I have a question

My question: What is it called when you combine breakfast, dinner AND dessert?


Banana oatbran, topped with avocado chocolate mousse 🙂


It’s 11pm and I’m eating this as I type. That is my breakfast for dinner, which is also a dessert. So…Brinnert…? Amazing stuff. Brinnert is highly recommended.


The reason for the Brinnert is because I went out tonight with some friends to see “The King’s Speech”.The-Kings-Speech-Poster


Great film!! Colin Firth is AMAZING in it. I think I’m in love with him. BUT the movie was more than two hours long. And I have the concentration span of a gnat with ADD. I kept thinking about running and food, and about my run that morning


The Parkrun!! I was so excited, despite the constant rain… DSC06837

But I was determined to wear my Nike Tempo shorts anyway, because that+the Fire Shoes makes me feel like I’m FLYING.DSC06829

Just pretend for me that you haven’t noticed that my eyes are half closed. In my defence, it was early and dark outside. Dark=sleepy time in my brain.


I had my usual pre-run brekkie:


Banana+PB on toast

And took along some post-run munchies too:


Dates and cashews!

‘SO HOW DID IT GO?’ is clearly what you’re all asking! Well, there was one thing I definitely didn’t foresee…DSC06840

The MUD.DSC06842

I have NEVER run in mud before! Roads and treadmills- that’s it!! I slipped over twice, and had to slow right down to almost a walk to avoid more slips about 100000 times. I did wonder why so many people at the start were wearing spikes…smart people…!


BUT I still had a GREAT run! Despite the mud issues, falling x2 and my plan for taking it easier to check out the track, I placed 3RD OVERALL FEMALE and 1ST IN MY AGE CATEGORY with an avg pace 7.30 min/mile! Whoop! Open-mouthed smile It was SO MUCH FUN!


Once I’d gotten home, had a year-long shower to get all the mud off and celebrated by pretty much finishing my homemade Dark Chocolate Dreams straight from the jar, I then dressed up to head out for the movie.DSC06857

It felt so GOOD to dress up! I spend my life in workout/running clothes and sweats, and while I love it, it’s nice to have a change, even if I did ruin the effect slightly by wearing my hood up because I think I’m cool.DSC06852



Have you ever had a seriously muddy or wet run? This run was both! It rained constantly, but that just added to the fun really! Smile


Do you have concentration span issues? Are long movies hard for you to concentrate on? This could just be me with my ADD tendencies…! Smile with tongue outLord Of The Rings movies were actually the longest hours of my life.


And do you like to dress up, or is it pretty normal for you? To be honest, dressing up for me just means NOT wearing sweaty running gear, sweats, or PJ’s!!


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, because it Sunday! That means pancakes and a hill run! Yahoooo! Open-mouthed smile


Enjoy your Sunday friends!!


29 Responses

  1. In the morning if it’s really windy, the ocean will splash all over my shoes. I run on piers and the water splashes over the rails.
    I’m sorta a mix. For school I dress up, but besides that I’ll be in leggings and a tank and a cardigan.
    Mmm those oats look yummy, as always haha.

  2. Yayyy you did amazing, especially for running in the mud! My high school cross country races were always trails, so always muddy. It’s kinda fun sometimes.
    Long movies (2 hrs+) are so hard to concentrate on sometimes, that’s why I love Disney or kids movies – short and awesome.

  3. I’m a huge fan of brinnert! I love to avocado chocolate mousse at all times of day (had it for breakfast today too, actually). I’ve been forgoing the sugary stuff in it, and using stevia.
    I did a turkey trot run in the mud once…there was a big slope at the end through the park and all these people were running down it with wild abandon (and falling). I took the gingerly tiptoe down the side route… and still got covered with mud! There was something fun about it 🙂

    Nice job on your run!

  4. Congrats on your awesome run! I’ve run in the snow but not the mud, sounds fun though! And I think brinnert works and yours looks great and we have the same philosophy on dressing up =)

  5. 3rd place!! AWESOME!! Fire shoes + your speed= RUNNER POWER!!
    You look awesome dressed up! I have to for work, so I am in my sweats and PJs at home all-the-time.

    The King’s Speech is on my list to see!

  6. CONGRATS GIRL!!! YOU ARE AMAZING and oh so GORGEOUS!!! ROCKSTAR!! So much mud…holy cow! I LOVE BRINNERT!!!! I want to see that movie so so bad!! Have a great night gorgeous! I dress up once a week if that ha, I LOVE my pj’s!

  7. I love your shoes! Stand out from the crowd. I have hot pink cross country spikes and electric yellow track spikes.

    I’ve had some ridiculously muddy runs and races. I lost my spike in the dirt once and had to keep running!

  8. Love love LOVE those orange shoes!!! I’ve been waiting for a pair of bright orange shoes to hit the market somewhere near me so that I can go buy them; I need orange!! Love your brinnert idea, super delicious looking of course:) I’m dieing to see that movie too!

  9. Omg nice job on your run!! That must feel great 🙂
    I havent had a muddy run but I’ve had a rocky run and it was rough!
    I rarely dress up… workout clothes for me!

  10. 3rd OA and 1st in your age group!? You are awesome! You’ve worked so hard for this, so I’m really glad it’s paying off for you 🙂

  11. OH MY yes i have run int he mud.. I HATED It.. i actually LOVerunning in the rain but i stick to pavement!! haha i do like to dress up as i showed in der last post.. what movie did you see??

  12. Brinnert looks fab! High five on the run girlie! You did an amazing job!

  13. Your poor fire shoes! I’m really prissy when it comes to getting new kicks muddy, but being that I run on grass a lot of the time to minimise impact on my joints it’s pretty much unavoidable. I’ve run in really muddy conditions several times, but the worst one was the Thirsk 10 miler back in November 2009: the first mile of the course went round Thirsk racecourse and it had been raining solidly for a week. Mudbath. And the second mile was flooded, so we were running through knee-deep, freezing water (well, knee deep for a shortie like me). A lot of people ended up being carried off the course with hypothermia or wrapped in foil blankets. Thankfully I didn’t have to pull out but that was certainly an interseting experience.

    Awesome race! Brilliant time and all of your training is obviously paying off. If you’d had spikes you probably would have won!


  14. Wow you are amazing! First for your age??? Fantastic! I prefer tv shows to films bscially because after an hour of sitting I like to wander about and my concntration goes!
    And I had my muddy run in november when I signd up to a 5 mile race, not reaslising until I got there that it was a cross country race! Oops! My shoes are still muddy from it now! 🙂

  15. Well done on your run thats so awesome! I don’t mind muddy legs, makes me feel like a more hard core runner!

  16. Well done on the Park Run! You did really good! I want to do one as well, but my nearest one is 50 minutes away 😦 How annoying!

  17. I LOVE my Nike Tempo shorts. i would be lost w/o them

  18. argh i did park run too but in Manchester and it was SO wet and windy! really hope your trials go well!! xx

  19. Mmmm banana oats + chocolate…I’d want to eat that for all meals too! 🙂

    Congrats for a great run in the rain. I LOOOVE running in the rain/mud, it reminds me of playing soccer/lacrosse in high school and getting completely soaked and covered in mud.

    Love the shoes too! (And your hair!!!!)

  20. at 11pm, I’d just call it a midnight snack! I have to wear a uniform for work, which is horrible, so I love the chance of dressing up in my own clothes!

  21. Congrats on the run, that’s amazing 🙂
    I like the 3 meals combined into one idea as well – oats are for any time of the day in my opinion!
    I’ve not ran in mud, but I’ve done plenty of muddy walks and I hate it! It’s so slippy, I’ve been down a hill on my backside before because I could hardly stand up.

  22. Haha..Im totally the same, I love when I finally get a chance to get dressed up and go out! You looked gorgeous!!
    And I have to say yuck to that avocado stuff…hahaha…I am such a baby! Im sure its awesome but Im scared to try stuff like that!
    Way to go on your muddy run, sounds fun!!
    Happy Sunday girl!

  23. I want to see that movie! I’m definitely with you though, even if something is great, after a couple hours my attention is pretty crappy. hehe.

    Hooray for a great, muddy run! I don’t like getting my shoes all messed up, but I like feeling badass after a tough run like that!

  24. I have major issues with long movies – probably why I hardly go to the movies. I wouldn’t even go see Titanic in theater. It’s over 3 hours long! No way that was happening.

    But I did finally see Star Wars Episode 4 for the first time last night…and I actually liked it!

  25. Oh, and congrats on winning 1st place in your age division! How fun! Mud running is tough for me because I am a bit of a clean freak and hate messing up my running shoes.

  26. I’m not a fan of running in the rain. I’m so scared of slipping!

    I love Colin Firth, but I’ve been avoiding seeing that movie because I have major attention problems too 🙂

  27. I’ve never had a muddy run like that before, but I bet it could be a ton of fun. And a reply to your question…combining breakfast, dinner and dessert is called GENIUS 🙂

  28. Awesome running time- Congrats!!! x

  29. Haha! Our definition of “dressing up” is very similar!

    I really wanna see that movie. I’ve heard such good things.

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