Living the Crazy Single Life

Kay, so did anyone else other than Freya, Lindsay and myself NOT realise it was Valentine’s Day today until late yesterday night? Oh the crazy single life I lead! Smile with tongue out


People living the Crazy Single Life simply have the best breakfasts in my opinion.DSC06664

We utilise our mostly empty nut butter jars in amazing ways…

The Before:DSC06663

The After:DSC06683

The kind of work done there could only be achieved by finger. Again, I blame the Crazy Single Life  for that lack of etiquette.


Took my oats, stuffed them in said jar, and topped them with something vaguely reminicent of V-Day…


Raspberry is Valentinesy 🙂

…and then some granola too. Because life just isn’t complete without it. Crazy Single or otherwise.DSC06681

Holy Moly this was AMAZING. DSC06682

Special Monday Breakfast = Success.


Living the Crazy Single Life means that you can hit the gym in the evening on Valentine’s Day, and get all schweaty and attractive on this beast of a machine:


The hill climber that made me work HARD!

I loved the fact that the gym was practically deserted for once!! I’d never been on that machine before, cos a) it was/is too scary looking and b) there’s only two, and they are always taken. Apparently though they’re always taken by people in relationships! BodyPump was super quiet too! SCORE for the singleton! Open-mouthed smile


Crazy Single Life means you can not wear make-up and leave your hair in it’s natural state of insanity, even on Valentine’s Day.


No-one will ever see me and judge. Well except anyone who reads this…!

And the best thing about living the Crazy Single Life? No compulsory food sharing.DSC06685

I made Katie’s hot cocoa fudge babies, but left them slightly chunkier for a bit of crunch.  They are total bliss. And trust me when I say that they’re the only babies that are gonna be made tonight as far as I’m concerned! Winking smile


So tell me, are you living the Crazy Single Life too, or are you celebrating V-Day with someone special? Despite all these cool benefits, maybe someday I’ll find someone I love enough to share these delicious babies with…they’d have to be pretty darn special though! 😛


What is your favourite thing about Valentine’s Day, or do you hate it? I love it, because I get another excuse to eat a ton of chocolate and make yummy things! A V-Day dessert coming at ya belatedly tomorrow by the way, thanks to the whole forgetting thing!!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LOVELIES!! I love you all!dsc05968


33 Responses

  1. I was wondering (while eating them the other day!) how I would ever explain oats in a jar if I ever find someone to be my valentine. It probably is a bit weird to those outside of the blogging bubble!

    I used to hate valentines but having a couple of not great ones with someone I realised that I’m not actually missing out on anything being single. Today has just been another day to me.

  2. OIAJ is awesome! I had dark chocolate dreams with my oats this morning too…gotta have morning chocolate for Valentine’s day. Wow, your hair is really long!
    I’m a lucky duck and am going on a dinner date to a surprise location & I got beautiful flowers and a homemade card earlier.

  3. I’m not single, but live in a different city to my bf, so I too was at the gym this evening. It was surprisingly busy!
    I still like to live the crazy single life – using your finger is the only way to get the most out of an empty jar of something yummy!

  4. I’d totally do that anyway, and I’m married. Love how the gym is empty too! And Dark chocolate dream oats and berry jam is going to have to be my post valentines day celebration breakfast. HAHA! Great combo.

  5. The pb mixture you made looks so delicious!!! Awesome idea! Happy V-Day! I’m off to hit the treadmill tonight 🙂

  6. You are gorgeous and so positive!! Love this post! Embrace your single life–you are so confident that you don’t NEED to have a sig other–when it happens, you will be even more ready for it!!

  7. Oats in a jar…mmmm. Thanks to my nut butter obsession, I get to eat oats outta a jar about once a week:)

    I love valentines day! It’s my best friend and I’s anniversary for being best friends so were going on a date to a 5,000 person pillow fight (not kidding), and then out to eat. Same thing as every year!

    You are so pretty! I wish I had your hair, haha.

  8. Woop Woop for the single ladies’!! That sounds like a really fun night actually, I’m all for livin’ it up while you’re still hot and single;) (I love the jelly in your OIAJ-pink and chocolate = vday!!)

  9. Muahaha you are hilarious! “The only babies being made” :). Too funny. Love u!

  10. OOOo your breakfast looks delish!!

  11. you’re so cute!

  12. Glad that you are making the most out of Valentine’s day!!! Happy heart day 🙂

  13. I think some one needs to fill me in on this oats in a jar business…How does this work, and why is it preferable to making oats the day-of? Curious because I also have a jar of dark chocolate PB that is near empty!

  14. Gotta love dark chocolate and peanuts!

  15. I am TOTALLY living the crazy single life and I LOVED this. Haha.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  16. I am living the crazy single life too and loving it 🙂 I would so rather have those babies then real babies!

  17. LIVING THE SINGLE LIFE ROCKS! agreed with all of the aBOVE.. and it rocks because you can go out whenever you want and just have plain fun!

  18. Haha, I’m not living the crazy single life but each and every one of those points applied to me! I ate my ‘valentines’ meal with the hubby in front of the tv still sweaty from my spin class!

  19. You hair!! It’s amazing! 🙂

    I also love the fact that being single means I can go to the gym in the evening. Or whenever else I want. Same for everything else — I’m my own boss. And no one finishes the peanut butter without me knowing about it and getting more 😉

  20. I like Valentine’s Day because I’m a teacher, and little kids are soooo happy when they exchange their cheesy little cards. But I never have any intention of going out to a romantic dinner or making special date plans on V-Day! We just stay in on V-Day.

  21. Wow your hair is amazing! Your pics have it tied up normally.
    I am not single but we dont celebrate valentines- its another normal day for us ! 🙂 Love the raspberry jam on the porridge, and hooray for quiet gyms and classes.

  22. Haha! I love that you didn’t realize it was Valentine’s until so late in the day. Sounds like you had a great day! Happy (belated) Valentine’s, girl! 🙂

  23. You look gorgeous with your hair down in that lovely hue of blue top(I’m sure you’ll be snapped up in time, in the meantime enjoy and relish your freedom years:)!

  24. I am in a relationship but my boyfriend lives in a different state so I spent it with my mom and grandma 🙂 Your hair is so long and beautiful!! I’m jealous!!!

  25. I love how you still look lovely without make-up/doing your hair! I wish I did!

  26. YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Seriously, your hair…amazing and no fair that you look like a model with no make-up!! Your oats look amazing!!! GREAT WORKOUT…I love it when the gym is empty! LOVED the quote you left me!! I am reading ‘Run Less, Run Faster’ right now and it is amazing!! You are so nice to me. Can I come hang out with you in real life!! Have a great day gorgeous girl!

  27. great post 🙂 I love your outlook and the fab day you had. I’m livin’ the single life too…so crazy that I was in bed by 10pm last night. Ohhh yes. hehe.

  28. I love that you went to the gym on Vday night…My hubbs use to work nights and I always did that on holidays!
    Way to go girl!!
    Im going to go do the same thing right now!!

  29. Love the balls you made..they look delish!

    And you look beautiful, with or without doing your hair, putting on makeup, etc!

    The sign of a great partner is someone who loves you for you…b/c trust me, after 10 years ++ of being together, you wont always be doing your hair..haha!

  30. Living the crazy single life 🙂 Woot woot!
    I love that stair climbing machine. My heart rate is throught the roof whenever I use it.
    Just want to let you know that you are gorgeous! sooo jealous of your hair.

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