Friday Favourites

Hey friends!! You know what Fridays mean…Friday Favourites!! And today was a GREAT day, so I have 10 for you!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Early workouts rock. And I mean early. Especially for someone who got to bed at 1am…oops! Embarrassed smile



In the gym at 6.45?! Who AM I?!

For me, getting up at 5.45am for a workout was early!! An ‘early’ workout for me usually STARTS at 8am, so it was weird to be done by that time!

I had planned to go to a spin class at 7am, but got there to find it was booked out! Sad smile BUT it was a good thing anyway, because the instructor happened to be my least favourite one today, AND I got some rockin’ speed intervals in instead!


800m intervals @ 6.31 min/mile pace. Then ellipticalled for half an hour whilst reading my new fave book!DSC07096



2. Clif Crunchy PB bars. The first time I’ve had one- SO good!DSC07099

Can’t believe I’m even THINKING this, but could this rival the chocolate chip flavour…? Surely not…! Smile with tongue out


3. Apple-cinnamon breakfast socca bake (topped with sultanas and coconut butter).



(NO, I didn't just have this tiny slice!! Photographic purposes!!)

Adapted from a blogger’s amazing recipe, but I can’t remember whose, since I scrawled down the recipe! Clever, Emma, real clever…DSC07070

I’ll comb my internet history tonight and then post my adapted recipe tomorrow! Trust me this was GOOOD! Smile


4. Evidence of my nut addiction.DSC07101

That was a cashew nut hidden under a cushion on couch. I also found one in my bed this morning. Don’t judge please…


5. Doing the most FUN household chore…DSC07109

…vacuuming!! Because you can sing and dance while you do it! Smile with tongue out


6. Managing not to pass out this time when drooling over the running books in Europe’s largest bookstore.


Half the running section. I was in HEAVEN.


I parked myself on the floor in front of it with a stack of them and just read for an hour. My faves included:DSC07122


I may have to go back and get these two…they looked GREAT!

7. Unmanned food taster tables…


Dark chocolate covered coffee beans 🙂



Sweet Chilli natural potato chips

…not that I took advantage of that and stood by them munching away or anything… Winking smile


8. Toilet reading material.


Pretty self-explanatory really…DSC07127

Thanks for that Whole Foods! Smile with tongue out


9. Becoming bankrupt for the sake of good food.DSC07129

I blame Whole Foods for the unhealthy state of my finances. But it was worth it, especially for this…DSC07136

The BEST dark chocolate I think I have ever tried. Okay, I’ve said that about a LOT, but this is definitely up there!!


10. Socca pizza for dinner!DSC07133

With broccoli and ‘super melting’ vegan cheese. Apparently, the ‘super melting’ part is a lie, but this was one awesome pizza!! And you can bet I stuffed that whole thing in ma belly, plus *many* squares of sea salt choccie…! Open-mouthed smile


So what are YOUR Friday Favourites? You know I love hearing them, so share with me please and we’ll be best friends forever! Smile


Toilet reading material: Yay or Nay? It was hilarious and SO entertaining! A thumbs up from me!!


Fave and least fave household chore? Vacuuming wins, and cleaning the bathroom comes in last predictably!


So I’m gonna park myself in front of my computer tomorrow morning and try to work out this whole self-hosting thing!! I’m SO confused!! I’ll probably end up catching up on all your awesome bloggies too! AND hummus recipe finally coming tomorrow, so get excited!!


Love you all, and have a GREAT weekend!!


27 Responses

  1. Whole Foods is definitely amazing! 😀

    That Apple Cinnamon Socca Bake looks SO good! And so does your Socca Pizza!


  2. Sea salt dark choco is the best! I won dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce for Christmas in an exchange gift party, it’s so amazing. My Friday favorites are a bloggie meet-up today, so fun!

  3. Your apple-cinn socca bake looks amazingg. I need that recipe, I have yet to decide on a socca recipe! I don’t even know where to begin, lol.
    I actually really enjoy vacuuming. I love it when they have me do it at work. I always feel so accomplished after, haha. I’m lame…oh well.

  4. Lots of awesome stuff in this post. The nutrition book looks interesting!

    Also…the socca pizza! I’m so up for that. I just made my first socca ever last night, and I can see lots and lots of them in my future 🙂

    Have a great and wonderful weekend….oh, and I’m totally jealous that you have access to whole foods–I wish I could spend all my money there!

  5. all your eats look awesome!

    and europe’s largest bookstore? sounds like a blast! 🙂

  6. You were up early WOW!! Whole foods kills my bank account too!!

  7. I’m in love with dark chocolate coffee beans (and pecans!!) I totally sit in bookstores and read magazines and books for hours on end without buying them too;) haha guilty pleasure! I love Lindt sea salt chocolate too, one of my absolute faves! haha totally agree with the “melting vegan cheese” lie..its still stuper good though!

  8. I need to try soccer! It looks so delicious.

    I like vacuuming and sweeping, hate dusting!!

  9. Oh geez, the autofill on my iPad changed socca to soccer and I didn’t realize it, lol!!

  10. I love the lindt sea salt chocolate!! I definitely need to try this socca stuff, it’s taking the blogworld by storm.

    I wanna be best friends forever, so I’ll tell you my friday favorites: 1) it’s friday.
    2) a trip to trader joes! I bought chocolate, golden raspberries, and english muffins. It was a struggle to only walk out with these three things.
    3) I completed a mandatory interview I had to do for a project. I’m socially awkward in those types of situations, so I’m just glad I survived! It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

  11. You are so awesome!! Every time I see you strapping on a book to your machine it makes me smile! I have a Q though. is it difficult for you to turn the page? please, send me an email b/c I feel like reading on a machine like this would be super difficult. Happy weekend!

  12. HAAHHA BEST Fri Favs for sure!
    i made socca pizza the other night! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! and my veg cheeze DEFINITELY DID Not melt one bit.. but tasty nonetheless! toilet reading material MEGA YAY.. I ALWAYS have to have something..
    my current favorite right now is def dry shampoo, which ive said before but i legit had NO idea it even existed.. who am I???
    oh and might i say.. smooth, salted pb is becoming a fav too?? dare i say,.. better than the super sweet flavored kinds?!?
    I HATE CLEANING the bathrooms or dishes!

  13. Ahhhh I love hoovering 😀 I hate washing up (and despise drying the dishes) and I don’t really like laundry either. I’m a big fan of bathroom reading – we have an entire magazine rack in our bathroom!

  14. Haha, I LOVE it that you found a cashew nut in your bed. I am totally judging you — for being awesome!

    Friday favourite for me was the ginger and winter berry cake that I had with a friend. She found a veggie place especially so that I could have cake. And it was ah-mazing. I love friends who look after my cake needs!

  15. Love the cashew nut hiding out- who knew when you would need one in an emergency?
    I love the look of the apple cinnamon socca too- looking forward to that recipe!
    My fave this week was my run that was nearly 8 miles, and also a brownie cupcake. All good 🙂

  16. Now that they opened a huge health food store near my house, I can already hear my wallet crying 😛 And I have the same black and white stripped shirt as you 🙂 If it’s from H&M..

  17. That socca looks fab! I love the sea salt chocy so yummy!

  18. Peanut butter Clif bars trupm the chocolate chip ones for me, although I think I would probably eat just about any flavour Clif bar – I love them!

  19. when you get all of the self hosting done with you help me?! i’m so computer illiterate. seriously.

    do you really have an oak-rimmed toilet seat? that’s impressive emma! high class luxury.

    PS i love cashew nuts. i also find them in my bed sometimes too…

  20. Very few things make me happier than unmanned sample stations 🙂

    Have you tried the chocolate peanut butter Clif bars? The best of both worlds!

  21. Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck, same thing, so true, so good.

    Getting up early to workout is nice, within reason. On Wednesday, I was in the gym at 4:55 AM. THAT was horrible. I have to figure stuff out with my work schedule. And the clif PB bar is my favorite! SO good.

  22. I love your posts…you always seem so upbeat and positive. Your blog is a lot of fun to read!

    I like to do laundry and go grocery shopping (actually, grocery shopping is more of an outing than a chore!). I HATE scrubbing the tub.

  23. I’m Re-DUNK-ulously excited for your hummus recipe-just thought I’d let you know! Is it ridiculous that I read your same blog posts multiple times a day? haha they make me so happy and I just love your writing style! Oh and I hattte taking the garbage out…thank goodness for brothers!

  24. Ohh, so jealous that you were in Wholefoords – I need a trip urgently!
    I know what you mean about that not so super melting cheese…I find it helps to grate it first, Still yummy though (:
    My favourite householdy thing is unloading the dishwaher! I love the feeling of putting everything back in its proper place, heehee xxxx

  25. Well done to Wholefoods – that’s some classy reading material 🙂
    If I had a favourite household chore it would probably be washing up (but not drying) and I HATE ironing (I still take mine home to my Mum even though she lives 80 miles away – haha)

  26. This whole post just made me smile. Emma, you are just so cute and I love how cheerful you are all the time. Your blog makes me so happy!

  27. Whole Foods – an excellent favorite!

    I hate cleaning the toilet. In NYC, for some reason, toilets get gross in record time…

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