You know life is good when…

Today was actually the BEST DAY EVER!! Other than Christmas. And my birthday… Well anyway, it was SO MUCH FUN! Open-mouthed smile


You know life is good when you start the day in a chocolaty way.  I love a good ryhyme almost as much as I love breakfast cake:


Made with cocoa powder, PB and jam, and topped with coconut butter and shredded coconut 🙂

You’d better believe I ate that whole thing! Winking smile Monday Special Breakfasts are the BOMB!!


You know life is good when lunch is munched (rhyme time! Smile with tongue out) at the Hummus Bros hummus bar!Hummus is definitely where MY heart is!! My mushroom hummus bowl, served with a side of warm wholemeal pitta.DSC06934


THE best hummus I have ever tasted, hands down. This is my new home. Henceforth I shall be Crazy Hummus Girl.


You know life is good when you hit  not just one, but two Whole Foods stores!DSC06930


I went to my usual WF first (Kensington- the biggest one!) and then on to the hummus bar, which happened to be a street away from another WF!! I ended up buying stuff from both of course…my poor bank balance…!


You know life is good when you discover they now sell the BIG tubs of Dark Chocolate Dreams!! I couldn’t resist! Smile with tongue outDSC06931

My haul included:


Unsweetened applesauce and coconut oil for baking and DCD.


Bar madness! 2 Trek bars, my 2 fave Nakd bars and 3 Clif bar flavours


Brown rice syrup, chia seed and raspberry+coconut dark choccie!! Had to get some chocolate of course! 😛

You know life is good when you have an amazing friend, who takes you to a cafe a few streets away that sells vegan cakes. Hello chocolate raspberry torte.DSC06941

Mrs Marengo’s is my second home now. Fortunately very close to my first home.DSC06943

Took the torte to-go and enjoyed on the train journey home. My fellow passengers were clearly beyond jealous, but slightly weirded out by my excessive ‘MMMmmmm’ing…DSC06946


Seriously, I am RECREATING this as soon as I figure out how…so delicious…so decadent…


You know life is good when you have a rockin’ hour of cross-training of speed intervals on the elliptical whilst listening to this:

On repeat. For pretty much the full hour. Yes, I danced along too. I could tell by the expressions of my fellow gym-ers that they wanted to join me really badly…


You know life is good when you get your life’s essentials on the way home from the gym:


4 packs of dates and brocccoli 🙂


I was seriously panicked for a while, but order has now been restored. It’s okay. Smile


So now it’s your turn: You know life is good when…?


If you could live in one restaurant/cafe, what would it be? It used to be Starbucks for their gingerbread lattes, but hummus and chocolate torte have trumped it! Open-mouthed smile


Do you have a bar stash? Seriously, I have a whole cardboard box of snack bars, and the lid won’t shut any more after today’s additions! Smile with tongue out


OH, and on the whole bar thing, I had two UK-US foodie swaps organised, but they’ve BOTH had to drop out sadly! (I know it’s not your fault guys, chillax, I still love ya!!) So an exciting thing for YOU is that YOU can do a lil’ foodie swap with ME if ya like! Shoot me an email if you’re interested at or leave a comment! Cool! Smile


Alrighty, so have a GREAT week friends!!


P.S. I have a VERY exciting event I’m going to on Wednesday!! Tell you all tomorrow 🙂



40 Responses

  1. Ok, where is this hummus place?? Next London trip, I’m there!
    I would live half in Starbucks, half in the Whole Foods salad bar/ plus, if it was possible, half in a lovely veggie restaurant near me that does parsnip terrine 😀
    Do I have a bar stash LOl – I have a HUGE tub of abbooout 50 or 60 bars! I need to eat them 😛

  2. I never even knew they sold the Little tubs DCD! haha what a great day you did have though…Whole Foods trips totally MAKE my day! holy yum that vegan chocolate raspberry torte looks like heaven on earth (I secretly want to bathe in it right now-oops I guess it’s no secret!) when you recreate it, you better bet that’ll be the first thing n my “to make list” which has a zillion things! Can’t wait for your surprise on wednesday…oh yeah, that hummus bar looks like pure bliss! So jealous!!!

  3. Oh, YES YES YES!!!! I love this!!! Chocolate is definitely the best way to start out your day! 😀 Whole foods is AMAZING! Peanut Butter is STUPENDOUS!!! What an awesome day you had! 😀

  4. Oh yeah, I have a HUGE bar stash…like 15 bars minimum at all times:) luna, cliff, cliff mojo and lara are my faves:)

  5. Sounds like a fab day! I have to try that coconut one!!

  6. Pick Me, Pick Me! I’m down for a foodie swap:)

    I always wondered why you have the little jar of dcd, because mine is the big one, haha. Guess that’s the one good thing about the US super sizing everything.

    That breakfast loooooks so yummy…mmmm.

  7. It does look like a great day and for sure some good whole foods lute! For me I know it’s a good day when I can’t find anymore homework to do and I have a far too large bar stash in a box under my bed!

  8. HOLY YUM. That hummus looks amazing!!! I have been dreamin about chocolate dreams lately. Must restock!

  9. what a fab day! wish i had a whole foods close by!

  10. That cake looks! I know what you mean about WFs depleting your bank account. I also went to WFs this weekend and spent just a bit more than I intended (thanks overpriced Artisana coconut butter!) But it’s impossible to say no to food, right?

    Just ate a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams! 😉

  11. I know life is good when…..nope…can’t even top cake for breakfast and a huge plate o’ hummus.

  12. So glad they have big DCDs now! A mini jar would be gone in days for me. I absolutely loved that Glee because of that song, SO fun to listen to.
    I know life is good because after my run, I ate the best vegan fajitas with plantains!

  13. So happy you had such a fabulous day!!! You got a ton of great stuff at Whole Foods!! So lucky! Life is good when…I’m with my family! Love them so much!

  14. Breakfast cake? That looks amazing!! Jealous of all your healthy treats! 🙂

  15. I would totally do a swap!!! I have SO many.. it’s borderline ridiculous.

    I’m so jealous of your raspberry torte! If I could live in any restaurant, it would be a local place called the healthy garden cafe. Their menu is HUGE and has more than just healthy stuff. It’s amazing!

  16. Oh my gosh that hummus bowl looked incredible!

  17. glad you had a great day-looks like a fantabulous day to me too!

  18. That hummus place looks amazing! I dont believe we have any hummus bars around here but I should do some research on that!
    You know life is good when you end the day with dessert 🙂

  19. I’ve really been wanting to try coconut oil. I think it’s time I just go buy some!

  20. All of your food looks so good! I need to move to England so I can go to that hummus place every day 🙂

  21. OMG this post just made my morning… first of all i found out WF sells chia seeds!!!!! and then the hummus bros place LOOKS SO FLIPPIN GOOD so i am DEFFFFFFFF going! and then a vegan cake place !!!!!! LOVE THIS PAGE YOU ROCK

  22. Wow fab day- two wholefoods? Why must they all be in London???!
    Yes I have a bar stash, and in fact it overflows out the tin and into some cardboard boxes! Shabby chic! That chocolate torte looks amazing 🙂
    Oh and massive tubs of DCD???? Amazing!!!!!!

  23. Oh my that hummus bowl looks amazing! and so jealous of your wholefoods trip, honestly sometimes I think the 2 hour train journey to London may just be worth it!

  24. hehe sounds like a perfect day! I’m known for almost singing along to Glee songs while running… of course those wierd stares are from people who just wish they were having as much fun as me 😛

  25. I have a mega stash of energy bars in a cupboard hidden away. I do love my bars. I am jealous of your wholefood stash. I’m hopefully making a trip next month. I cannot wait!!! 😀

  26. PS I made yesterday a brilliant day, helped by making chocolate pb- using your recipe! Love it!

  27. Oh – when I was in London last year I loved the Whole Foods Kensington! Especially the yogurt bar upstairs. Glad you had a great day – that hummus looks delicious!

  28. Love the sound of that chocolate torte and raspberry chocolate! The hummus bowl looks fantastic as well – was it just mushrooms and hummus?

  29. Wow that hummus place seems amazing! I’ll definitely check it out if I go to London.

  30. Hahaha, looks like you had a deliciously amazing day! One day I’ll get to visit London and will be sure to hunt down these places 🙂

  31. Aww hooray for such a day surrounded by life’s wonderful things! 🙂

    Today, I know life is good ’cause the sun is shinin’ bright! 🙂

  32. I would have a bar stash if they lasted long enough around me for them to accumulate 😉 Naw, I’m not that bad. Actually, I have recently replenished my stock of bars after running out (the horror!) so now I have Coco Loco and Berry Cheeky Nakds, Cashew Cookie and Cocoa Orange GF Nakds and some Organic Food Bars for my races. Oh, and a raw choccie bar, just because 😛 I keep my bars in a huge carboard box in the garage because I hate warm bars (unless I decide to micro them) but they lose their taste when stored in the fridge.

    Love your hummus bowl and two Whole Foods? I would be elated if just half a Whole Food opened up North hehe.

    Thanks so much for your comment: it probably made the most difference out of all of them, and that’s saying something because they were all so deep and encouraging (I wish I could hug everyone right now!) But thanks for sharing your experience too: it reassured me so much because if someone yelled something like that at YOU, of all people, then it’s clear that all ‘shouty people’ are talking, pardon my French, bollocks. If a person as slender and toned as you can be subject to such remarks, then anyone can, and it totally blew my perception out of the widow that such remarks are ever accurate.

    I’m so sorry you’ve had someone be so rude to you too, but I can’t thank you enough for having the courage to share it with me because it really made me question what was said to me too.

    *huge hugs*


  33. I would love either a Starbucks, a houmous shop or a vegan cake shop, but as I live out in the sticks I don’t have any of these! Therefore I think my favourite shop is Waitrose- its newly opened so its still all exciting and new! Plus I know I can’t afford anything in there, and so I feel naughty when I do go in!

  34. That hummus looks fab! I’m heading to London to see a couple of friends in a few weeks time – I’m demanding that they take me to Hummus Bros!
    I have a whole shelf in my cupboard dedicated to bars – mostly of the Nakd and chocolate variety.

  35. Can you please send a hummus bowl my way? Lol! It looks so so good!! 🙂 I loved this post girl!

  36. WOW, am I jealous of that hummus bar! in a serious way.

    and I’m obsessed with Glee’s “Forget You.” AND “Teenage Dream.” AAAND “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

  37. I *heart* Hummus Bros. I think I go there every time I’m in London (which sadly isn’t all that often!). Where did you find the big jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams? Was it Kensington or Soho Whole Foods?

  38. London looks so elegant and you have accessibility to such amazing stores! You HAVE to have a fabulous day when it begins and ends with cake/tortes!!!

    My husband is waiting for your hummus recipe! We bought the garbanzo beans and tahini sauce last night!

  39. DROOOOOOL. That hummus looks delish 🙂
    I’m thinking we should arrange a blogger meet up, the hummus bar for lunch followed by Whole Foods shopping then hot bar for dinner 😉

  40. OMG, how do I live in London and yet have never been to hummus bros or Mrs Marengo’s!? I need to do that!!

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