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Reader Request: Sports Nutrition

HEY friends!!

Phew! After yesterday’s blog craziness I only managed 5.5 hours sleep trying to sort everything out, so right now, I’m running on PB + chocolate.


Special Breakfast Monday: DOUBLE OIAJ!! Double because it's topped with DCD (and granola). Twas AWESOME 🙂


So. Many. Squares...


Hey, what’s new! Winking smile


So Monday’s Reader Request was by popular demand some of the stuff I learned from the Sports Nutrition talk I went to on Wednesday! So here is some of the most important things that I noted down:

  • Eat healthily. This is pretty obvious, but food is not just yummy but it’s our FUEL. The right nutrition maximises your training, by doing things like giving you more efficient muscles, enhanced bloodflow, stronger bones, etc. Healthy eating basics includes eating natural foods, eating a balanced and varied diet and balancing energy in with energy out.
  • Energy sources. The three nutrients that serve as energy sources (carbs, protein and fat) should be consumed in roughly the right percentages for optimum energy. Matt Lovell was hesitant to give figures, stressing that we are all different and these will vary depending on YOUR personal needs but he said ROUGHLY (as a percentage of total calories): Carbs=50-70%, Fat=25-35%, Protein=15-25%.
  • Supplementation. NOT necessary, but supplements can help. In summary, some useful ones:
    –  Creatine: The supplement with the strongest beneficial inpact on athletes. Helps with strength, sprinting and power but has now proven benefits upon distance running performance. However, it does help reduce muscle damage.
    – Glucosamine: Helps the joints in protecting and building joint cartilage, reducing joint pain and improving joint function.
    – Glutamine: A VERY useful substance for runners. It’s an essntial amino acid, but following exercise, the body demands more of it. It limits damage done to the immune system and muscles through exercise.
    – MSM: A natural mineral found in a variety of foods. More research is required, but some studies have show that it reduces joint pain and inflammation and promotes cartilage formation.
  • Carbo-loading. Only really necessary before a marathon or longer distance. For optimun results, start 72 hours before, spreading an extra 500g of carbs over those days (roughly equivalent to a pot of honey).
  • Good pre-race foods. The dinner before and breakfast are especially important. Low fibre+GI foods. He listed white rice, rice pudding, custard, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, and oatmeal (especially recommended!) all as good choices.
  • Recovery nutrition. Should be done ASAP after exercise. The most important thing is 1) hydration, so salts and water, like in a sports drink, and 2) sugars/carbs+protein. He stressed the importance of replenishing salts (I need to do this more!!) and in recovery foods in helping to repair muscle damage caused. His best tip was chocolate milk. Sugars+protein, easy peasy!chocolate-milk

So that’s just a few of the important things I learned! If you would like to know anything else, feel free to email me and I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can! Smile


I’ve been trying to take some of these tips on board, especially where recovery is concerned! So after today’s cross-training workout (30 mins elliptical + 30 mins Summit Climber + weights), I made my own recovery drink!


Chocolate Protein Milkshake (adapted from an Allrecipes tofu mousse recipe)

  • 1/3 block firm-silken tofu (I used Mori-Nu)
  • 1 tbsp chocolate protein powder, or cocoa powder if you don’t have any
  • 1/4 cup milk (I used coconut)
  • 2 tbsp agave
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 ice cubes

Blend away! And enjoy the proteiny  yummy chocolaty goodness! And if like me you leave your washing up to pile up and never have any clean glasses, then a wine glass works just as well. And makes it look classy! Winking smileDSC07207


Does anyone else think I should rename myself The Chocolate Runner? Smile with tongue outSometimes I really think I should! I remember trying to give up chocolate for a month once… Guess what? I failed.


So has any of that info been of any use to you? I hope it has, and that it wasn’t too dull to read!!


Is anyone else looking forward to next Tuesday as much as I am? I guess you’re wondering why…it’s Shrove Tuesday, aka PANCAKE DAY!! Best day of the year (after Xmas and my birthday of course!!). I take it very VERY seriously, and eat nothing but pancakes all day. It’s brilliant.


What is your favourite chocolate? My usual is Divine chocolate (specially the 85% and raspberry one) which is AMAZING stuff, but that Lindt Sea Salt is definitely a new fave!!


Hope you’ve had a great start to the week friends!!


P.S. I’d like to THANK YOU for your support and for the amazing responses to the Featured Athlete thing! Just to remind you following a few questions that you DON’T have to be a runner or something like that! As long as you’re active and you enjoy it I’d love to hear from you! If you haven’t yet, EMAIL me! You know you want to!! Open-mouthed smile


32 Responses

  1. Hahaha I totally tried giving up chocolate for a week once…it was the grumpiest week of my life! Definitely would never do that again; I can’t even last a day without the good stuff;) Loved your sports nutrition info. I already knew all of the stuff but I still LOVE reading it:)

  2. Thanks so much for all the info! 😀

    Sorry that you only got 5.5 hours of sleep 😦 Sometimes (actually often 😉 I think technology causes way more problems than it fixes!

    Love all that chocolate! My favorites are Baker’s 100% and Endangered Species 88%. But really, I love ANY chocolate!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the info, very helpful! PB and chocolate= the best fuel ever!!

  4. Your breakfast looks amazing! I just had chocolate PB and an apple for a snack. Best combo ever!

  5. Life without chocolate?! That’s no life at all 😉 ❤
    Thanks for sharing the info! I love learning about things like that!

  6. I LOVE shrove Tuesday (OK, well, to be honest, I heard about it for the first time last year on the radio). Last year, I jumped into the spirit of things and made blueberry pancakes AND chocolate chip pancakes AND apple cinnamon pancakes. And then I had to run to the grocery store because I ran out of maple syrup (has to be the real stuff!).

  7. I love good old Hershey’s chocolate haha! It’s my fave! Your milkshake looks so creamy and delicious…yum!

  8. I’m emailing you soon 🙂
    I loved this sports nutrition post, and I must make that chocolate protein milkshake. I didn’t realize carbs should be 50-70%, which is higher than the recommended 45-65%. I don’t take any supplements, but that info was useful!

  9. I am totally into your recovery drink!!! 😀 Chocolate rocks! 😀


  10. Ooh interesting info. I didn’t know about the supplements. i’m curious, but kind of skeptical. I would like to know how I could obtain it naturally!!

    My favorite chocolates… anything. Haha. Last night I had a piece of dark chocolate hazelnut and goji berry bar. I also love chocolate truffle assortments. I get one every december and eat one a night until it’s gone. It’s such a fun way to try lots of different flavors and make it last!

  11. Love this post. sports nutrition is always changing so I like hearing about the new up to date tips

  12. Love Lindt Sea Salt. I keep it in my freezer (out of sight out of mind).

    Thanks for the run down!

  13. Ok, I think Im going to have to start drinking choc. milk cause you and janae say it so it must be true! I have been slacking on the recovery part…Im going to do it for sure tomorrow!
    thanks for all the good info, your the best!!!!!
    xoxo 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing the nutrition tips – I love reading things like that, so keep sharing if you come across any more tips.
    I’m not brilliant at recovery as I usually workout quite late and often don’t feel like eating all that much – will try harder 🙂

  15. that sounds like it was an awesome talk!! and um your recovery shake looks INSANE.. for real.. im deffos putting tofu in mine next time to THICKEN THAT BABY UP!!.. i have a quick question.. not sur eif he addressed it or if you know… but what constitutes a good workout where you need to replenish glycogen? cuz sometimes i just do lke a 30 minute workout…and dont feel like i need to replenish ya know?

  16. fave chocolate…that’s like asking which child is your fave offspring. it’s just wrong to have to pick 🙂

  17. I find it interesting that the endurance community is starting to talk about creatine now. There’s so much myth and suspicion surrounding it, I guess b/c of its association with body building, which makes people think it must be something dodgy! It really helped me with high intensity stuff though when I was taking it. I’m on a break from it at the moment, but will take it again in the future if I feel like my training is suffering in that area. You’re right though, there isn’t much evidence at all to support its effect on endurance. I suspect this is one of those things where manufacturers have seen an opportunity to tap a market. So while I’m glad to see it being demystified, I probably wouldn’t actually recommend taking it in most cases!

  18. Awesome tips in this post. I love Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt- it has to be one of my top faves!

  19. I’ll have to make that smoothie ASAP ~ it looks so moreish and it’s a great vegan version of the classic ‘chocolate milk’ recovery shake. Loved hearing about the nutrition tips too: I’m shopping tomorrow and will be on the lookout for creatine (for some reason I had it in my head that it was primarily for fitness bodybuilders so thanks for setting me straight on that one!), glutamine and MSM as well – I already take glucosamine.

    My current favourite chocolate is either Lindt 90% or raw Cacao Kapow, but I know I’d love that sea salt one ~ I can’t find the dark version though and the other one isn’t vegan. Argh!

    Loving your breakfast – my oats never fit in the jar *doh*


  20. Great tips! I know I said it before but I so wish I could have made it to that sports nutrition talk!
    and i’m soo excited for pancake day too 😀 mmm!

  21. Hey! Do you post about everything you eat in one day? It seems that you exercise a ton but that you do not eat a lot at all… are you sure you are of a correct weight and replenishing your body enough? Just wondering cause I do look up to you!

  22. again, sounds like it was a great talk! It’s so important to emphasize post-run nutrition ASAP (like within 30 minutes of finishing the run) to replenish glycogen stores and refuel the body – I’m glad you touched on that! Chocolate milk is my fav way to do it too 🙂

  23. I’ve always had chocolate milkshakes as my recovery drink, normally with a little peanut butter on oatcakes and when I was training for my 10k last year I very rarely had any DOM issues 😀

  24. Great tips- I love your shake too- I always get the carbs in agfter but find the protien harder (at the weekends I have soup with beans at the mo for some protein)- I rely on clif bars a bit! Chocolate milk is also yummy 🙂

  25. Chocolate & Milk after a workout sounds good to me… I wouldnt ever say no to chocolate 🙂
    My favorite chocolate is Lindt’s Mint Dark flavor – SO SO good.
    I had pancakes for breakfast for National Pancake Day!

  26. I completely subscribe to the chocolate milk after a workout. almost every single day. 🙂

    and if I don’t work out?

    yeah. still chocolate milk. no big.

  27. Thank you for sharing!!!! I take some of those supplements so it is good to know they are recommended.

  28. Yes, you should be The Chocolate Runner–The HAWT Chocolate Runner in fact! hehehe!!

    Great information Emma–thank you for posting. these are such great reminder for endurance athetes!!!

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