fell in love! dont tell my hubby! 😉
    those no bake cookies look so good…next on the list! 🙂
    have a great friday!!

  24. Hahaha! This post cracked me up – especially about Joey. Good stuff. 😉

  25. Haha Joey is so cute! Even now that the actor has gray hair.

    I want to try “dough balls” but I don’t even know which recipe to start with! What would you recommend?

  26. I love the guys you picked! And can totally understand a few of the ones you didnt…cough cough…past their prime. I love that!

    And thanks for linking back the dough balls. You are toooo sweet. And glad you liked them! yay for no bake fast recipes, right!

    Have a great weekend hon!!!!

  27. Just seen this and at first I thought the top list of blokes were the ones you did like – I was thinking what??!
    But then I cottoned on and I’m with you on Andy Roddick, and Will Smith… 🙂

  28. LOL! I love that episode where joey drinks the milk. I’ve met Andy before. Nice guy…..and NICE LOOKIN!

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