Reader Request: Dealing with bad runs/workouts

Hey friends!! Serious and uber-cheesy/soppy post today- be warned! Smile with tongue out


Usually, Mondays are my ‘Reader Request’ post days, but in all the Valentine’s excitement, it got side-lined until today! Today’s topic is: How to deal with a bad run or workout. Please note this is all just my own opinion/story! I’m not a professional!


Today, I had a bad run. A very bad run. It made me look like this.


Sweaty and sad 😦


I had a tempo run planned, but felt sluggish and bleugh the whole time, which happens so rarely! I had to keep dropping my pace down. Sad smile


I really let this get to me. I knew exactly what the problem was, I just didn’t know how to tackle it. It wasn’t a lack of good fuelling


Breakfast: Banana oatbran with homemade DCD and jam 🙂


A box of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

…and it wasn’t tiredness. I had gotten a good night’s sleep, and taken two days off from running; a cross-training day on Monday and a full chillax day yesterday. So it wasn’t that either.


I tried to blame it on other things.

“The air-con isn’t working and I’m too hot”

My playlist is too boring, I need to change it up

My ankle/leg/butt/back etc is twinging”.

But it wasn’t any of that.


It was a mental problem.


“Running is 90% mental, the rest is physical.”


When I woke up this morning, I realised I had less than two weeks till my trial. And I panicked. My first thought was “I’m not ready!”, followed by “I’ll never achieve my goal!”. Although I shrugged off these thoughts, the moment I stepped on the treadmill later, they all came flooding back. And it was tough.


But in the last mile or so of my tempo run, I decided to switch off my iPod playlist, and just hit the ‘shuffle’ button and see what happened. And this song came on.

Yes, it’s SUPER cheesy, but amazing 🙂

This was the song that was playing when I ran my first ever mile. It was the song that was playing when I crossed the finish line of my first ever race. All the memories came flooding back.


I remembered why I began running in the first place- to raise money for Cancer Research UK following my aunt’s breast cancer diagnosis. I remembered crying with emotion as I began the race, knowing that I had made a difference. I remember the look on my aunt’s face when she saw the sign I had pinned to my back saying that I was running for her.


Just then, I turned around whilst running on the treadmill, and saw behind me a woman running wearing a Cancer Research t-shirt.


(Excuse the blurriness- she wouldn't stop moving! :P)

I cried. I must have looked completely mad running through my tears but I felt like this was a sign for me. I was inspired.


I then thought about my other inspirations.


My family who love me unconditionally despite the fact that I eat all their food and run up huge grocery bills.165579_1822668409055_1310552062_2065454_2704609_n

My friends who put up with my insanity, always feign interest when I go on about running, and accept my complete inability to ever have a ‘normal’ face in a photo.


My religion, that is always there for me and keeps me grounded.justified_by_faith-788049

My inspiration and heroine in life: Paula Radcliffe, holder of the world record for the fastest marathon run by a woman, in 2:15:25.DSC06752



And most importantly, all of YOU, who inspire me each and every day with your comments, Tweets and amazing blogs to be the greatest person and runner I can be.


I. Love. You.

So as the last mile or so rolled around, my inspirations pushed me on.


6.35 min/mile pace 😀

And I got to the place I wanted to be. Smile


Okay, cheesy soppy time over now, you can breathe! Smile with tongue out


So tell me, what gets you through bad runs/workouts? For me, it’s inspiration all the way!


What/who are your inspirations? I was also inspired after reading Katelyn’s post on a similar topic! I felt so amazed at the coincidence that she had written this after the run I’d had!! It’s an amazing post, so read it now!!


I love you all so much! And don’t forget that if you ever need anything or just want a chat, you can email me any time, kay?


Have a great rest of the week lovelies!!


29 Responses

  1. Awe girl you are beautiful! What a coinkydink that we both had teary runs!

  2. Great post! I loved reading how you overcame a bad run and turned into a positive! That’s awesome! 🙂

  3. I know you will rock your trials in a few weeks – your other runs have been great! Sometimes, a bad run helps me realize how important running is to me, and helps future runs. Janae is a HUGE running inspiration, as well as all the other bloggers. And my mom who got me into running!

  4. Even sad and sweaty…you’re still pretty 🙂

    The statement about running being 90% mental is so true. I guess if every time my workout didn’t go the way I dreamed it would…I would have given up by now!
    I don’t have any strategies really, but I loved reading about your experience!

  5. This is a really sweet post! I wish I could run 8:13 pace–I am training for a marathon and have been running for years, but I can never even run that pace! You’re really talented even when it feels like a bad day. I had a bad run today too, and it was totally mental (and perhaps a tiny bit of dehydration from running after Bikram). As my training continues I REALLY need to step up my MENTAL game! Because even the best runners can sabotage themselves. I have a new goal 🙂

  6. You’re so awesome! Congrats on getting through that run!! Definitely agree with the fact that running is mostly mental and we need to break through barriers. I love reading blogs b/c everyone is so inspirational in their own ways. We all go through ups and downs and at least we have each other to talk to about it 🙂

  7. THe bad runs just make the good runs THAT much better 🙂 And any bad run is still better than no run at all!! Ps. your pics crack me up

  8. Love these tips; inspiration memories are definitely the best when you’re feelin’ crappy on a run! You are too cute in all of these pictures! I love how your eyes pop out and totally Make the picture:) 6:35 is such a great last mile time!! My first year ever running track, I ran about that in the mile..haha

  9. YOU ARE AMAZING. bad runs build character, that’s why even though they suck it’s occasionally good for us to have them. sometimes the best feeling is FINISHING a bad run. not only are you glad that’s it’s 100% over, but you did something that totally sucked and you persevered.

  10. Oh girl, this is such a great post. You really got me teary eyed! I am with you all the way with the inspirational stuff!

  11. You are AWESOME GIRL!!!

  12. I love your selfies. Just sayin’.
    I hate when workouts aren’t as good as they should be, especially when the only thing to blame is your mind. I love how you were able to get it together for the last mile though. Sometimes it just takes a little thing to give you the motivation to kick butt.
    My inspiration is just remembering what running has done for me. It’s given me self confidence, built friendships, created amazing memories, and not to mention an awesome bod 🙂 I never want any of that to end!

  13. Aw, I love this post! You are sooooo freaking fast. Go, you!!

  14. Well done on pulling back from a bad workout. That’s tough, and a really good mental skill to develop. Good going! 🙂

  15. this is beautiful!!!!!!! im so proud of u for turning a bad workout into a good one.. and feeling positive!!.. for me.. i just try and convince myself that my body isnt 100% today and makes up 4 the times when im KICKING booty

  16. This is so cute! It’s great that you got through what you thought was a bad workout. I personally think you did great!

  17. great post! my sad workouts are the ones where I’m not sweaty. my hardest thing is letting my body recover enough to let the next workout be good. I feel guilty not working out I guess

  18. What a lovely post! I ran the Great North Run for Cancer Research UK in memory of a good friend that died, and my aunt and my cousin who both have had lymphoma. Believe me the thought of those people was enough to get me across any finish line. I would have crawled 13 miles if I’d had to! To get through bad workouts I just keep thinking how good I will feel afterwards and I remember how amazing my body is, all the changes it has been through and how strong I am mentally and physically. It gets me through!

  19. Mushy though the post was, it was truly beautiful to read. Nothing wrong with a bit of heartfel mush, and it was wonderful to see how you turned your mentality around.

    You’re right that running is 90% psychological. Ah, the games we play with ourselves and the anxieties that manifest through running.

    To get through bad runs, I think of my inspirations too, from Paula Radcliffe to Eddie Izzard to Janae at Hungry Runner Girl and Lizzy of Healthy Bites…and of course yourself!

    I also tell myself that a bad run does not make you a bad runner. Everyone, including Ms Radcliffe, will have sucky runs. I used to get upset when I could tell my pace was off and the run was destined to be a slow one, but at the end of the day it’s better to accept that the run might suck, but you can only make the best of it and push through regardless.

    I also remember better runs, just to remind myself that they do exist (!) and races where I have been pleased with my performance.

    Excellent post 🙂

    Quick question: HOW do you cook your oat bran? It looks so soft and creamy in this picture but when I do it the grains all stay kind of separate and it bothers my tum. But yours looks lovely, velvety and smooth…I would eat that breakfast ten times’ over!


  20. This is such a lovely post. and YOU are genuinely inspirational – its so easy to just give up when you start a workout and its not going well. But you pushed through… well done! 😀

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaaa love you!

  22. I totally can tell you that I KNOW running is a mental thing. If I don’t mentally prepare for a run, then I never do as well or push myself as hard as I would. I don’t know why but running takes a good mind and lots of spirit.

    I loved this post, you are such an inspiration.

  23. Brilliant post! And I love the goofy pictures 🙂

  24. isn’t virtual support awesome!! You are so freaking talented! One day when I have enough $$ to visit London, we will run together…well, i’ll run behind you, but you get my point! here’s hoping you have a fabulous run today!

  25. I whole-heartedly agree with the 90% mental idea. I have to tell my friends that every day when they ask me how I run so much!

    …and then… you’re addicted. 😉

    my inspiration is more my COMPETITION. I compete with myself every day, because I expect to much out of me. I rarely cut myself any slack, but it works for me! 🙂

  26. Wow, your bad days are my great/amazing days…Its so great to have inspiration like you to come to when I feel like I will never be a fast speedy runner! My inspiration is def. all you talented runners who love it!!
    What a great post, so glad im here to follow you and eat all your yummy recipes and hear your inspiration!
    Have a great day!!
    🙂 Jenn

  27. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day of running. Your time was still pretty good compared to my mile pace! (7:30 on a good day)
    WHOA! Glad to hear you got over it and picked up the pace at the end though – 6:30 is AMAZING! 😀

  28. This was a great post! I’m new to your blog! 🙂
    I too had a bad run today so you weren’t alone. Whenever I feel like I can’t finish I just think positive thoughts and think of the goals that I want to accomplish!

  29. I love inspirational stories. Great job on pulling it together and succeeding. You and Katelyn have really inspired me this week!! 🙂

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