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Thirty Day Thursday- The Highs and Lows

Hey friends!! Hope you’re having an amazing day!! Today, it’s a Thirty Day Thursday!!


Day 30- Highs and Lows of this month

Seeing as this is the last Thursday of the month, I thought it’d be a good time to tackle this one!


High: I discovered my Ultimate Oatmeal Topping Combo on the first day of this month: PB+J. Original? No. The Best? Yes.DSC06212


Low: That first day my ankle issues also resurfaced. Damn ankle.DSC06235

High: Getting sent The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by lovely American blog reader Angie!!DSC06438


Low: Having ‘Aunt Flo’ visit, but not ACTUALLY visit. An oh-so-subtle period reference there! Winking smileSo spending that day feeling bleugh.

High: Spending that sick day doing fun things to cheer myself up, like baking my first ever batch of Super-Charge Me cookies!

My first batch, but definitely not my last…! Open-mouthed smile


High: Getting a FOOD PROCESSOR! Highlight of the year so far probably!!


High: Making homemade Dark Chocolate Dreams!!DSC06722

Low: Having a bad run.DSC06749

High: Powering through that bad run thanks to all my inspirations (which includes YOU guys!!) and turning it into a GREAT one.DSC06746

High: Amazing breakfasts, such as Triple Chocolate Oatmeal, Choco-Cocoonut-PB breakfast cake and Dark Chocolate Dreams OIAJ:




Are you seeing the chocolate theme there too? Smile with tongue out


High: Discovering balls and babies.

Banana-Coconut Balls:DSC06242

Tropical Balls:DSC06970

Katie’s Hot Cocoa Fudge Babies:DSC06790

...to name just a few! I love balls.

High: The muddiest…DSC06842

…but the most fun ‘race’ of my life:DSC06829

High: Having an AMAZING day in London, hitting Whole Foods, a hummus bar, and having the most delicious vegan dessert I have ever had.DSC06941

Chocolate Raspberry Torte, you WILL be replicated in my kitchen. And SOON.


High: Going to the BEST talk EVER on Sports Nutrition by a specialist who has WORKED WITH MY HEROINE, PAULA RADCLIFFE! Surprised smileDSC07054

(By the way, Monday’s Reader Request post will be some of the things I learned from the talk, as a LOT of you asked about it, and I can’t wait to share!!)


High: Tomorrow!! Early morning spin class, then I am going BACK to my beloved Whole Foods Kensington (3rd time this week!!) but this time I am going with my momma!! It’s only right that she gets to see my second home (and by that, I mean pay for all my goodies…! Smile with tongue out) and I’ll also be taking her to the giant bookstore and maybe to the movies too to see Black Swan…we’ll see! Looking forward to it though! Open-mouthed smile


Going to share some great recipes with you tomorrow too,  which I WOULD have done today, but this post is kinda long enough as it is! So keep a lookout for my Friday Favourites tomorrow!!


What are YOUR highs and lows of this month so far? I’d love to hear what’s made YOU happy so I can celebrate with you, and what’s made you sad so that I can send you virtual hugs. Smile


Have you got any good plans for tomorrow or for this weekend? I think my weekend will be more chilled, but I’m so excited about my busy day tomorrow!!


What was the last movie you saw? Have you seen Black Swan? I saw Tangled last, and The King’s Speech before that, and they were both GREAT! Can’t wait to see Black Swan!!


Have a great Friday tomorrow lovelies!!


P.S. Go check out my guest post on Jemma‘s blog! My Top Ten Training Tips 🙂


32 Responses

  1. Girl, you have such big beautiful eyes! Love them! 🙂

    I can’t want to see both Tangled and The King’s Speech! I haven’t seen Black Swan, but I’m not much into scary/suspenseful movies and the preview alone creeped me out, haha! Hope you enjoy it, though! 🙂

  2. You ate some awesome food this month girl, love all those balls, hehe!
    Highs – an awesome Valentine’s day, my fastest run in a while yesterday
    Lows – 2 exams this week and 2 more next week, ahh!
    At least, I have a fun weekend coming up of snowboading!

  3. Woah. I want some chocolate -raspberry torte! And my babies look like they’re in GREAT company. The banana balls look like delicious friends hehe.

  4. I loved Tangled, and actually from the previews I didn’t think I would like it, but I absolutely loved it! I’ve heard King’s Speech is amazing, so I hope to see it soon!

  5. I love the pics and the recap! For me…

    High: seeing my husband for the first time in seven weeks
    Low: having a neverending cold

  6. I stopped getting my period about two years ago (it has since returned) and I used to get PMS without actually getting my period! Such a pain 😦

  7. I haven’t been to the movies in agesssss! Gonna try and persuade someone to come with my this weekend to see the Black Swan though! Tomorrow I’m going out for dinner (nandos – ahhhhh… just contemplating my vegetarian options now!) and then to a bar, and on saturday i’m going shopping with an old friend! 🙂 Sunday i’m working a 14 hour shift though… eeeek!

  8. I want to see Black Swan so badly!!! I saw The Social Network last and it was so good!

  9. Aww this was fun to read! Similar to my GOOD/BAD post from yesterday 🙂 I guess bloggers think alike! I can’t wait to hear about the sports nutrition talk, sounds interesting! And also, black swan is a really good movie imo, me and my bestie loved it!!

  10. So many great highs this month that I think they definitely outweigh the lows! Gotta take the good with the bad, though, you know? 😉
    I love PB & J oats, when I have oatmeal. So simple, but definitely up there on the list. And those banana coconut balls look phenomenal!

  11. I love your posts. They are always so uplifting 🙂

  12. I last saw The Social Network and it was AWESOME. I’m dying to see black swan though.
    Now I understand why your blog is titled sweet tooth runner, you gots a big chocolate sweet tooth (like me) 😉

  13. Overall pretty good month I’d say!! You are an inspriation to us all with your dedicated heathy eating and rigorous workouts!

    Here’s to many more Chocolate filled brekky’s and desserts!!!

  14. My month has been pretty fantastic! I got a food processor this month too. I’m in love, haha. As for lows I would have to say the lack of sleep this week. Last film I saw was catfish. Supper weird. I saw black swan too and loved it! Natalie Portman has been my hero since I was little and in this film her acting was phenomenal.

  15. I loved this post! Your breakfasts look AMAZING 🙂

  16. We all have our bad runs occasionally, but they make the good runs seem that much better!! What is the second picture under amazing breakfasts? It’s making me drool!!

    Hopefully I’ll be running a 5k on Saturday, though the arch of my foot has been killing me today! Hopefully it will pass, as all my other “injuries” this winter have. I swear it’s gone from shins to knees to achilles tendon to hamstrings to feet! So weird!

  17. Those balls…as odd as they look, I kind of want to eat them all. Now.

    Have fun at WF!

  18. It looks like you had a lot more highs than lows – always good.
    I’m planning to visit my favourite veggie restaurant over the weekend – so excited! The last film I saw at the King Speech. I really want to see Black Swan, but it’s not on at my cinema anymore 😦 Will have to rent when it comes out.

  19. Great post! What a month! This months low was having to write my finding balance post and respond to the concerns about my weight on the blog. My highs have been visiting york on my week off, deciding to do my course and ordering my camera and garmin!

  20. Haha, we ice with the same sweetcorn!

    I love that you have WAY more highs than lows. For me, the high was getting back to running this month. Albeit a little tentatively. The low.. Hmm… I guess getting so stressed with my thesis. But then that’s every month, so.. 😀

    And plans for the weekend: CHILL!

  21. i love this post! its good to celebrate all the fun things that happened this month… and you have had some awesome highs!.. the best high for me was…….winning 2 giveaways!! heeh so happy
    weekend plans… got a big party tomorrow night 😀 😀

  22. Great post- love all those highs, especially the chocolate themed ones!
    Highs- baking vegan cookies, doing a good long run at the start of the month, doing more baking for my friends, seeing friends I had not seen for ages, getting heavier weights at body pump, then getting back into running after the low of being ill and on antibiotics and having to stop a run and collapse in tescos for a bit! I have more highs than lows I am sure 🙂

  23. Have fun at Whole Foods! hehe, seriously my favorite place to go. My low of the month is definitely my achilles injury – hopefully it’s finally on the mend though. I love all of your high and how positive you are 🙂

  24. Tomorrow I leave on a ski vacation for Stowe, Vermont where I will eat my way through the state!

    I finally just bought the Artisana coconut butter for the first time last week, although I haven’t yet tried it out…what’s wrong with me???

    Is your ankle better now? It totally stinks being injured when all you want to do is run!

  25. GIIIRRRLLLL, for real. pb&j oats are the bomb.com.

    who cares if they’re not original?

    p.s. MY WORDPRESS MOVE WAS A SUCCESS! yeeeeeessss!

  26. Loved your month recap 🙂 Definitely think you had a great month! Your ‘highs’ were awesome and your ‘lows’ were not that bad 🙂

    My fav oatmeal topping is also PB+J. So simple, yet so delicious 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!!

  27. My low this week was the workout rut. My high was getting out of it… lol

    I saw Black Swan and loved it! There were some cringe-worthy moments (like I just got shudders thinking about it), but totally worth the watch.

    Happy weekend!

  28. What a fabulous idea!! I love the recap!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, your the best!!

  29. I love these! My seniorhigh youthgroup has a meeting every week and at the end we always give the highs and lows of the week. Dark chocolate dreams and a new food processor definitely equal big highs in my mind too:) And I love me some pb&j oats!

  30. Oh man, you are SO amazing! I love those oatmeal pics! And the babies!!! 😀 They are gorgeous!


  31. The high of my month was finding out that I got a new job at work, and then after a week there being offered a place on an apprenticeship! I look for over six months for a job and then two come at once! Crazy!

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